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Just off Radiance 1/16 - dress/general info

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My 2nd cruise (last one 7 years ago), my fiance's 1st.


Wonderful trip despite some early roughness. Skipped Coco Cay b/c of weather, went to San Juan instead. Service was top notch. Many people skipped the juggler show - the best show all week. Very funny.


Anyway, had the 1st dinner seating, and here is what people wore to dinner that I observed.


I didn't see one person in jeans or shorts on any nite (not saying they weren't there, I just didn't see them!)


Formal - 10% tuxes, 85% jacket/tie, 5% shirt and tie.

Casual - 10% shirt and tie, 90% collared shirt of some sort, tucked into slacks/dockers.

Smart casual - absolutely no difference from casual.


Went to the windjammer one casual night for dinner, and pretty much any dress code goes - other than bathing suits.


Note - hit the Seaview after the shows for some onion rings/burgers/snacks. Solarium has the best pizza but it is still not that very exciting. Those premade crusts just don't cut it, but I figured I would try it since I tried everything else edible on the entire ship. Couldn't find a bad dessert the entire trip, and I really tried...


Ship was in great shape, except for a few things - mini golf course has seen it's better days, and shuffle board court was on uneven wooden planks, making it worthless.


Caught 5 minutes of their version of the newlywed game, left after I realized two of the couples were wispering answers to their spouses. What fun is that? Other than that, the ship run games and events I caught were well done.


Whoever decided to put the basketball court over the Windjammer was not thinking too clearly...do not sit on the side of the Windjammer with the B-ball court. Non stop thumping. But the Windjammer is large and seating is ample, so this is a problem easily avoided.


Captain is very visible and charismatic.


Overall - Great trip, great food, great service.

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Glad to hear from someone who has been on the ship recently. Going in a little over 2 weeks and as you can imagine, I can't wait to leave the cold and snow of upstate NY. When you went to San Juan, what time did you get there? Thanks.

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So nice to read such a positive "review" for a change. I think the Radiance is my favourite ship. We didn't notice noise from the B'ball courts in the Windjammer (maybe there weren't any players on our cruise:) ). I too love the onion rings in the Seaview cafe - they're much better than anything I can get here at home.

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I was just reading another post by someone who was sick on the Mariner last week with Norwalk...he says the Radiance had it too? Do you know or did you hear anything about it? He said the ships were docked next to eachother in Cozumel....I'm sorry that he was sick....but if Radiance did NOT have an outbreak, he shouldn't be posting publicly saying it did.

Thanks for your help.

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The Radiance wasn't in Cozumel last week.


Thank you for that info.....:) Obviously the person who is spewing vile about RCI is just trying to freak everyone out. Pathetic huh?

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Let's see, we got into San Juan about 11:30 am (can't remember the exact time, so if someone can correct me here feel free). Plenty of time to do a little shopping then hiking up to the fort to look around.


No outbreak of the virus that I was aware of. I am not so sure they would have been blabbing it over the loudspeakers either though.


Ports were San Juan (in place of Coco Cay), St Thomas, St Marteen.


I finally thought of the worst part of the whole trip - the Elevators (you KNOW its a good trip if you have to nitpick about the elevator system...).


They are glass so very nice to ride in, but the programming is very messed up on them, or was never correct to begin with. If you get on at 4 going to 11, it stops on every floor, and even though it was filled on 4, people keep piling on, usually just to go up one level. Of course, when you're waiting on 8 to go up to 12, 4 empty elevators zoom up right past you without stopping before a packed elevator eventually stops.


Since I ate like a pig, it was probably the ships way of letting me know I should take the stairs. Which I did.


Looking to book another RCI cruise in early December of this year, and probably looking for another Radiance class ship.

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