Can infants get sea sick??? (13 month old)

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Yes, infants can get seasick, especially those who tend towards having ear infections--balance problems within the ear can contribute to a feeling of motion sickness. You need to discuss this with your pediatrician and ask them what's best for your child. No two are alike, so talking with the doctor is the best idea.
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I agree with consulting your pediatrician - or at least the pharmacist. I know the only time my son got sea sick he was about 2. I was queasy at dinner and told my husband that we would meet him in the cabin. Even though he did not indicate that he did not feel well, the minute we got in the cabin my son was terribly ill. The steward was in the hall and came to my aid immediately - cleaned the cabin while I cleaned the child. This is not an experience anyone wants!
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Yes, talk to the ped, but I can tell you that he/she will probably recommend taking some "children's benedryl" with you just in case.

An infant is not old enough for the traditional motion sickness medicines. But even those medicines are benedryl.

So if your infant does get sick, rare but it does happen, then you want to have some benedryl on hand.
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Use Benadryl with caution. Everyone thinks that anti-histamines will jsut make a kid sleepy, but some respond by becoming SUPER HYPER. If your child has never taken this med, be prepared for either reaction.
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Originally posted by sunquest76
Use Benadryl with caution. Everyone thinks that anti-histamines will jsut make a kid sleepy, but some respond by becoming SUPER HYPER. If your child has never taken this med, be prepared for either reaction.
My oldest had the opposite reaction to anti-histamines. She would be so wound up and VERY irritable!

I on the other hand I just about pass out when I take it! Go figure!

My friends' child has always been very prone to motion sickness in cars, planes, even carousels and the like. But, ships have never bothered him.

Good luck!
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I am a pediatric nurse practitioner. An infant who is not walking yet cannot get sea sick. However, if your child is walking, they can although it is very very rare that young. You can give children's benadryl or dimetapp(which is always handy to have with you in case of food allergy) but not the motion sickness meds such as bonine etc. As other posters have stated all of these meds are antihistamines and act the same way on the brain's nausea center. Make sure you check the dose with your pediatrician before you leave. Usually its 1/4tsp of the 12.5mg children's benadryl but its based on weight so make sure that is correct. I doubt you will need it but better to be safe than sorry.
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