Motion sickness patches

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Bay Area
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On other lines Ive sailed if people in my party were affected by motion sickness the onboard doctor would prescribe/dispense little band-aid type patches that are worn behind the ear. Does anyone know if Disney does this?
Clermont Florida
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Off hand I would say they would give you something if you are that sick. Cant swear its a patch.I do remember from being down in the infimary on my last trip( had nothing to do with sea sickness,) they had bonine type anti seasickness pills sitting on the counter. Dont remember what they are off hand, as my wife knew the name and said they were better than dramamine.
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I sailed Disney twice. The second time I was really sick. Guest services gave me some little pills that you chew. When that did not work I called and begged to get something stronger. They said the infirmary was closed but would have an on-call nurse call me. She did call but was rather useless - basically just keep taking the pills and she could not give anything stronger.
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Guest services will fix you up w/the little pills. Start taking early. I'm usually not affected but if you know there's a story a brewing, take in advance! This last cruise in February, when we left Castaway ugh! that night was a long one!!!
Clermont Florida
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A few other things to consider if you think you will get sea sick or sick in general.

First. Stay hydrated. Being dehydrated can cause in some people sea sickness, if not make it worse. try and drink plenty of water or other clear liquids.

2nd. Alot of times sea sickness is caused by an imbalance between your eyes and your senses. Basically, your mind sees one thing, but your body is experiencing something else. It likes trying to read in a car on a bumpy road.
A simple cure for this is to go on deck as clse to the center of the ship as possible, (preferably away from where the wind is blowing the exhaust gases- I know this is contradictory to normal thinking about being sick down wind but bear with me)
Face out to sea, close your eyes for a minute or two, then when you reopen them, look out at the horizon, as your senses"reset" for lack of a better term.Keep wathing the horizon for a few minutes until the feeling passes, then look for a minute or 2 more.

3rd solution. This was on mythbusters, go to the local drug/convience store and buy some ginger pills. They seem to work better. Start taking them 24 hours prior to boarding.And keep taking them.

Heres a link I found with tips regarding sea sickness:

Seasickness Prevention

Theres a few tips in here I had never thought off.
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I've been out deep sea fishing off the Oregon coast and watched a fellow fisherman chumming for sharks. He had a Dramamine patch behind his ear and had lost 3 Dramamine pills overboard, I know because I offered him one of my pills and he told me about the 3 he'd had already with no affect. Granted, we were on a 43 ft boat 30 miles out in 5 foot seas, so we were really rockin and rollin.

Now with that being said, a few years ago my son battled cancer and to deal with the nausea caused by the chemotherapy and radiation treatments the docs prescribed a Scopalomine patch which he had put behind his ear. This helped cut down some of his nausea, but I'm sure if you were to use it just to fight sea sickness, it would work really well. I'm sure you would have to have it prescribed by a doctor tho, so the members of your party that get motion sick may want to talk to their doctor if they think Dramamine won't work.

Please keep in mind that I didn't tell you this to scare you, I'm just sharing some of my personal experiences. Also, while we were onboard the Wonder we never felt the ship move even when we left Port Canavaral. My wife gets motion sick and she had no problems during the cruise. Hopefully you'll have a nice smooth cruise.
Rochester, NY
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I've been on 2 cruises this year and both times I used the scop. patch behind my ear. I just told my doctor that I was going on a cruise and wanted to be prepared. You should put the patch on about 3 hours I think before you sail. You cannot use them on kids. But, kids can take Bonine. The patch worked great for me because both sailings were very windy and rocky. My only complaint is that it kind of gave me a dry mouth and sore throat especially the first time. And after I got off the ship, I still felt like I was on the ship and moving for the next 5 days. Sometimes there is an effect after you take it off according to the package. My husband used them for the first cruise and then not for the second -- he used bonine which you chew 1 tablet a day, 1 hour before you first set off and then once a day. This worked fine for him and he didn't experience any blurring of his vision which the patch did. The patch worked for me and the side effects were not enough to warrant not using it. Good luck! Oh, by the way be sure to ask your doctor before you cruise. I heard that the infirmary is really expensive anyway so you'd be better off asking ahead and having the patch even if you decide not to use it. With my insurance, it was a $5 copay. Hope this helps!
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they worked for my hubby who LOOKS at the water and barfs... we did a 7 night alaska 1st night he didnt use it was sooooo sick next day we got off and when we got back on before we left he put it on it worked like MAGIC and he even had no issues flying home as he usually gets sick flying too
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I have not been to sea with Disney, but Truck1 was right in most respects.

Seasickness is caused by the conflict between the eye when it does not see motion and the inner ear which is telling the brain that it is moving.

Some hints. Number one -- EAT. Speaking of being counter-intuitive, but eat reasonably normally, but stay away from greasy foods. You would think you want an empty stomach, but that will make things worse.

Number two -- until you get your sea legs (and you will) try to stay in a place where you can see the motion.

Number three -- preferably stay outside getting fresh air while watching the horizon.

You can, of course try any of the over-the-counter pills as well, but I would suggest following the above steps as well. The recent studies of using either ginger pills or eating ginger candies have been well-documented to work in reducing motion sickness.

One thing about the scopalomine patch that has not been mentioned -- there are some more severe side effects -- some people hallucinate when using the patch. If you don't suffer the side effects, the scopalomine patch is probably the best.

To some extent, some of this is in the person's mind. I have been with someone who was seasick when the ship was moving out of the harbor, and if you didn't look carefully, you literally would not have known you were moving.

In any event, this does pass, and you will get your sea legs. Once you are in fact seasick, it is harder to get rid of, so prevention is the name of the game.

That being said, some people get off a ship and notice motion sickness. That is just a readjustment to terra firma. If you feel some motion when you get on land, particularly after a period of a fair amount of motion, you are normal, and it will pass quickly, but is can happen.
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If you think that you may need the patch, just go get it before you leave, better be safe than sorry. My first cruise I got sea sick just using bonine, it wasnt strong enough for me. So my friend (nurse) gave me a patch which cured it no problem. She cuts the patches in half, even though it says NOT to cut them, but i figure she knows a little more about meds since she is a nurse. It makes me a little bit drowsy and I do get a dry mouth, but it is much better than puking! I am not drowsy to the point of sleep, but I do usually take a nap.
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