A QE2 Story

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Originally posted by goldenrod
no Boring!!! And Still Boring!!!
Honestly now, go in out of the sun, it's too much for you, and there's no need to tell us about last night. We understand...
Eventually it's going to happen to all of us...
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Even your comebacks are BORING!!
Adirondack Mountains
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Originally posted by goldenrod
Even your comebacks are BORING!!
And this comeback was so much better

If this is so boring then why are you still here? You're no barrel of laughs yourself.
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Newcastle, CA
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That is a wonderful video of one of the most fabulous liners ever built! The ending is a tearjerker. Please post more if you have them.

If it's boring please feel free to go elsewhere
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Originally posted by goldenrod
Even your comebacks are BORING!!
Oh, now you're just beating a dead horse.

oops, sorry, didn't mean to bring up the subject of last night again...

Oh darn, again, didn't want to put it that way...
York, UK
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Originally posted by goldenrod
no Boring!!! And Still Boring!!!
How about getting a new tune? We're fed up with that old one

Kyle - great vid
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Originally posted by The_Penguins'_Collective
You're absolutely wrong, goldenrod:

THIS is boring:


I enjoyed that !
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Can't be too boring if you took the time to watch it again
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Originally posted by stowaway2k
Thanks so much for posting this link! It is especially poignant for me, since the videographer took many of the shots on the morning when the Queen Mary 2 was arrving in San Francisco for her inagural visit, and I saw her on that visit as well.

Thanks again!
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