Pride news 5/20/07

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This just arrived from my friend who is on board the Pride....

Well I should be telling you tales of our visit to the city of Cognac, France and the tasting at the Hennessey Coeur du Cognac. However, that seems rather insignificant considering the adventure we are experiencing at the moment.
Yesterday when we anchored at Belle Ille the ship suffered a major structural problem. While opening the marina door at the rear of the ship to get the tender’s out, it was discovered that one of the door’s hinges and bolts were missing. This compromised the other hinge and damaged the hydraulic system to move the door up and down. This probably doesn’t sound like a major problem to those of you who do not know the ship, but this door needs to be closed and secured so that water will not enter the ship. Because the door is in an awkard position and cannot be moved, the crew spent the entire day roping the door so that it would at least remain attached to the ship. This has presented a major problem for the cruise line. The Captain had to find a port that was close by and who had equipment to repair the ship. As of this morning we know the following: the 20 ft waves of yesterday have calmed down and are in the right direction for us to sail at a very slow speed to the port where the Queen Mary 2 was built (about 45 nautical miles away- Saint -Nazaire). We should pick up the pilot around 5:30pm and be docked by 7 pm - we need to be there at the exact time as it all depends on the tides whether we can get in or not. Sometime tomorrow huge cranes will lift the ship at an angle that they can either replace the hinge and bolt (providing they have the right parts) or they will cut the door off and weld on new material that will seal off the marina until it can get to dry dock. The hinge and bolt are huge and heavy and we doubt that the shipyard will have spares on hand. These parts are supposedly built for the life of the ship. We are so lucky to have Capt. Nilsen as our commander. He is the best and will not jeopardize our safety or lives at all. One question remaining is whether they will allow us to stay onboard while repairs are being made or will they have to evacuate the ship and find other accommodations for us. What a headache those in charge must be having.
So, we missed the port of Belle Ille and will miss St. Malo and Guernsey for sure. It is still up in the air whether we will miss Rouen. We have to be in London by Saturday May 26. Speculation is running rampant that we will get a major reimbursement for this 2 weeks as we also missed 2 other ports on the way due to weather - or will they disembark all of us and fly us home and take the ship directly to dry dock.
Stay tuned - it is always an exciting adventure for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I had just heard of the storm the Pride suffered thru' (a few days ago) only this morning~~ I know Captain Geir-Arne and all the Officer's will handle the problems they having today.
I will keep all aboard in my thoughts~~~and hopefully the beautiful Pride will be "fit" and ready to sail again very soon!
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This doesn't sound as if the Pride will be sailing soon. It makes you wonder when she became "unhinged".

I guess the good news is that the problem was discovered by the crew before any harm came to the passengers and the rest of the ship. I can't imagine what would have happened if she continued sailing with the marina not secured.

It appears as if this cruise did not enjoy smooth sailing from the get-go. Is this the Lisbon-London sailing? I've heard that the Bay of Biscay can be rough (even worse than the North Sea and the Atlantic crossing). Is that why the ports were missed?

Hope the repairs are accomplished quickly and that she can sail into London on 5/26.
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My partner and I just disembarked from the Pride on May 12 after 32 days aboard. Let me start by saying that the food, the service, the wonderful staff and the overall atmosphere continue to be the best at sea.

But imo the Pride is suffering from way too many physical and structural problems, the latest of which is outlined by cruisestitch. The biggest problem is the sewage system, which to put it delicately, is unreliable. As my partner put it: "I am tired of getting up every morning and playing Flushin' Roulette." Almost every day the system, at least on Deck 4, would have a problem which required servicing. There are other problems as well. After 20 years the ship is tired and needs a complete overhaul if Seabourn wants to continue charging top rates. I hope most of these can be addressed in the upcoming drydock. The Pride has a special place in my heart because she is the first of the triplets I sailed and I want her to be the best she can. I know Seabourn does too so I am confident steps will be taken to rectify these problems.
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Following the last post from Wripro I would like to say that plumbing problems are not unusual on the Pride.
Although we did not experience any problems with the plumbing on our December trip, we had major issues with it’s efficiency last March. In the end, one evening after it happened yet again we raised the issue with Michael Price the officer responsible for the plumbing systems and to our amazement he blamed it on the passengers. Apparently, according to him, they put all sorts of items down the toilets including hand towels and he told us that they even found a girdle!! We took exception to him blaming passengers for what was obviously a regular occurrence and it seems that nothing has changed.
Santa Ana, CA
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I'm booked on the Pride in mid-November. It sounds like the Pride will be in dry dock before then, did I understand correctly? I didn't notice any problem in December (2006) with the plumbing.

I'm so sorry about the marina problem and that your friend missed ports because of it. Hope all is well!

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Michael Price gave us the same song and dance about the girdle. Unless there's a girdle flushed every day that cannot be the problem. I seriously doubt that the passengers on the Pride are any more careless than those on the Legend where these problems do not exist. At least not yet.
Davis, CA
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Originally posted by wripro

Michael Price gave us the same song and dance about the girdle. Unless there's a girdle flushed every day that cannot be the problem. I seriously doubt that the passengers on the Pride are any more careless than those on the Legend where these problems do not exist. At least not yet.
There were plumbing problems on the Legend, at least in March this year. One morning the toilets were not working. I was up really early so reported it before my sunrise walk. By the time I got back it had been fixed. Problem was blamed on something inappropriate being flushed down further down the line from our cabin. I think most people were still sleeping so didn't notice anything.

I think it happened one more time on our week cruise.

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The plumbing systems of 15-20 years ago are not nearly as forgiving as the ones of more recent "vintage". The problem obviously is not the system, but the passengers using the system. It is very frustrating to have the same problem happen because passengers think "Oh, this will be OK"...and I just ask myself "Why?"

As for the more pressing problem, any news? I don't have any!
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Here is today's e-mail from her:

Dear friends - we arrived safely into the port of Saint Nazaire - with the rear end door still hanging on.
This is truly an adventure as this is considered dry dock - very few passengers ever get to experience a dry dock moment. However, the tour department has selected various spots that we can visit tomorrow while the ship is being worked on. We have opted to visit salt marshes - for those of you who cook, sea salt comes from this region. There are also many artists - not only in paint and ink but also in pottery and glass. This should be a wonderful day of exploration.
Unlike other passengers on the ship we are making the best of the situation - this problem was created by no one - it is simply a malfunction - so we are smiling and trying to tell those who are bad mouthing Seabourn that it was no ones fault and when one travels you have got to be flexible.
We are so thankful that this is the Captain in charge - he is getting so much heat for missing previous ports due to weather and now this most recent episode. We have traveled with him many times and know that he will not take any risks - either for the passengers or the ship.
So - we are secured in the port and will await the work that needs to be done. Tomorrow we may have another update.
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You have exactly the right attitude. You will enjoy your explorations in the salt marshes and when you return home, think of the stories you'll have to tell. I agree that you have a great captain in charge. I know he just boarded at the beginning of this cruise and look what he has had to deal with.
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My heart goes out to Capt. G.A....he just doesn't need this stress! BUT, if anyone who experienced this situation could be chosen to do a good would be him. I hope that our e-mailer connection will be successful in quieting those who do not easily react to a distressing situation. We are so fortunate in our lives and must always stop to remember...things beyond our control happen...and we have to accept and adjust.
Santa Rosa CA USA
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I was on the same cruise--Lisbon to London--last year. The Bay of Biscay is notorious for rough seas. We missed several ports and added one to make up for the ones lost. No one was really that upset; you take your chances when sailing through high seas. The ship weathered the seas in 2006 but seems not to do as well in 2007. Your friend aboard, Cruistitch, has the right outlook on life--worry about what you can fis, not that which you cannot, and go with the flow (pun intended).

San Diego, CA
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Well, cruisestitch has outlined very well, via her friend, what has been happening. We have also missed St. Jean de Luz at the beginning of the cruise due to rough seas. Our first day at sea was quite rough!
I never get seasick but was feeling rather queasy. Internet has been sporadic -- at least for me and I was going to post what's been going on; however cruisestitch beat me to it. I must say that in spite of all that has gone wrong – it all started with our luggage being lost and finally receiving it in Bordeaux, Mom and I are having a marvelous time. At least we’re in a wonderful place, with fine food, drink and new found friends!

I don’t know how this Marina door problem will affect future cruises but I’ll try to keep you posted as I hear news. Internet has been sporadic, even the darn satellite has been acting up!!