Mystery Ship Scores on Conde Nast Cruise Poll

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Originally posted by LauraS
Cruise Critic has just posted the following news:

Mystery Ship Scores on Conde Nast Cruise Poll

Read the entire news article...
This shows how reliable CN Traveler surveys are, don't you think???
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What's a bit discouraging, as I guess I have high expectations for Conde Nast Traveler, is that the magazine's editors were well aware that this was a mistake and chose neither to remedy it -- nor to respond honorably. I heard this today from an industry source.

The editor I talked to kept saying to me something along the lines of whether you feel this ship merits the ranking is subjective. It's not!!! It's not a matter of my saying that Holland America is better than Celebrity. It's a matter of saying -- these scores are wrong. You can't possibly tell me that a 94 score for itinerary for a ship that simply goes back and forth between Helsinki and Tallinn beats Oceania, Holland America, Carnival, Aida, any of them! Or that a ship that nabs a 96.3 for excursions when there are none deserved that score. It doesn't offer any. How silly is that?

I'd have had a lot more respect for Conde Nast Traveler if its editors simply owned up to the mistake. Heck, we all make them. Hiding behind them is silly and ultimately damaging.


Originally posted by quepaquete
This shows how reliable CN Traveler surveys are, don't you think???
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Who's the industry source? I kid, but seriously, the note about the high ranking for shore excursions was well played. 'The only "tour" offered is a bus ticket from the port of Tallinn to the city itself.'
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