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We leave one month from today and I have just found out Radisson has cancelled the "Alaska Popular" pre-cruise tour that cover Denali Park, Fairbanks, etc. They didn't even bother to call or write to tell us that they cancelled it on July 16th. I only found out because my credit card statement came today with a credit from Radisson equaling the pre-cruise tour. Never been to Alaska so this was a major part of the trip and all other pre-cruise tours are filled. Another problem is two of our group did air on there own and are having trouble changing their air reservation to the new departure date.

1. Since Radisson failed to notify us, shouldn't we have the option to cancel the whole trip without penalties?
2. Are there any third party tours anyone can recommend to cover Fairbanks
to Anchorage including Denali Park?
3. Any other recourse or suggestions?

Cumberland Plateau, TN
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I've been doing some research for our Radisson cruise in Alaska next summer. The cost of a cruise booked tour freaked me out,so I started looking around. Both Alaska Railroad and Gray Line book Denali tours and may have better availability than the cruise lines. Also,I gather you can simply buy a railroad ticket to Denali,find a hotel/motel room(in advance) and tour the park on the Park Service shuttle.
Washington, DC
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We leave Saturday for our Alaskan cruise on the Mariner. We had considered taking a pre-cruise through Radisson, but found it better to book on our own. After doing a lot of research our itinerary is: Renting a car at the Anchorage airport and overnighting in Anchorage Saturday night. Then driving to the Denali area staying at a B&B in Healy Sunday night. Monday we're taking the park shuttle into the park very early. Late Monday afternoon we're driving to Talkeetna and staying at the Lodge for two nights. We'll be taking a Mt. McKinley summit flight on Tuesday. Wednesday morning we head back to the Anchorage airport to drop off the car and board the train from the airport to Seward (train booked through Radisson) for embarkation.
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Dave - I hope that the information Dreps gave you helps you in making alternate plans. If Radisson had done the same thing to me I would have also given them a red frown icon. Did you book directly with Radisson or use a travel agent? When we had a pleasant surprise in regard to our upcoming trip (the price was reduced) our agent notified us immediately and the credit came through on our credit card a few weeks later.
Fremont, CA
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Hi Dave,
Sorry to hear about the tour cancellation.
A few years ago, post cruise, we took the train from Anchorage to Denali, stayed in a lodge/motel, took the bus tour and a dinner show and a few days later continued on the train to Fairbanks. Very easy to arrange.
I enjoyed the time in the park even though the wildlife viewing wasn't what I expected, saw one fox run across the road and by using binoculars saw a moose in the far distance. From the train, saw a brief glance of Mt. McKinley.
John said he was disappointed and wouldn't do it again. I am a real animal lover and wish I had seen more, but the scenery is beautiful.
Hope you can make other arrangements and look forward to your report when we meet for dinner.
See you next month.
Ridgewood, NJ USA
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We checked into the Raddison tour and were upset at the price, so researched and found Alaska Tour and Travel [800-208-0200 or] were much cheaper and very accomodating to our needs. We took the train to Denali, spent two days there including the 13 1/2 hour school bus tour [on a luxury school bus with leg room!!] and white water rafting, then coach to Talkeetna for a day, then coach to Seward and a day in Seward with the Kenai Cruise - all for hundreds of dollars less than Raddison wanted without the day in Seward. Accomodations, travel and sightseeing excursions were all well handled, with no complaints, and the people I talked to were all very pleasant and helpful.

I am amazed Radisson failed to communicate with you - our travel agent kept us well informed, and the cruise was wonderful.

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Everyone, Thank You for the help.

Have contacted and looking into other options.

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Radisson cancelled a precruise trip that we had booked in Alaska. We also had made our own air reservations. Our trip insurance covered the difference in price for the new air reservation.
Channel Islands Beach, Calif.
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canceling a pre cruise tripon you is better than having them cancel the whole darn cruise on you one week before you are going to leave..
which they did to us a couple years ago.........
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Claudia: a bit off topic, but could you please explain why your cruise was cancelled?
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They said it was mechanical ..rudders or something like that for Navigator.
Offered full refunds and a credit towards another cruise. It was just such a let down to have tickets in hand and all plans made .. and then that..
Hope that doesn't happen to anyone ....
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Problem Solved,

Agent did go to bad for me, I am getting a refund and booking a better cruise.

Sable1 - Cancel my dinner reservations for the 1st night. Have a great cruise

Fremont, CA
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Sorry that you cancelled the cruise. We will miss you at dinner.

If you don't mind sharing, which other cruise did you book?
Are you going to be able to do the Alaska tour you wanted?
Did you lose any of your funds by cancelling so late?
Hope to hear from you and have a wonderful time.