How long does it take to get your LAND LEGS back?!?!?

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Dallas, Texas
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I'm still swaying and moving inside! Feels like I am still on board... (we got off the Jewel of the Seas yesterday morning)

Does the feeling go away soon??
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North Jersey
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Originally posted by weebo
I'm still swaying and moving inside! Feels like I am still on board... (we got off the Jewel of the Seas yesterday morning)

Does the feeling go away soon??
I haven't experienced that feeling since I first started cruising but from what I remember it only lasted a couple of days.
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Phoenix, AZ
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We were on the Jewel in October, from Boston to Bermuda and back to Boston, WOW the seas were rough!!! Five days after we got back to AZ, I seriously thought the bed was going up and down, and my husband thought his work desk was going up and down. We never experienced this before on any of our past cruises. A few days later everything was fine, so give it 5 to 7 days, it will get better

British Columbia
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I've never had a problem, and neither has my wife.

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Brooklyn, NY
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I never experienced this. Granted, I've only been on one cruise, but we didn't have rough seas at all, so I always felt like I was on land.
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"Sea-ing is Believing"
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This has never happened the two times I've cruised on BIG boats (ships).

But did happen once when we took our small boat out to Martha's Vineyard and encountered 6 ft seas! It took a full 48hrs. to get my equilibrium back!

We've cruised in some equally "big" seas for "small craft" since then and it never happened again that severely.

I do sometimes "swim" a bit for an hour or so after a week-end on the water. But never on the BIG boats.

I hope you're fine by the time you read this!

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Usually, it's just a couple of days for me but, we had extremely rough seas on our cruise a year ago and it took us a full week to stop feeling the rocking!!!
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I have never had that problem, but my DH says he experienced it for maybe an hour or two. My MIL said it bothered her for a few days.
Home of the OKC THUNDER
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I have never had that problem.........only takes seconds for me.
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Stockton, CA
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If the feeling continues, you might want to have a doctor check it out. Usually it will go away pretty quickly. I had it when we diembarked in Sydney and the druggist recommended taking some Dramamine for it. Cleared everything right up and I never had it again on the trip or since.

Olathe, KS
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Back in the 80's I would feel the motion after I got off cruise ships. Of course, this was when 25-28,000 ton ships were common. Nowadays, 78,000 tons is considered small but with the overall smoother sailing I don't experience "sea legs". Even then it would only last about an hour for me. In some ways, I wish it would return. A small memory to take with me!
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has happened to me on all three cruises. Take about a week for me but my husband is just fine and no problems. If it last longer then a week i would contact your doctor...
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It really used to bother me.

Now I pop Dramamine throughout my cruise and continue with it for another 3-4 days after and I don't have any more problems.
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Originally posted by PhoenixCruiser
We were on the Jewel in October, from Boston to Bermuda and back to Boston, WOW the seas were rough!!! Five days after we got back to AZ, I seriously thought the bed was going up and down, and my husband thought his work desk was going up and down. We never experienced this before on any of our past cruises. A few days later everything was fine, so give it 5 to 7 days, it will get better

It's the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. I have a girlfriend who cruises out of Norfolk to the Bahamas every year and she said the Atlantic coast is always rough. The seas in the Gulf coast are much calmer. It also depends on where your cabin is on the ship - we usually choose midship and like the other posts stated, the size of the ship also matters.
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The same thing happens to me after a cruise -- I continue to sway for a week or longer. However, I got some good advice on this site -- continue to take Bonine (or Dramamine, whatever) after you get home for a few days. Tried that this month after returning and it definitely works.
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We also get "Sea Legs" after each cruise. It usually last about two or three days and then we're back to normal.

It just makes us laugh and remember the great cruise we just got off of.
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I always take Bonine (1 at night) a couple of nights before we go. If I need to I take it while we're at sea but I always take it a couple of nights after we return. In 3 cruises I have not had a problem yet....
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My husband and I are still swaying too! I feel terrible! We've been off the boat since 10 AM on Sunday 12/19.... uuurrrggghhhh!