"LIVE" from the Grandeur 09/29/06 9NT Western

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Hello everyone....

Join me for a 9 nt Western Caribbean Cruise on the Grandeur of the Seas. We Sail tomorrow at 4PM, from Cruise Maryland... the NEW Passenger Terminal at the Port of Baltimore (Just South of the Fort McHenry Tunnel and I-95) I should be arriving by 2PM. The first post and pics should be available before we sail. (pending connectivity)

I have cruised on the Grandeur many times, however many Cruise Critics and other Marylanders have not.... So I will be providing daily photos, of the Ship, and Ports, as well as daily commentary on our Voyage. I will try to get as many pics of cabins as possible ( I have many cabin pics currently...just click below) I will also provide Public Room and Exterior Ship Photos.

Our scheduled ports will include : Miami, Key West, Cozumel, Costa Maya, and Port Canaveral. As shown in the past...we could be going anywhere on this cruise...if weather concerns warrant.

I am expecting this Cruise to be relaxing, with calm seas...I love the Grandeur of the Seas. She is a beautiful vessel... she has a great crew...Very good food, and should provide a smile on the face of every passenger.

So hang on, sit tight, have a cup of coffee.... The next 10 days, should be beautiful on the Grandeur of the Seas

Thnaks for tuning in ! !

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Radio - have a wonderful cruise. We were on the Grandeur on 9/1 and loved it. I look forward to reliving that cruise with your reports.
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Radio... looking forward to it!!!

Am going on the Grandeur on 13 October on our first cruise so will be well tuned in...
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We are sailing on the Grandeur's 13 day Nov. 19th repo to NOLA. Looking forward to your reports from the Grandeur. Have a great time!
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Looking forward to your daily updates.
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I am so excited, I have been waiting to hear some info on the Grandeur. If you could get some extra compasses, and compasses for the 9-11 adventure ocean group, I would LOVE TO SEE THEM !, would pay for postage or whatever. I will be on her for Christmas, my first Christmas cruise, and I am very excited ! Thanks so much, I can't wait to read your posts !!!!! Jessie
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Originally posted by Ossie
Radio... looking forward to it!!!

Am going on the Grandeur on 13 October on our first cruise so will be well tuned in...
Come on over and join us on the M&M Thread. Lots of interesting folks going with us.
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Radio, could you find out if Bally and Mate (pronounced Matay) are still waiters in the dining room? If they're not there, could you ask (any of the DR staff) what ship they went to. Then I'll know whether or not I have a chance of getting them on one of my 3 upcoming cruises
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Thank you for posting live from your cruise. We will be boarding the Grandeur on Oct. 13th and look forward to your postings.

If possible would you take pictures of an aft (all the way in back) JS-especially the balcony? I understand if this is not possible but would love it if you could!

Hoping you have a wonderful cruise!
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Radio, I too will be tuning in on a daily basis for your wonderful updates...
Maybe one day we will sail together...Later, Jill
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Hi Radio,

Another one?! I'm looking forward to reading your day by day review and seeing your pictures.

Have a smooth sailing!!!
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Have a GREAT cruise Radio! I'm looking forward to all the pics and updates. As you know ..our group is leaving on the 27th for this itinerary... we wre hoping you'd be able to join us but this is the next best thing!
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Hi Radio,
Thank you for a preview of our Halloween cruise. We'll enjoy seeing your posts.
Happy Sailing
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I've never tried this before, but this link should subscribe you to this thread, even if you don't post to it. When the link opens up, just check to make sure the options are how you want, then click the "Add Subscription" button.


Then when you click on the "User CP" link in the upper left corner of any page, this message will show up in the list if posts have been made since you last checked.

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Radio, I love it when I get to cruise through you.
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Hello everyone... I have to go into work for a half a day today. then I am off to the port. The weather report looks promising. Clear skies, and 65f.

I hope to be at the port between 1 and 2....It is only about a 15-20 min drive to the port from my house.

I am hoping to meet everyone from our M&M who wil be meeting at Sailaway. We have a RCI M&M tomorrow at 1 in the Viking Crown Lounge.

Thanks for tuning in...

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