What makes you get weird looks on your cruises?

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New York
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Hello all,

I'm heading on my second CB cruise in October and just thought back to the odd stares that I would get for some things, and the things people would do that made me stare at them.

What are some of the "only on vacation" kind of things that people do on cruises that get you odd looks. For me, first and foremost is clearly access to unlimited bacon. My wife and others just stare and laugh when I walk through the buffet line and reach the holy grail of all breakfast buffet trays, the giant tray of bacon. I must eat a good solid weeks worth of bacon in a day on vacation.

Just curious is anyone is willing to share.

Just 33 more days until the next heaping helping of unlimited bacon. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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Wearing my life vest in the buffet line...
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Just constantly walking around with my big grin cause I'm so happy to be on a cruise!!!
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Southern California
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My hair.....not only is it blonde...but, I'm still in the 60's...with the Palin "Big Hair!"

My children warn me; my husband gasps; my fellow workers keep reminding me of how high I've gotten it....but, to no avail...the hair is really tall!

I keep telling myself; "The bigger the hair the smaller the hips!"

That's what I get stared at for the most....except, for the fact that we travel with an amazing and beautiful Service Dog!

It's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!
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Greenville, SC, USA
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My wife and I always take the stairs. I move down them quicker than she does. I sometimes duck off and around the corner of one of the floors we pass. I then follow her the rest of the way until she notices me.
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All four of us (we've been cruising with our kids since they were 7 and 5) always link hands at that last point before you're actually ON the ship, and leap on to the ship simultaneously and joyously on embarkation day. Yes, I know, cruise goobers and proud of it.
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Tallahassee, Florida
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I wear a bathing suit. Now, I know that doesn't sound that weird, but trust me. I look horrible in a bathing suit but I don't care. When I'm cruising, I'm wearing one. I'll never see those people again so tough, they can deal with it. 19 days until I show off my ugly legs.
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[quote=wizard-of-roz;16383952]My hair.....not only is it blonde...but, I'm still in the 60's...with the Palin "Big Hair!"

My children warn me; my husband gasps; my fellow workers keep reminding me of how high I've gotten it....but, to no avail...the hair is really tall!

I keep telling myself; "The bigger the hair the smaller the hips!"

Dear wizard-of-roz,

I agree with your calendar blurb about Mexico: Never get off the ship! Of course, I've been there a number of times and am disgusted with the ports. Newbies can have a look-see.
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My two brothers and I have traveled together a few times. Each time, my mom got the idea to get us all matching shirts to wear. So.... on boarding day we wear them and take some pictures for mom.

We have been standing on deck together when people walk by and mention.... oh.... there's the band.
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San Francisco Bay Area
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This one is easy. Dancing on the promenade deck. We practice dancing during the day, and dance down the deck at night.

In addition to stares, we do sometimes get applause.
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The weirdest stare my Dh and I got, we didn't even deserve. We had been at the pool swimming and when we decided to go back to our room, we both wraped towels around us (our suits were still on) and got into the elevator. Well this older women continued to stare at us and as we were getting off the elevator she shouted "filthy kids". It's not like we were making out or anything, the whole ride was silent.
Southern California
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Yep! My favorite way to see Mexico....from the ship! I look out at the beautiful Pacific and then when we're docked in Puerto Vallarta or Acapulco and I'm in the French Riviera or the Greek Isle's or some where off of St. Thomas, in the Caribbean...(I don't see so good, it works for me!)

Cruising for us is about the ship and all that it has to offer.....it fills our souls and spirits and gets us ready for the job ahead: "life!"
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Horton holding Horton the Elephant

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Originally posted by mpwarder
...I'm heading on my second CB cruise in October and just thought back to the odd stares that I would get for some things, and the things people would do that made me stare at them...
Congratulations, mpwarder! I think this is the most creative thread topic that I've seen on this website since I've been a member.

Funny that you mentioned bacon because I commented to our breakfast tablemates just this past Sunday that I had indulged in bacon every morning of our week-long cruise. I never cook bacon at home unless it's called for in a recipe

I had an opportunity to flash my "Bette Davis eyes" in Horizon Court one of the two mornings that we ate there on the Star Princess last week. A "grumpy old man" at an adjacent table remarked loudly, "I'm never going on this ship again!" As this was my third cruise on the Star, I couldn't imagine why someone would say such a thing Gave him the look. Enough said

I've been on the CB three times, as well. Bon Voyage!
North Carolina
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Taking picture of everything. I don't know how many dirty looks I got when taking dessert pictures, yet as anyone that posts on this board knows a picture is worth a thousand words.

Also, I have been known to give a dirty look or two at people that take themselves and life in general too seriously - The woman who went to the pursers desk to complain that the comedian had made fun of her home state and then went around with a hand made petition trying to get the comedian kicked off the ship.
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lakewood, Ca USA
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We always get stares, My DH is 6"6" and I am 5'2", yes we are quite a pair, sort of like mutt and jeff. But we have been married almost 40 years , so we do just fine. We ignore people that are rude and have a good time.
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What causes people to stare at me are the scars on my hips and knees from bilateral replacement of all of them. When I wear a bathing suit - well, it isn't pretty. But after all I've been through with bone disease, I don't care. As someone else said, I'll never see these people again.

What causes me to stare? Two cruises ago, I saw a woman at the buffet dump a whole tray of cookies into her pocketbook. Unbelievable.
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Any cruise is better than staying home!
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Not exactly the question but one thing that I love to see on a cruise is the seniors. Some of those ladies dress just fabulously!! I just love the hats and the all the fancy stuff. Something about a lady who is well over 70 and enjoying her life that makes me smile. If she has a handsome Mr. with her then even better.

I am turning 40 this year and I am totally fine with it. I hope to be one of those cruising seniors one day.
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We cruise with a group of 16 friends. We get histerical over almost anything. We get some pretty dirty looks when we break into a laughting fit. A couple got off the elevator in a huff one night when we started laughing and couldn't get our breath while we were trying to take pictures of us in the mirrored ceiling in the elevator. We tried to limit our "having fun" to other places after that.
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I get weird looks all the time; it's hard to single out what I'm doing at any given moment to deserve them since my days tend to be weird look after weird look . . . I don't know why -- I seem normal to me . . . Anyhoo,

Okay, these two stand out:
1. Sunbathing in 50-something-degree, very windy weather. In my defense, I will just say that the sun WAS out. And if it's out, I'm out. A magnificent tan doesn't just happen by itself, you know.
2. Grading a pile of midterm exams while waiting for trivia to start. Yes, that was me! Now some of you know exactly who I am; my anonymity is blown.