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Hurricane season rockiness?


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I was on the Summit 1/7/05 sailing and during the 2,3 day, my sister and her husband felt intensely sick from (what seemed like) constant intense rocking from the winds. Some passengers told me they hardly noticed it. Many of the crew members said it was unusually high winds that were causing it and that it was not normal.


I know that weather patterns are completely unpredictable. Is it a bad idea from the outset to book the 11/10/05 cruise from NJ to San Juan on the Constellation? I was only affected for one day but my sister and bro in law will be sailing with us again. Perhaps someone who was on my sailing can also comment as they have a benchmark.

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The problem, if that's what it is, is caused by sailing in the Atlantic. It is always rougher than the Gulf. People who have motion sickness would be better off going out of a port like Tampa or at least FLL or Miami to lessen the time it takes to get to calm water. You can find roughness any time of the year in the Atlantic.



That said, there are preventative measures one can take. I, fortunately, do not suffer from this but have been on cruises with many who do and have gleened the following: The wrist bands with the 'button' looking thing that you wear on each wrist work well for some people. For those it doesn't work for there is another, albeit, more expensive wrist band that 'tingles' your acupunture points and can be dialed up or down. Bonine seems to be favored for nondrowsiness rather than dramamine (I always thought they were the same). Or the patch from the dr. The key is to do this proactively, rather than after the fact. If you are prone, start your wrist bands, pills or patch 3 to 4 hours before you board. DO NOT WAIT TILL BAD WEATHER!!!


Happy sailing!

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It really just depends on the particular cruise and weather conditions. We have been to Bermuda 3 times and some times it was smooth as glass and other times we got seasick. I agree that the Atlantic is always rougher than the Caribbean. The medications do work very well. If you don't use the patch, then take Bonine or another medication at the first sign of quesiness. The ship's doctors also can give you a shot for severe seasickness if all else fails.

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just pop a cherry pill, let disintegrate in your mouth as you shower, and you are set for 24 hours. Let the rock n rolling begin. Never ever had a problem on a plane, in a car, on a cruise, even amusement park rides - I AM READY!


I tried the wrist bands with the metal plug that goes into your pulse area & it made my fingers goto sleep. So I gave it away. I'll take Bonine, no drouziness like Dramamine & the cherry flavor & no water needed works for me.


Any grocery store or drug store has them.........



We enjoy a few drinks each afternoon or evening. Will the wristband interfere?
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We enjoy a few drinks each afternoon or evening. Will the wristband interfere?

I used the wrist bands on the Jan 9th Millie cruise. I was able to drink anytime, they do not contain medication so interaction with alcohol is not an issue. Also, I found I could put them on whenever needed and they would give relief. They do make your wrists a bit sore, I would turn them over to the flat side of the band for a little bit. Good luck!

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Thruthfully, what I am finding out is the seas everywhere were very rough the first two week of January this year. We were sailing on the Galaxy out of Galveston and had some of the roughest seas day after day and that was in the Gulf of Mexico. Talking with friends who were on other ships as the same time, the problem seemed to be everywhere. Friends on the Horizon and Century also dealt with the same problems. It looks as if it stretched all the way to the Atlantic.


As to your Repo cruise on the Constellation, don't worry, go and have a good time. We have sailed on the Galaxy out of Baltimore in Sept 2002 headed south we felt a little bit of rocking due to the Atlantic, but felt much more heading north and that was in prime hurricane season. Hurrican season ends at the end of October, so no worries. Go and have a great time.

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