What is considered "off season" for cruises

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Would love to know what the Off-Season times are. I understand some of the better deals can be had during those times, but not sure when it is. I'm assuming it's not during school vacations and holidays, right?
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Between Thanksgiving and Xmas. Kids are in school and most people are getting ready for the holidays = cheap prices.
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Assuming you are talking about the caribbean, hurricane season is an off season time. Hurricane season runs from, I believe, July 1 - December 1. With hurrican season, you have to expect some rougher waters and possibly some rain. But just remember, its easier to move a cruise ship than an island out of the way of a hurricane. The captain will always try to avoid, as much as possible, any rough waters, but you probably will get some if there is a tropical depression in the area. Also, some ports may be missed or shortened due to the weather.

You can also get some great prices on caribbean cruises if you sail just after Thanksgiving and just before Christmas.

Hope this helps and I am sure there are others out there that will have some other thoughts.
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We like to cruise between Thanksgiving and the 2nd week of December. The prices are the lowest, you're coming out of hurricane season, and it's a great time for us to get away "sans" holiday!
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We usually sail in September (this will be our 3rd time), and always get great prices. We've been lucky so far with weather, as well.

January is also a time for good pricing, since it's right after the holidays.
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"Off" season is in the eye of the beholder. Summer vacation and majour holidays tend to see premium rates everywhere, "Death week" (the first week or so of December, and sometimes early January) often has some of the best rates, as there is a real dip in travel at that time.

Many cruises in May/early June or September/October - which I'd call "shoulder" season, also have better rates - and for Alaska (for instance) you'll often get better odds of sunshine in May than July or August.

So, it depends on the destination, but those should give you some guidance.
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Originally posted by BaumD
Between Thanksgiving and Xmas. Kids are in school and most people are getting ready for the holidays = cheap prices.

Perhaps lower pricing ,but kids are never in school. They get pulled by their parents and are increasingly on ships year round in great numbers
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It's been my experience on the numerous cruises that we have taken, that the kids are well behaved, involved in group activities, etc.

I agree with the above post in that prime season or off season is in the eyes of the beholder.
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I agree with the rest. We like the week after Thanksgiving for sure. If you go to some of the online major travel agencies you can compare all sailings for a single ship/itinerary at a glance and see when their best prices are.
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