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Post your memorable TRINIDAD and TOBAGO PICS HERE!


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Trinidad & Tobago is a one-nation, twin-island state

at the Southernmost extreme of the Lesser Antilles island chain.


Tobago is the little sister, at just 116 square miles, quite scenic

with your typical touristy scenes including turquoise waters, coconut palms

and all that other cute stuff North Americans expect on a Caribbean Cruise.


Trinidad is the big brother, a far larger island at somewhere around 1,860 square miles!

..with a rip-roaring economy based on Oil, manufacturing, agriculture along several themes,etc.

and to be honest with little interest in promoting tourism(other than over at Tobago)

simply because they already have oodles of money

from the large mound of hydrocarbon petroleum reserves the island sits on!! :)




I'm trying to bring you around to what you might expect

and what not to expect, on Trinidad.

It's not yer typical small turquoise-watered Caribbean island like St.Maarten, Antigua and Barbados.


It is however a large South-American-offshore island that really could take you a week

to begin to see some of the stuff they have there!


It's got mangrove forests, four hundred species of South America species of birds

and is the home of the steel band,where this amazing musical instrument was invented and perfected!


But enough talk: let's get on with the pictures.

They say so much more..





Crews Inn Marina at Chaguaramas









Local kids learn the art of sailing, at a Chaguaramas yacht club.





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Offshore at Trinidad's N-Western end is a group of small scenic islands

generally referred to as Down the Islands -or Dong de Islanz in local parlance.


Monos, Huevos and Chacachacare are the names of the three larger islands



..where weekend boaters do their Sunday thing -this shot at Chacachacare





Holiday home on Huevos.




Holiday homes on Monos Isl.


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Mayaro is endless-coconut-plantation territory!












Look, Ma -NO footprints!



A bamboo raft from South America has washed up on the Mayaro beach

-most likely from the Orinoco delta somewhere


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I don't have much from Tobago, the smaller sister isle

but here it is..


Maybe you have others? Please post your Tobago pics!




Store Bay -not far from the airport.





Beach umbrellas at Store Bay.





You might want to take a drift dive along Tobago's South Coast.

I did one -travelled about 1.5 miles, just going with the current!!

The boat follows you, overhead -a very cool dive! No effort to speak of

yet you cover lots of ground.


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Trinidad's upside down Hilton starts

at the top of a hill overlooking Port of Spain and the world's largest roundabout

-and goes down (to your room).


Quite the opposite to your regular hotel that starts on the ground floor. ;)




Here's a view from their balcony, looking towards the downtown area.




Another view, just to the right of the picture above.




Hilton's pool area.




Hilton's sun-deck: it gets very hot out here!!




-and here's a view from the lobby, heading out towards those balcony views shown above.


. .

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Inland and upslope of the St.James section of Port of Spain is this commanding fort -and view!








An American Turkey Vulture or 'Corbeau' wheels high above the city of Port of Spain.

















Looking Eastward, up the Diego Martin Valley!


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Fabulous pictures. Can you give me more info on where or who to contact to do the drift dive?



but here it is..

e -travelled about 1.5 miles, just going with the current!!

The boat follows you, overhead -a very cool dive! No effort to speak of

yet you cover lots of ground.


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Fabulous pictures. Can you give me more info on where or who to contact to do the drift dive?

OMG that was many many Mango Seasons ago, so the old grey matter is in no shape to recall that

but I should imagine that any dive operation on the island might offer such a dive along the South Coast of the island

where you end the dive just off the Crown Point airport.


Used to be a dive shop right at the entrance to the Pigeon Pt. park thing

but it's been awhile since I was in Tobago!

I'd try Google-ing it, seriously.


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No-one's been to Tobago -or Trinidad- in awhile, it seems.


You need to look thru your holiday pics and post a few nice ones for da people, huh?



We came across this odd (Amazonic-type,river?) boat

moored at one of the small out-islands

just offshore Port of Spain.


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I did a weeklong catamaran cruise to Tobago through Tradewinds Cruise club in fall of 2009. Here are some of my more interesting pix:



Storm over buccoo reef




I think Castara Bay



No man's land (near Nylon Pool)



Supposedly Ian Fleming's house, near or on Goat Island, near Speyside



King's Bay



Random Speyside area shot

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At Pigeon Point in Tobago, if you meet the right person, you can arrange a day tour or overnight stay at the supposed Ian Fleming house. It's really a unique place to stay. The light fixtures are accented with coral and there is a giant mural of an underwater scene in the kitchen of the house. The bedrooms up on the top floors have awesome views of the sea! They charge a hefty penny though; something like $600 US for the night and no food was included in the price, but it was still a once in a lifetime experience!


Used to stay at Hilton in Trinidad but switched to Hyatt-- the atmosphere is a whole lot more upbeat than Hilton..


There was a nice write-up on visiting Trinidad and Tobago in the Wall Street Journal recently: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887323419104578374840987543034.html

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