Which of NCL's innovative offerings most appeals?

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Poll: Which of NCL's innovative offerings most appeals?
Poll Results
Which of NCL's innovative offerings most appeals?

POSH Beach Club, with its South Beach pool scene

Halo, the Uber Bar, an ultra-exclusive, ship-top lounge

Spice H20, the all day, all night pool, dining and dancing venue

The frigid Ice Bar

Bliss Ultra with its bowling alleys and sleek metro vibe

Bar Central's complex with Champagne bar and pub

I prefer more traditional fare, like evening shows in a main theater

None of the above -- please post below

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Joined Oct 2006
Was a big fan of NCL from the 70's to the time they were bought by Star Cruises....cruised with them 3 times after they were owned by Star to give them the benefit of the doubt, and finally gave up on them....would not care to ever go back, even with all of the new things they are trying....don't think they will ever win anyone back who has left them, no matter how inovative they are.....there are other lines out there that are so much better!!! They probably would not have lost loyal passengers if they would have spent some of this money saving the SS NORWAY!!
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NCL lost loyal passengers when they did not revive the SS NORWAY, but that is not the reason I do not care to return....when they were bought out by Star, everything went down....attitude of staff, customer service, food in main dining room, Freestyle service was a joke, and they nickel and dime you by serving better quality of food in specialty restaurants that you pay extra for....now they are considering charging for some of their new venues as well....no thank you "No Clue Line" (NCL)..........."- might appeal to a first time cruiser, but not to the veteran cruisers after all of your changes.
Boston, MA USA
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What incredibly dynamic nightclub choices at sea. It's about time a cruise line actually focused on it's nightlife (outside of Carnival Cruise Line). The various uses for each venue make it even worth while to hang out in them during the day. I can't say I'm crazy about the cover charges but I can understand crowd control.

I just wonder who will really partake in all these nightclub venues though with that many passengers onboard and the average age of cruisers slanted towards older people who are in bed by 11 usually. (Sorry to group everyone in together but if you take a regular NCL cruise you'll be hard pressed to find someone who is the average age of the cruisers onboard or higher in the disco.)

I hope this concept works well for NCL. I really look forward to sailing on this ship. They've learned quite a bit from the dancing under the stars concepts from Atlantis Events. Good work NCL... first the white party and now Spice H20. Keep the innovations going!
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Since there wasn't an option for the new cabins, I went with Bliss. There's just something about bowling on a ship that's fun .
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I'm one of the "over 60, in bed by 11:00" crowd. Although I enjoy wine, I'm not a big drinker, so none of the alchohol-related venues really appeal to me. bathing suits are not my top wardrobe choice, either. However, I realize, that even though I'll soon be retiring with sufficient income to live comfortably, I am not the target market for the new offerings.
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The name of this vessel should be "Surcharge Heaven" for the vessel's owner's price padding that will be present aboard her.

Real question will they be able to keep the occupancy rate up on all their vessels. They need to attract new clients and not just steal their own clients from their smaller ships to fill up these mega ships. Stealing clients from their smaller ships is a formula for their down fall.

Plus profitability is a question with the fuel and new build loan costs.

Currently Wall Street is betting NO.
Dallas, TX
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Club scene is not for me. I much prefer to spend my evening on my balcony with a nice glass of wine.

To each his own.
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I don't even know what a lot of that stuff is. Now the word PUB, I understand!
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Originally Posted by daiB

Your cruise is like life you get out of it what you put in, If you go around with a smile on your face and treat people as you would like to be treated with a please and thank you then there is every chance you will have the time of your life. On the other hand if you blow up at the first setback and treat people like dirt, then you will get what you deserve and have a lousy time.
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Nothing about any of these offerings would cause us to specifically book another cruise on NCL.

Initially, we were attracted to the Freestyle Concept - and still prefer this to a strict traditional regimen.

If a cruise ship is to become a floating Las Vegas, that does not fit our life style at all. I'm sure this is very appealing to many, however.

The bowling sounds like a lot of fun at sea.

It will be interesting to see what other changes occur prior to the implementation of F3.

Honestly, I can't imagine being on a ship this size to begin with.
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The pessimist may be proven to be right, but the optimist will enjoy the trip much more.
New Jersey
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Nightlife is not a big thing for us. We prefer to see the sun rise after a good night's sleep rather than before retiring. After dinner, we take in the show in the main lounge and then head to the casino for a bit befoer heading back to our cabin.

I'm more interested in daytime activities & dining venues, as well as itineraries.

If you've seen RCI's Oasis of the Seas press release, also came out yesterday, that is pretty awesome, although I don't know if I want to travel on a ship that big. I can handle the F3's 150k tons, but Oasis is soemthing like 220k. That is HUGE. That's 3 times the size of the Norway, which was the biggest in the world for many years.
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I love to dance, but I'm not interested in paying to get into an exclusive club...the SHIP is the club I paid to get on! Also, I prefer to be indoors on a decent dance floor with plenty of air conditioning. Humidity & heat are not conducive to my enjoyment. I am in my early forties & like to dance before a late dinner...go to a show, be it indoors or out, then hit the bed.

I also used to be a loyal NCL cruiser...and switched when the ownership changed. The decline in quality was evident immediately with the past passenger program & member cruises, not to mention the drop of their awesome theme cruises.

Instead of aiming for the new cruiser market & going after the Carnival base, perhaps they should try something innovative like...oh, I don't know...going back to what worked in the past? OTOH, if they truly want the new cruiser, they are doing quite fine with the path they are taking. And should hope those new cruisers have the income demographic they want to target. Perhaps that is why they feel the need to nickel & dime with fees?

I have fond memories of the Norway & sailed 3 times on her...but, I agree that it was probably time to let her rest in peace.

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I'm not interested in any of it. I don't want to pay to get into "exclusive" venues.. and it seems they are all geared towards rich, hip, single 21 year olds that just want to party. When will they realize that description doesn't fit the majority of people that cruise? Or the fact that most 21 year olds don't have the kind of $ it takes to cruise plus pay for all the "exclusive" crap? I liked the room designs (minus the weird bathrooms) but I don't think you'll be finding me on this ship.
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We're diehard NCL cruisers and like the Free-style. We just returned from the Jade, enjoyed the trip immensely but we really prefer the smaller ships with fewer passengers and less hassle. We avoid the cruise lines with "party" reputations and I doubt we'll be taking an F3 ship.

We don't do any of the bars, extra cost restaurants or pool and have no interest in them. The standard restaurants and service were very good (not 5-star, but I wouldn't go to a 5-star restaurant at home, either) and the rooms were fine.

The ports are why we travel, and we went on an excursion at each port. With an early excursion most days you're darn right we're in bed at between 11 and 12 each night.
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Since they're only adding, at best, three extra-charge bars, I don't see what the fuss is about. The Ice Bar will only hold twenty-five people, Halo, the Über Bar is mostly for people who spent ten times what I did for my cabin-you can't get to that floor unless you have a room there anyway- and the POSH Bar is for those who want a pay for kids free time at the pool. Bliss is still free and Spice H20 is for those who don't want to pay for a kids free time at the pool.
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I agree with the above poster. Although I really don't have any desire to cruise on a ship that big, I think that people are reading a lot more into this then what it actually is.

First, Bliss is still a no charge club. Anyone who does likes the clubbing scene can still go to a club without an extra charge. And, there will still be the small piano type bars, etc. for those who don't want the club atmosphere...no charge.

Second, they're adding an adult only area that will not have a surcharge. This is an addition to what venues they offer now, and again, no extra charge. I see this venue as being a HUGE draw for customers. Especially those who don't have children and prefer not to be around them at the pool.

Third, these (charge) clubs that they are adding, will appeal to certain people and won't appeal to others. Just like specialty restaurants. If you want to use them, you will pay extra. If you don't, you won't. And those who say that 21 year olds don't have that kind of money, don't know 21 year olds. They will spend whatever they have to go into some unique club. In addition, these clubs will probably appeal to most people up to 30 or 35 years old, so it won't be just 21 year olds going to them.

I think that this just might be a very wise decision on NCL's part, but only time will tell. If adding these venues draws more new customers, but charging for them enables them to keep their general cruise rates down, plus they keep the old tried and true free venues that their existing customers love, then they could be smarter them many are saying.

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This ship is just too big for my taste. I haven't seen one thing on the F3 website that makes me want to cruise with them. Actually it makes me want to run for my life! But I'm in the minority (?) 50-60 year olds with money to cruise. I'm sure there are many more 25-40 yr. olds with tons of internet money who may enjoy the heck out of these ships. NCL has lost me on the F3's.
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While these pay-as-you go bars sound interesting - my wife and I might actually go to one during a cruise. I always wanted to go to the ice bar in Las Vegas so that might be interesting. To me these are not in the same category as the specialty restaurants. In reality, we always enjoyed going to the cruise show after dinner and then going to either a bar (free - maybe with a piano) or the casino afterwards and then going to bed around 11:00 or so. Not real exciting, but we go on a cruise to relax. While I admire NCL for striving to improve, I hope they don't leave the older cruisers behind in their zeal for exciting, pay-as-you go bars. Not having a ship theater with the traditional shows would be a big minus for me.
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Originally posted by kontraxed
While I admire NCL for striving to improve, I hope they don't leave the older cruisers behind in their zeal for exciting, pay-as-you go bars. Not having a ship theater with the traditional shows would be a big minus for me.
I would agree. Not having a regular theater, with movies to enjoy when one wants would be a minus for us too.

Being one of the senior senior citizens here I am curious to know: -Does anyone have suggestions as to activities, etc., which would truly give a "Wow" to a cruise.

We are pretty active, fun loving people, but not into the night-club, drinking, stay out all hours of the night type of "fun" at all.

The casino's, in the past, were usually absolutely too smoky, but we do enjoy a little of the "creativity" displayed by participants.

A good evening show is always enjoyable for us. But, not the same one over and over - that really gets old fast.

The ports are a very important part of our cruise - with evening activities on board following. We enjoyed evening entertainment where cruisers were included in the fun. We thought card games would be fun, but only found time for one our last cruise.

Any ideas?
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The pessimist may be proven to be right, but the optimist will enjoy the trip much more.
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We have been invited to go with our TA to preview this ship when it's ready.

Although we are excited to go, this ship will probably not be a good match for us.

We are not into clubs and drinking, or lots of pool activities, so we wouldn't be interested in all of that.

However, the awesome cabins ARE something we would like.

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