Straw Market in Nassau

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Does anyone know what time the straw market opens?
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Not sure what time it opens, but they bug you to death to buy. Some can be quite nasty. However, it is something to see. Most of the vendors have very similar things. If you buy a conch shell, make sure it does not smell. Some are not cleaned properly. They are placed by the door of many homes there for good luck. We bought one that is fine.
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I had a great time at the straw market. After living overseas I consider myself a pretty good bargainer. They were actually getting ticked off at me and not bugging me at all
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Where is the straw Market. I know there is one that once you walk on the the 1st roadway you turn right but it is only I story. I wouls love to go to the big one.

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The two-story market burned to the ground Sept 2001. It's been replaced, temporarily buy a huge Tent just a block west of where the old one stood. The recent hurricanes did some damage to the current market, but it's back up and running.

There are smaller versions of the Straw Market at Cable Beach and at Paradise Island, but the one you want to experience is located just west of the dock, just a few yards off the pier. Have fun.
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Not sure how true it is, but rumour has it that the vendors believe the first sale is an omen for the rest of the day. So arriving early gives you extra bargaining power - especially if you look to buy multiple items from a single vendor.

But yes, they are aggressive in their selling. We were constantly being hailed with "Hey, pretty lady" and "Big Mon!". They do expect resistance, so don't feel shy to be bold with your "no thanks".
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