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Hey....where's the cheese platter? Did I just know to order it (from my good friends at CC) or is it on the menu?

It's my favorite balcony snack...with dinner rolls instead of the saltines they would send with it!

Oh, yes, and wine!
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Originally posted by 2boyzmom
You can order from the TV? Wow! Is that on all RCCL ships?
The older ships: no. They may be upgrading them, but this isn't fleet-wide (to my knowledge) yet.

I don't remember the last ship we were on, but they were CONSTANTLY advertising how you could order things through the TV and it didn't work. (older tvs?) It was laughable, but got annoying. I got tired of being told I could do things I couldn't actually do.

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We just got off of the Monarch of the Seas......and we were being told that what we wanted for breakfast..........was not on the Room Service menu.........but they would get it for us this time.

So..........we will see if they still continue to serve everyone off of any menue beyond "room service".

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Originally posted by IBookHePays
Hey....where's the cheese platter? Did I just know to order it (from my good friends at CC) or is it on the menu?

It's my favorite balcony snack...with dinner rolls instead of the saltines they would send with it!

Oh, yes, and wine!
Its under desserts. Will have to try it this time.
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Thank you so much for all your info!!
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