Appropriate attire for zip-line in Roatan?

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My husband and I are signed up to do the zip-line/Tabyana Beach Break excursion with Princess. I was wondering what the appropriate attire is for the zip-line. Do people usually wear shorts or long pants? Will our clothes get quite dirty? It's fine with me if they do but I just want to know for packing purposes....

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Hey, Dress cool....we wore hiking shorts and tee-shirts. You may get slightly dirty. Just make sure that you wear sneakers!! Hope you have a blast!!
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We wore shorts and t-shirts. The biggest thing to remember to bring is insect spray. The mosquitos were hungry the day we were there.

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We wore shorts and tees too. We did the Pirates canopy tour which includes several pretty challenging bridges/cables and I'm very glad we had tennis shoes on. We did see two people scrape their thighs, calves and arms by falling between boards on the bridges, so long pants might have helped with that; however, for us, they would have been too hot.

We didn't see any mosquitos, but insect spray makes sense.

Have fun!
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We wore long pants (jeans) to protect our legs, especially since the harness straps you in pretty tight (men might appreciate that one more than women! Ha!). Afterwards we changed back into our shorts.
Running shoes that can get dirty is also a good idea.
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They are just climbing harness so any shorts say to your knees are good. Short shorts are fine but the strap might move onto you leg. Generally climbing harnesses are way up in the crotch area that any shorts are ok. I wear slide-on sandals when I go on it but that's my usual attire on the island. You could drop slide-on/flip-flop type sandals so strapped sandals (like Tevas) are better. Mosquitos are hit and miss but mostly miss (especially for me since usually my mosquito repellant named Jenny is right near me. They like her better. )