Cruise Travel Not Impacted by Swine Flu

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I don't mean to sound paranoid, or panicky over this issue, but personally, I don't find the article very comforting regarding my upcoming cruise. The Canadian Press, this morning, is reporting 4 cases in Nova Scotia, and two in BC. And the Carnival PVP I spoke to this afternoon referred to the situation as a "disaster".

I'm more curious than worried about my travel plans at this point. And wondering if the WHO upgrades the status of the situation, would an itinerary change be sufficient to avoid any potential risks?

One overly curious feline,
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I don't think it is paranoid at all. I am one of those people considered in the 'high risk' catergory because of another health issue. I am ALWAYS careful about things like avoiding situations where I could be at risk. I always follow doctors guidelines and get my flu shot every year, etc. Still, I am going on TWO cruises within the next month and both will make a stop in Mexico. I, personally, (and this is only MY OPINION), would feel more comfortable if Carnival would just say that if the situation worsens they will be making the Mexico stop a day-at-sea instead. I am not going to panic and cancel my trips but I want Carnival to know that I will also not be upset if they err on the side of caution and opt for at-sea days instead. Again, just MY OPINION.........
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Thanks for taking the time to post your comments. Our community manager, LauraS, and about 200 members and hosts are onboard Carnival Splendor in the Mexican Riviera this week. They've said they'll be checking in with stories from the ship -- what kinds of announcements are being made, and how passengers feel about calls on Mexico ports. Check back soon on this thread on our Carnival forum:
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I am planning to call my travel agent to cancel my May 3rd cruise on the Carnival Splendor to Mexico. I am at high risk since I do have other health issues and recently had umbilical hernia surgery. There is no way that I can afford to get ill with the swine flu.

I plan to call my travel agent to cancel my cruise and ask for other options like doing a roll over of the money to my two future cruises already planned for Oct. and Dec. and apply the balance to a future cruise.
I need to be creative and work something out so Carnival can make a deal with me.

My health is more important than money. I do believe that the swine flu has been affecting a lot of people on cruise ships but they have been calling it the norwalk-virus..... maybe.

I am a 'Nervous Nellie" because I am an old lady who can't afford to get seriously ill with the swine flu.

I will miss cruising on the Carnival Splendor but I can cruise later when things improve.
I am so sorry to be missing out on this cruise. I have already put away my cruise clothes back into my closets.
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Just aired on FOX News that the CDC has recommended Americans to STAY AWAY from any travel to anywhere in Mexico unless necessary. This is definately going to impact the cruise lines, IMHO.

Host Dan

(whos not on the CC, Host cruise)
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Host Dan

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I likewise canceled my cruise as well. Can't afford to be sick, I wouldnt call it a vacation if I'm going to worry all the time, it's risky.
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Originally posted by LauraS
Cruise Critic has just posted the following news:

Cruise Travel Not Impacted by Swine Flu

Read the entire news article...
We are sailing on the Splendor this Sunday, May 3rd, and I will say that we have had a lot of dicussions on this. My other half is a family doctor and he assures me that we are OK as we are up to date in our flu shots, will be away from most of the occurances and have travel size bottles of hand sanitizer we use religiously when travelling. This flu has crossed the border onto California (we live in Palm Springs), Texas and even places like NYC so we expect that we are as likely to get it here as in Mexico. I would not worry about this...just enjoy the cruise.
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Based on what I understand, and I'm dealing with alot of changes going on in Mexico because I have staff there - the regular flu vaccination doesn't deal with this kind of flu. So, I would just check that - but as everyone says, the best safety precaution is washing your hands regularly, and possibly getting the face masks (which we are doing for my staff there). Just to throw a little more wood on the fire, Mexico also just had a 6.0 earthquake - like there weren't enough problems there already.....
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Carnival was just on the local news here in the (CA) desert. They announced that there are no modifications to their Mexico cruises and all will continue as planned. They also stated that no one from any of their cruises has come down with the illness. We are still going Sunday although I understand why someone bery elderly or with another health issue may pass it up.

I was on a Black Sea cruise last fall and about half the passengers and staff were very ill with transmittable viral bronchitis ..and...I learned later..had similar rates of sickness on the cruises before and after ours on that ship, the Prinsendam. HAL refused to admit a problem so I do not expect Carnival or any others who make the Mex Tomale Riviera run will change their itineraries unless required by the government of either Mexico or the US.
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I am the Florida Travel and Tourism reporter for The Associated Press, based in Miami.
I'm working on a story about how the flu may affect cruise lines and passengers, if at all. I would love to talk with several of you who have upcoming cruises, and intend to keep those plans or break them. For the story it would be great to have examples of both kinds of people.
You can email me at [email protected] or call me in the bureau at 305-594-5825.
Thanks in advance!
-Travis Reed