Helmet Dive Question

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Columbia, S.C.
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I guess this is a dumb question, but does the helmet attach to a suit you wear or how does it seal to keep water out??

Dix Hills, Long Island, New York
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Hey Bingo3
Try this link to find an answer. Go to the bottom of the page and click on "Procedures for Diving"

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Columbia, S.C.
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Thanks so much, that answered it!! I can't imagine how it works and keeps the water out, but all that matters is that it does!
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Originally posted by bingo3
Thanks so much, that answered it!! I can't imagine how it works and keeps the water out, but all that matters is that it does!
Fill your kitchen sink with water. Take a clear glass and push the open end straight down into the water. See the air trapped in the glass? That's the way the helmet works. The air inside can't get out, it's trapped in the helmet by its natural tendency to go up. Water won't come in since there's constant pressure inside the helmet.

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Good example! Also add the fact that air is being pumped in through the helmet! Your hair doesn't get wet, and you can wear eyeglasses...cool experience!!
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I have made numerous attempts to book the Hartley Helmet dive but the guy does not reply to emails. How can anyone run a business like that? We will do the other one now even though the price is a bit more at least he responds to prospective customers.
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We had the helmet dive pre-booked with Hartley's Helmet Dive for our cruise 9/4-9/12. I called to confirm when we got to the port and was told that he was cancelling all tours because he had engine trouble--at that time, he had no idea when he would be up and running again. I would have never known if I hadn't called.
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We booked the helmet drive through the ship. It was a great trip. You get about 15 minutes down in the water. The helmets are a bit heavy, but they are always checking to make sure your ok. Our 14yr old loved it. You can't beat the price. They met us at the dock and we walked about 50 feet and were on the boat. Great afternoon. Do buy a bottle of water as you leave the ship. The excursion offers no beverages.