Triumph 8/21 Review

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Ann Arbor, MI
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I have tried over and over to write a decent review but I have not been happy with any of my previous draft copies. So I'll try a shortened version.

The best staff I've seen on any cruise on any line I have been on.
The best cruise food in the dining room of any line I have been on.
The best casino dealers in the casino of any ship I have been on.
The best drinks and bar service of any line I have been on.
The easiest embarkation of any cruise on any line I have been on.
The most helpful Purser's Desk of any cruise I have been on.
Just as clean and well maintained as any ship I have been on.
The shows as good as any shows on any line I have been on.
The daily buffets as decent as any buffets on any line I have been on.
The cigar/cigarette smoke slightly worse than any cruise I have been on (Casino and Internet area only...actually interferred with my fun in these places).
Desserts were not that great with a couple exceptions.
Debarkation was perhaps a little less organized than any ship I have been on.
The worst children's program for 12 and 15 year olds that I have ever seen. (not enough planned. poor organization. lack of variety. DISRESPECTFUL staff to the kids).

I would take Carnival again without hesitation; especially the Triumph. My kids say they do not want to go on Carnival again. My wife had some service issues but never brought them to Carnival's attention so she is indifferent. Basically the bedding had cigarette burns in the cover, the blanket and the sheets. She would have thought they would automatically replace them because they looked bad and left a bad impression but she didn't ask and they didn't change them. We are both sure they would have been replaced had she asked.

One final point to make. On all the ships I have ever been on I have never seen so much Fubu wear. Most people on this ship must have thought "let's see I could wear a tuxedo or this Fubu baseball shirt; the Fubu is formal enough for this ship's formal night". I was very disappointed that a dress code meant nothing. But to each his own.
Ontari-ario-o-O, Canada
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Did you hear any feedback about the children's programs for 7 and 10 year olds? We're taking grandchildren and the children's program is why I picked CCL over RCI. I hope I didn't make a mistake.

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We were on the Sensation. Ny 7 yr old ds liked Camp carnival - my 9 year old dd LOVED camp carnival. Some of the 6-8 year old stuff was a little "young" for my 7 year old that normally plays with 9 year olds. But he just stayed with us while those activities were going on - he liked alot of the activities. My 9 year old loved it because she was in the 9-11 year old group and she felt "big". They do more activities around the ship with this age group. They both quickly made friends.
Ann Arbor, MI
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Joined Feb 2004
Yes. Camp Carnival was great for this group. They had many activities and we rarely saw any of this age group wandering around the ship.

On previous cruises at this age, we couldn't keep our kids out of the program. They loved it. They expected the same but now that they are older it was not to be. Unfortunately we are stuck in that "in-between" age with chilren's program geared too young and adult options geared too old.

I am sure your grandchildren will have a great time. Take advantage of the programs and activities they have for that age group and you'll have a wonderful trip.
Hampstead, NH
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We went this past April with our 6 and 8 year old.

Both of them LOVED the Camp Carnival program. The counselors were the friendliest we've ever had!. You could tell they really loved the children and their jobs. Those counselors, however, have probably moved to other ships by now.
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cincinnati ohio
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thanks for the imput. we are taking our grandson , who is 7 on the oct 9 trip.

hopefully they have enough energy for him.
Jacksonville, N.C
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Flypaper sounds like you had a great time. Glad to hear all the great info. I am booked for 12/18 can't hardly wait. No kids to have to worry about.