9/30/08 LIVE from Carnival Miracle

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Hello everyone. . . Tomorrow I will be leaving early for my drive to New York City. I wil be boarding Carnival Miracle for an 8 Night Eastern Caribbean cruise.

Our ports will feature San Juan, St Thomas USVI, and Tortola BVI.

I am very excited about the Miracle; the newest Spirit Class ship. I have never been on that class of ship, and I have heard great things about Miracle.

It will also be sort of a "Preview Cruise" for me since it was just announced recently that CCL has decided to bring the Carnival Pride (Spirit Class 2002) to my home Port of Baltimore year round starting in September 2009.

The NYCruise website has suggested that we will be joined tomorrow by 2 other ships. . . The Saga Ruby (ex Vistafjord, ex MS Caronia),
and the National Geographic Explorer (ex Hurtigruten Lyngen)

I am not sure what pier they will be at yet, but I will try to get some pics.

Those of you who have followed my "LIVE" reports with RCI, and HAL, and NCL already know that I will provide daily comments and trip
reports from this cruise.

My first "LIVE" report on Carnival was in August 2008 on Carival Victory. (Cruise To Canada)

I will also try to post many "LIVE" pics daily (as long as I am able to maintain a valid wireless connection)

I should be getting to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal by around 1PM. (depending on Traffic)

Mrs Radio is very excited about her first Cruise from NYC, and she is VERY excited about going back to St Thomas, USVI ! !

Sail Away is scheduled for 5PM. The forecast for tomorrow sounds good, and I will post once I get set up in my Cabin !

Thanks for tuning in !


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Looking forward to your "live" posts.

Everyone you are in for a treat.
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For those of you who are familiar with Mach's reviews (a frequent contributor to the Carnival boards), you'll find that Radio's are equally as informative, and he includes the most beautiful pictures of the ship as well as the ports.

Mark, I can't wait for your daily entries on this ship. We've sailed sister ship, Pride, and will be sailing her other sister, Spirit (Hawaii, 2009), in the fall of next year. We loved the Pride, so we know you'll love the Miracle!

Bon Voyage!
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Alright, another Radio Live thread. For those of you who haven't followed Radio on one of his cruises live, you are in for a treat! Unbelieveable photos and excellent commentary.
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Radio - I hope you have a wonderful cruise! Looking forward to the Live review and pictures!
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I hope that you have a wonderful time! i am looking forward to 'sharing" your cruise with you!
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I too am looking for all information on the Miracle. We are sailing on her in 44 days from Ft. Lots-o-tail ( lauderdale for all those that arent in florida ). We are in 6110 so any suggestions about this ship will be great.

South Central Ohio
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Fantastic! I look forward to reading your posts! I'm also hoping you will be able to get a pic of the Saga Ruby as her sister ship, the former Sagafjord, was my very first ship to cruise on at least 100 years ago... Thanks!
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Wow, am I going to look forward to this. We are up next... We will straining at the bit as you leave the Miracle. So tell her to get ready for her Merrymakers cause we are a coming.

If you find time or have a chance... the Merrymakers are looking for a good spot to have a real meet and greet.. we are having one after muster but also planned to have one the first sea day. Probably an club or bar where it would be a little more private. If you see any ideal location can you let us know.

One other thing.. we are also trying to do a slot pull. If you happen to speak to the casino manager could you ask him for an email address so I could set this up. I would be very appreciative.

Of course I know how busy you will be writing your fantastic review and enjoying your wonderful vacation so I'll understand if you can't do either.

Really looking forward to your review. Couldn't be more timely.
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Having just been on the Miracle in August I can't wait to see if you love her as much as we did. It will be like being there with you!
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Have a great cruise! We will be on Miracle in December, also for our 1st Spirit class experience. I'll be watching your thread, to see what you think of her. Have fun, and smooth seas and great weather be with you!
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.....it was because of that cruise he now wants to become a Cruise Director. We'll be sailing on her again this December 7 with the rest of the Miracle Maniacs.


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Hello everyone. . . We are just about ready to leave (830AM), and it should take about 4 hours to get to the Cruise Terminal. (95N, NJ Turnpike, Lincoln Tunnel)

I plan to get there by around 12:30P. . . We must stop at Starbucks on the way.

Hopefully, the traffic shouldn't be too bad. . . See you on board !


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Wahoooo!!! 2 live reports from the Miracle this week! What have I done to deserve this?? I only wish I would be able to taste the food too! Have a GREAT time!!!! Bon Voyage!!!
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Looking forward to this!!!!!
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YIPPEE!! Can't wait for the Live review. DH and I will be on the Miracle next June. Happy Cruising!!
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We recently sailed on the Miracle, Sept 14th sailing out of NYC.
We had two wonderful waiters in the dining room, Iputu and Arturo. We had the most delightful cocktail waitress, Phratta, she is from Thailand.

My daughters meant to get her email before we left but they never did.

Phratta works in the dining room for both seatings, then she moves to Frankie and Johnnies and works there till closing.
If anyone on the Miracle now or the next sailing meets her, please tell he Gary and the girls say "Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah" she will know immediately who we are. My husband has a very deep voice and "Oh yeah" is his signature line when he likes something. She got the biggest kick out of him and everywhere we bumped into her, we would hear her cute little voice say " Oh yeah, Oh Year Mr Gary".

Please get her email address or you can give her mine.
We would love to keep in contact with her............
[email protected]

Thanks......The Richardsons, Foxboro MA
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Looking forward to your reports, Radio.............
You'll love the Miracle! Our favorite Carnival ship so far...............
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Can't wait Radio - You're going to LOVE the miracle!
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