Microfiber hair towels ~ do they work better than towels?

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Has anybody used the microfiber hair towels that say they dry your hair more quickly than wrapping it in a towel? Do they work better? Thanks~
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You can find them at Bed,Bath &Beyond and Linen's n things
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I have one of those, but is just shaped like a towel. I wrap and twist at the top, then tuck it under in the back at the nape of the neck. It holds pretty well. Either than or clip it with a chip clip.

I also have the turby twist and I think I will take that with me on my cruise, because it is pink and won't get mistaken with the other towels and carted away.
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I have the microfiber one that is just flat like a towel and I have the turbie twist kind. One comes from BBB and one comes from L'nT but I can't remember which came from which. Turbie twist stays on my head better but the mf dries faster, both the towel and my hair. They are both a smidge too small to get all of my hair in them but I do my best. When I use the mf one I secure it with a big hair clip like the ones ppl used to wear in their hair. The TT came in a 2 pack, the mf was just one. Both were about $10 IRRC. The only time I use the TT is if the mf is in the laundry.
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I was on the swim team for years and always used a "swim shammy". They work GREAT and drying your hair and/or body and you can wring them out instead of waiting for it to dry.
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Originally posted by cecilterwiliger
Yes, but try to find one that is cut so that it wraps into a turban style and then has an elastic that hooks the end onto itself. They also dry faster after using them than the terry ones.

I'm a little confused.

I understand why the OP would want to know if the microfiber towel takes more water out of the hair faster than the usual terry towel.

But why would anyone wrap their hair in a turban/towel for any longer than the few minutes it takes to stop water from dripping?
For how long do you keep it in the towel? Once the excess water is taken out, why would you keep the towel on your head?

After I get out of the shower I wrap my hair in a terry towel for a few minutes, then remove it, make some coffee and proceed to blow out my hair. Why would I keep it in a towel? Seems it would only serve to keep it damp and I want it to dry.

I see that others do what you do too, and I'm totally baffled as to why.
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I have really long hair that holds the water like a sponge. When i wrap it in the TT, it falls into the V shape (head bending over and hair combed forward) and then I twist the V and it keeps my hair from tangling and gets more water out than a regular towel. I then do everything else I need to do and then comb out my hair and dry it. I then takes 1/2 the time to dry with a hairdryer than if I just use a regular towel which tangles it. I have both types and the microfiber one pulls the water out better, but it doesn't hold as well, at least on my hair. I also use the pink TT on trips, to tell it from the provided towels. I was thinking maybe someone made a combo of the 2 when I posted originally. I got the TT at BBB and found the microfiber towel at TJMaxx on clearance. For me they save time, keep me warmer and save my hair from tangling.

Maybe yardage stores sell the microfiber material and one can make their own TT with microfiber.
North Carolina
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I've been using a microfiber towel for my hair for at least 10 years--I have quite a few, but they're all the plain rectangular "towel" shape--I make my own turban.

Jane--The longer you leave the towel on, the dryer your hair gets and the less you need to use the bad-for-colored hair hairdryer--that's my excuse. But still--I'm only talking 10 minutes, not all morning or anything But you can also do a deep conditioning treatment, wrap your hair in saran wrap, then turban the towel to warm up the conditioner....

My first towel was a gift (don't know where it came from) second was from Bed Bath & Beyond I think, and most recent was from www.sierratradingpost.com

I had a swim chamois at one point and don't like that on my hair. Yes, it dries quickly, but I don't like the way it feels. I'm sort of odd that way--feel is very important
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I use a microfiber towel from Target -- they're by the car wash supplies. I like it better than the turbie twist ones. I use a regular bath towel for a few minutes right out of the shower, then I switch to the microfiber towel for a bit. I air dry my long hair, and this really does shorten the drying time.
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What I like is that they stay on your head when you are doing other things. I like to go get dressed and put on my makeup and by that time it only take a couple of minutes to dry my hair.
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