Uses for Duct Tape

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Boston MA
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I am leaving tommorow and I told my mom to bring Duct Tape and she asked me for what. So what are the uses
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Marietta, GA
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My personal uses:
Duck tape bra or "support" (see Cruise Fashions & Beauty board)
Once my luggage really did break, had to use duck tape to secure it
Quick-fix seam tape if a hem comes out on a dark dress
And the most recent, I just discovered that the valve on my inflatable travel pillow won't stay closed....fixed with a little piece of duck tape!

I'm leaving in the morning for New York, leaving on my cruise in 2 days....have fun! I know I will!
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Saskatoon, Canada
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- You can wrap a little piece around your hand and use it to take lint off your dark clothes (i.e. jacket, tux, etc.)

- Used it to fix a tear in our luggage - one piece on inside and one outside - worked like a charm!

- Made an improvised purse handle when mine cracked and broke.

- Hem of DH's tuxedo pants came down, stuck it back into place with Duct Tape.

- You can use it to hold the curtains closed in a hotel so that the early morning light doesn't disturb your vacation sleep.

The possibilities are endless - you won't regret bringing it along.

Smooth Sailing!
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Marietta, GA
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So mom just came by my house to drop off some Euros she had from her last trip. My suitcase is open n the living room floor, she sees the duck tape, "What in the world do you need duck tape for?" I just laughed.
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Quite clearly you use it for the maintenance and repair of broken ducks! Imagine, you are on your cruise holiday and your Mallard snaps a wing - simply patch him up with duck tape and he will be good to go until you get back home and take him to the vet.
Ontario, Canada
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There are now over 2 million known uses for duct tape. I will list them all now... er well maybe not but here a few that are cruise related...serious and otherwise
- attaching your balloons or other cabin identifiers to cabin door
- suitcase, purse, etc. fixups
- lint removal
- taping shut the mouth of your table partner who dominates the conversation every night
- taping you and your spouse down to the bed on stormy nights
- for a man having a role of duct tape available at all times is analagous to having the remote control in hand when watching TV. Its simply empowering. Never leave home without it!!!!
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Sadly, you cannot use it to secure other people's rambunctious children to the railing..............
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There is a website Google: Stuck at the Prom where HS kids can win scholorships by making formalwear from duct tape. It is amazing what those kids came up with. Here is one of the more traditional outfits due to the classic duct tape colors
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Wake Forest, N.C.
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We've never packed duct tape for a cruise, we always figured if we need some, another CC cruiser would be happy to 'loan' us some of theirs..........
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South Florida
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Originally posted by oraf7
I am leaving tommorow and I told my mom to bring Duct Tape and she asked me for what. So what are the uses
My husband is a contractor and he never leaves home with out it. If I had to list even half the reasons why, it would take four days to accomplish. When traveling by car he never leaves with out a wrench. Other than two hotels we stayed in, he always used it to get better water pressure in the hotel room shower. LOL!
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I'm a firm believer that if you have to ask what something is used for, you don't need it. Not only have I never needed duct tape on a vacation, I hardly ever use it at home. We had to search for our roll recently when we had to duct work to our clothes dryer.

Just another thing to cross off these lengthy packing lists
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We were sure happy we brought our duct tape when the luggage loaders put a forklift fork through our new suitcase.
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We always bring duct tape.

Some uses:
  • duct tape the balcony door open (if you forget to bring a bungee cord).
  • general purpose repair
  • use as a babysitter: strap kids to a chair and turn on the TV
  • chair hog use: cordon off a whole section of chairs for your group
  • great for kidnapping your cabin steward
Kennesaw GA.
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I always take it and needed it once. When my luggage appeared on the carousel, one bag was split at the seams and my clothes were hanging out. We had duct tape in a side pocket and my husband fixed it well enough to get to the hotel without the clothes falling all over the airport.
He retaped it for our return trip and it held just fine.
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Littleton, Colorado
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I use it to temporarily fix a strap on my shoe that broke.
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Central Ohio
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We're firm believers in duct tape on cruises. Have used duct tape for repairs on luggage, used it to wrap breakables for packing in our checked luggage and used it to fix hems in formal wear at the last minute.

Have also used it to help fix what is about broken in our cabins until the crew members get there for repairs.

We travel with a small, travel sized, roll of duct tape. You cn normally find the smaller roll at department stores or hardware stores.

Have been on many cruises when we didn't need the duct tape, but on cruises where it was needed it's worth it's weight in gold.

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Melbourne, FL
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Originally posted by Solo1959
Finally, I figured out why duck (duct) tape is necessary on a cruise ship, from todays Carnival Victory story:

And is it duct tape as used on duct work? Or duck tape made from the fabric duck?
That's nothing .... I think they needed two rolls to fix this one a couple of years ago....

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Originally posted by Solo1959
And is it duct tape as used on duct work? Or duck tape made from the fabric duck?
It's duct tape as used on duct work. There is a Duck Tape brand of duct tape !

We always take the small package. We have never needed it, but don't dare to leave home without it!
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