Question for experienced scuba's or snuba's- Pregnant & Need Help

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Hello. I will be sailing on the Grandeur next week. At the time of sailing I will be about 19 weeks pregnant. RC offers an excursion titled, Catch the Wave Snorkeling Safari w/ Bond Adventure. My question is if anyone knows if the "Bond Adventure" is okay for pregnant people. It is described as single person self containted submersible adventure. It looks like a cross between snuba and scuba. You are about 15-20 ft. under water with your own O2 supply traveling on a scooter. I know pregnant women are advised not to snorkel due to decompression issues and air bubbles in the veins but does anyone know about this?
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I wouldn't let my wife do it if she was pregnant. If you wouldn't snorkel where you can only stay underwater a minute or 2 at a time, then you definintely shouldn't do the "Bond Adventure" where you will be underwater for 10 to 20 times longer (10 to 20 minutes), and probably go deeper than you might if you were snorkeling.

Play it safe, play in the water on the surface.
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It sure looks like a fun excursion and I can definitely see why you want to do it, but if it were me, I wouldn't take a risk on hurting my developing baby. I have to agree with Bruce on this one.
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Thanks everyone. Same thing I thought but I also wanted to get the opinion of people who were familiar with it. My dr. said he thought it would be okay but I definitely had some concerns. Thanks again and we will be going to PB for a relaxing day.
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I would be against it for sure.

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Originally posted by pll
I know pregnant women are advised not to snorkel due to decompression issues and air bubbles in the veins but does anyone know about this?
Not sure if this was just a case of you typing the wrong word, but SNORKELING is fine when pregnant. We took a 3-hour snorkeling tour in Panama City, FL, when I was 17 weeks pregnant with my son, with my midwife's full knowledge and permission. (My kid is now 4yo and he loves to snorkel himself! )

From the "decompression issues" comment, I'm thinking that maybe you meant to say SCUBA instead of snorkel. Snorkeling just involves swimming around on the surface or doing mini-dives that aren't any different from swimming in your backyard pool.