Another Pinnacle Question?

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West Springfield, MA
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My parents enjoy fine dinning but my dad is a picky eater. He likes everything plain. Is the food in the Pinnacle spicey? Can anyone give me an idea as to what type of food is served. I would love to have them eat in the Pinnacle but only if my dad would eat the food.


Phila Pa
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Hello karensj,
Welcome aboard.........If you go to cruiseclues website, click on menues, scroll down to Ryndam, click on that, then scroll down toward the bottom.

Also try the Zuiderdam link.
obetz oh usa
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You can also pull the menu from HALs web site. If your dad can eat a steak and baked potato, then he should be alright. Always ask for your meat/fish to be cooked plain.....jean
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I don't think anyone can say if it'll be too spicy for your father, as it is such a matter of personal taste.

Last summer we had cousins visiting from the UK. They were VERY concerned that apple pie was 'too spicy' - because of the cinnamon. This is a spice that I would NEVER thought of as 'spicy' (heat). After this experience, I don't express 'spicy-ness' opinions unless I know the person - and their tastes.
Winter Haven FL
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It did not seem especially spicy to us. There is a good variety on the menu so I expect that something could be easily found that he would enjoy. When we ate there on the Oosterdam, one person in our party was served a portion of beef that was almost "still walking around". It was not ordered that way and getting it corrected brought out the worst in the rather stuffy staff. We did not go back, but that's probably not typical. People here seem to love the place.
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I have a stomach dis-order and have to take Nexium every day. There fore I avoid sauces and spicy foods as much as possible.

Any time we have gone to the Pinnacle and I order a filet, I tell them to leave off the sauce. They have huge baked potatoes as well as other plain and simple foods.