LIVE on the Crown 7/22

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Princeton, New Jersey
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So here we are safely on the Crown in the aftermath of the listing incident.I have been told that there are about 2,800 passengers aboard (however, so far it really does not feel as crowded as the Caribbean Princess or some other ships we have sailed on).We were greeted with enthusiasm at the Redhook Pier, and were wisked through security and into the "vip" waiting room. We were allowed on board before 11AM (I guess because there were no passengers disembarking). We did not get underway at 5pm because of a rain and lightening storm, but were on our way around 5:45.Incredibly, the ship looks as good as it did when Othellocruiser and I were aboard for lunch and a tour on June 23rd. All of the shops are sparkling and in order. Our cabin on Caribe is in perfect condition. The air conditioning is happily working. The only evidence of the listing of the ship is some vague smell of mildew in a few areas; probably due to the fact that some of the carpets are still damp.When we were boarding we saw them bringing many brand new television sets onto the ship (I guess to replace those that fell and were broken).Universally the crew has been very upbeat so far; can it be that none of them had any problem whatsoever with the tilting of the ship? That is the what the mantra seems to be among all we have spoken to.We had lunch in the Horizon Court, which was apparently no worse for the event. They are still charging $15 to use the Sanctuary for a half a day, which frankly surprised many people. We made reservations at the Crown Grill and we were the only ones there at the time. This evening at dinner, the dining room felt almost empty (it could have been the early hour of 6pm that we dined). The Lotus Spa was struggling to get up and running again when we boarded. Everyone's pre reserved treatments were no longer really valid because of the elimination of our first 2 days on board, and the rearranging of formal nights and port days. The Spa desk was without a working computer and a new one was being installed while a huge line formed to cancel, reschedule, or book appointments. It was impressive to see the staff handle it all with calm and courtesy.Our Cruise Critic meet and greet is rescheduled for tomorrow (Sunday 7/23) in Skywalkers at 1pm. At the muster drill, Captain Andy Protor said the usual things, but it was noticable that many specific comments were directed to the listing episode and the criticism that has been expressed in the press. Surprisingly, he also seemed to address many of the questions and comments that have been made here on CC. Specifically, he went out of his way to explain why there was no roll call, or head count after the ship tilted. Honestly, although we listened closely, his comments about knowing where everyone was at all time because of some computer system were extremely vague and unclear.My 3 grown children, who are not with us, were frankly more concerned about us going on this cruise than we were. My oldest daughter said to my DH, Othellocruiser, "tell mom to call me when she has regained her sanity!" HA! Kids! My son said, "mom, how does your life jacket go with your formal dress? Don't take that life jacket off, not even to sleep!" Hummmm... And the baby (who is 26 years wanted to know if it was hard to walk at a 15 degree angle all day?!? YIEKS! Well, we are looking forward to our first formal tomorrow night with all of our dear friends, and to the rest of our much needed vacation.I am happy we gathered our courage and went ahead with our year-long plan of cruising on the Crown. I am sorry that our trip has been cut short by 2 days, and that we are not going to San Juan where we had many things planned for my DH's 60th birthday celebration in the place where he was born. However, I am grateful to the staff here on the Crown for really doing an amazing job of putting this gorgeous ship back together again in only a few short days. I cannot imagine how they did it, but they did. They can clean up anytime at my house after the pandemonium of our family gatherings!
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Princeton, New Jersey
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Hummmm, sorry about the format of my above post.Honestly, I did skip lines between paragraphs, but I don't know what happened; the Internet Cafe's computers have a mind of their own, I'm starting to learn.Oh well, I hope you all can read it the way it uploaded.
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"...I'll say yon gray is not the morning's eye,
'Tis but the pale reflex of Cynthia's brow..."
Staten Island, New York USA
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Hi LunaMoon

It's great to hear that everything is looking and feeling normal on the ship. Thank you so much for posting and I wish you a safe and wonderful journey.

Austin, Texas
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Thanks for the update and have a great cruise
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Thanks for giving us a "live" perspective.......................hope you and DH have a wonderful cruise and DH has a happy birthday!

Looking forward to more posts.
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Collingdale, PA
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Lunamoon, don't worry about the format. We're just glad you posted this live report for us. Thank you so very much. We're thrilled that you all were able to have at least part of your vacation on the Crown. Our prayers are with you all. I'll be looking foward to any live posts you or Othellocruiser make, but if you don't that's fine too. Have a great safe trip!!!
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Oregon, USA
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Thanks so much for keep us informed. Please keep posting. Hope you have a fantastic cruise.
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We were on the 7/2 cruise - if you get a chance, or anyone in your group, to check on Atilla and Narcissus from the DiVinci dining room we'd really appreciate it. You know how it is, sometimes in the short time you are on a cruise you really bond with cruise staff and those two we really worried about last week.

Enjoy your vacation - you all deserve it!

Pam, Jim and Danny
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Hi LunaMoon, thanks for the update.

Have a wonderful relaxing, enjoyable and *uneventful* cruise!
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Have a wonderful cruise lunamoon. You mentioned you are on caribe, i am in a balcony on caribe 9/30, are they nice? i have 2 side by side, but not adjoining, can we open the divider in between the balconies? i hope you are enjoying your first night aboard and that you have great weather!! i am sorry you are losing two days, but with that 50 percent refund you are all supposed to get you can put that right towards your next cruise! or just spend it on board now lol. i am looking forward to all of your posts, thank you for what you have given us so far, it keeps me going until my day comes. take care a nd have a blast!!!
In the Valley, CA
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enjoying your posts...hope you enjoy a safe cruise.
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Hoping for another trip to the land of Aloha!

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Lancaster County, PA
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Thanks so much for your live update on the Crown. Hope you have a wonderful cruise. Will look forward to reading any posts you have time to make.
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North Falmouth, MA USA
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I'm going to join the other posters in thanking you for posting so quickly from the Crown, I have been following the webcam and was so glad to see you finally depart yesterday afternoon. It's wonderful to get the postive reports on the condition of the ship -- I agree, it's amazing how hard the crew works. Hope you have a great week, and if you find other chances to post here, we all will really appreciate it!
Tavares, FL , USA
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I am interested in what he said about the roll call. I understand the computers and such. When you get on and off the ship you place your card in the computer and it beeps. That way they know who is on and who is off. I know it would not work if someone fell overboard.
Princeton, New Jersey
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Joined May 2004
Good Morning Everyone,

This is day 2 on the intrepid Crown Princess.

We hit an awful storm last night and this morning. Othellocruiser and I tried to have our continental breakfast on our really nice Caribe deck, and I ended up wrapping myself like a mummy in the large fluffy bath towels they give us in the cabin. It was cold and raining, but that didn't stop my DH from hanging out his pirate flag from the deck! (this is his trademark on all of our sailings :-)

Yes, there are gorgeous comfy duvet covers even in at BB balcony category cabin, I'm happy to report. WOW now I know what everyone was raving about. Let me tell you, once you wrap your weary body in one of these babies you'll never go back to plain old blankets!

And YES, editor Caroline and Merion Mom and others were right indeed; the International Cafe IS what it's cracked up to be - GREAT! I bought a coffee card for $24 and that will buy me unlimited freshly brewed coffee, and 15 other specialty coffee drinks. I am a happy camper! The lunch selection there (all complimentary) is truly yummy (and I'm and Italian, so I am awfully spoiled concerning Italian food, and frankly, food in general).
What's terrific, is that at midnight they bring back out the lunch menu, fresh and elegant for the all night feeding of the masses.

Although the pursurs desk staff have insisted that the ship currently has on board about 2,700 to 2,800 people, we have truly found it wonderfully uncongested and frankly empty in places at times.

Right now we are experiencing the roughest waters I have ever seen aboard a ship; there's a rock'in and a roll'in going on that is a bit disconcetring. Here in the Internet cafe there are intermitten loud crashes and rumbles; a kind gentlemen next to me placated me by saying it's the huge waves crashing against the side of the ship. But YIEKS, it is a loud rumble and roar, but not to worry the sun is coming out and maybe this hoola dance we're doing right now will subside.

Yes, we are in Caribe 718 our favorite cabin (we have been in this stateroom previously on the Grand and on the Caribbean Princess and love it). The deck for this cabin is half covered and half exposed, so we were able to sip coffee this AM there without getting wet. The deck is bigger than most. There is a nice size table with 2 chairs and also 2 lounge chairs (you cannot lean back in them, but this did not deter my DH from falling instantly asleep in one of them last night, snoring to the beat of the waves).

At 1:30 we will have our CC meet and greet in Skywalkers, and if you look at our roll call (which our friends and we at Homeboy Tours...LOL...started up over a year ago :-) you will see that we are a mob.

I do not think that they had time to replace the damp and wet carpet in certain places, and that is why there might still be a musty smell in some areas. I really do believe (given the speed and efficiency that they demonstrated getting this baby back in shape) that they will probably be doing that very soon.

I have not heard a single whispered grumble or complaint from anyone I've encountered. Everyone seems to have a daring-do attitude and is handling it all with humor, albiet dark and hilarious humor sometimes.

Ok, gotta go now....this is probably costing my DH a fortune, but hey, what the heck; I thought you all should know what seems to be going on here on the Crown out at sea after her unfortunate incident last week.
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"...I'll say yon gray is not the morning's eye,
'Tis but the pale reflex of Cynthia's brow..."
Voorhees, NJ
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Thanks so much for your update. I think many of us are interested in how this sailing is going.
Sounds like you are having a good time. I hope that the sun comes out and the rest ao fthe cruise is smooth.
Keep your messages coming.

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Dutchess County, New York
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Thanks Lunamoon for your live update on the condition of the "Crown".. Everybody has been anxiously waiting to hear from you. So happy to hear all is well and the Ship is in great shape.Sounds like you are enjoying your cruise and hopefully the weather will get better as you travel south. Have a wonderful cruise and the best time ever. God Bless Everyone Onboard!
Princeton, New Jersey
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Oh, MarlinMike just sat down next to me in the Internet Cafe; he is a board certified member of Homeboy Tours, and is the fine gentlemen who started up our Crown 7/20 roll call in April 2005!

About the doors between balconies on the Caribe deck; yes, an attendent can open them and then you will have access to both balconies, but make sure your darling hubby is sound asleep before you attempt any clandestine rendezvos. HA!

Ok, heressssssssss Marlin! (hummm he's having a bit of techincal difficulty setting up his own laptop.....soooooooooooo........)

Off to have somemore pastry at the cafe.
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"...I'll say yon gray is not the morning's eye,
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