Governor's Beach Questions

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So, is Governor's Beach beautiful, sandy and clean or is it full of horse droppings? I've seen conflicting reports.

Also, has anyone gone there using the ship's tours via a little train? Since they also include a chair and snorkel equipment I am not sure it will actually cost more than doing it on my own.

I am trying to decide whether to just go to the beach in port or to Governor's and how to go to Governor's if I choose to go there.
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We took an overpriced taxi to get there. It is a lovely beach, that's all. We walked back to the port area, it took my family about 22 minutes. The area at the port is actually nice, with free chairs (they MIGHT rent you one at Governors Beach for $10!). Also, the snorkeling was not half bad at the port either.
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Just got back from Grand Turk and went to Govenors Beach. I felt fairly safe traveling to the beach in a taxi with just my son. It was $3 a person to get there. When I told the driver where I wanted to go he said he didn't think it was a good idea because of my five year old son. He said there are several "drop offs" in the ocean. I asked him which beach was good for families and he said "Pillory Beach". I just thought he wanted a higher cab fare so I told him to just take me to Gov. beach anyways. Surprise surprise ...the taxi driver didn't have change for a $10...but he promised to come back for me at the end of the day. I was a little surprised that the beach wasn't as "pretty" as I thought it was going to be. My son and I didn't rent any chairs because it was $10 a chair. There was no horse poop that I saw in the sand. I did see some horses roaming at the front entrance to the beach but that was in a parking lot. The sand was great for making sand castles and there was some beautiful sea glass at the beach. The cab driver was right though...the water got deep really quick. I was up to my waist after walking in about five feet. There was also small waves which made it not as relaxing as I would have hoped. Be advised, there is also no real place to eat. There is a small bar on the beach but I didn't feel too safe feeding my son anything from it. Don't get me wrong...we had a good time at the beach...just not all that I thought it was going to be. There are plenty of taxi's coming in and out of the little beach area (and my guy did come back at the exact time I asked him to). If I didn't have my son with me I would have even considered walking. My guesstimation is that it was only about 1.5 miles from the port. We definatley will try Pillory beach next time. - the people who went to the beach at the port hated it! Several people were really upset because the floor of the ocean was all rock and apparently it didn't feel too good. There was also several drops in that area could be walking and fall into a 1 foot hole. So in reality it sounds like I chose the better beach between the two...but next time I definatley will try another beach.
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