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Help Create a NEW "Cruising on Royal Caribbean FAQ"

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Hair dryers are provided. There is a dispenser in the shower with soap/shampoo. I take my own shampoo. If you are in a suite, then usually you will be provided with upgraded bathroom items--including lotion, cotton balls, qtips, etc. Robes are not provided in every cabin but you might be able to get on upon request--no quarantee.


Clarification on robes... JS and above come with robes

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Clarification on robes... JS and above come with robes

Here is what you should receive when booked in a JS.........

Junior Suite Enhancements


• Tea and coffee service ensuite

• Terry bathrobes (for use onboard)

• Bathroom amenities

• Silver SeaPass® card for recognition

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For families and close friends, connecting cabins is a good option. These cabins have an inside door between the cabins that can be opened by the stateroom attendant permanently for the duration of the cruise. Then you can go from one cabin to the other without going into the hallway. These cabins tend to book fast, so book early. Some only hold 2 persons per room; some hold 3 persons in one or both of the cabins; and some hold 4 persons in one or both of the cabins. Just check the deck plans. An arrow between 2 cabins means they are connecting. Other symbols tell you if one or both cabins hold more than 2 people. Example: Voyager class cabins 6637-6639 can hold up to 4 people in each cabin. And you do not need to book 3 or 4 people even if the cabin can hold that many. In the past we have booked 6637 for the parents and 6639 for the 4 kids for my stepson and family on the Voyager of the Seas, and this works really well. Note that in connecting cabins, sometimes the sofa is replaced with a chair to allow room for the connecting door.

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The evening showtimes in the main theater can vary. They are based around the fixed (traditional) dining times. Usually there are two shows. Often the show for late dining is before dinner -- but not always. Sometimes there is only one show. Check your daily schedule -- It will list the showtimes and a description of the show. If you use anytime dining or skip the MDR for dinner, you can go to the show that fits your schedule.


Now, the Oasis and Allure of Seas are different. I believe you make advanced reservations for theater shows. I will let someone who has sailed on these provide more information. But for other ships, just show up around 15 minutes before showtime.

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Just note if you book a private excursionthat is running late getting back to the ship, you are on your own. Royal is not obligated to get you back to the ship if it sails.


Personally, i always book privately but just make sure you are aware of island vs. Ship time!


For families that need more than 1 bathroom especially on formal nights, you can always use the gym showers. They are bigger and the guys dont seem to mind going there so the ladies can gussie up.

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It is very common for passengers to use a CPAP and RCI will gladly help you. Generally there are no outlets near the night tables next to the bed. You will need an extension cord. Most times your cabin steward will provide it as soon as he sees that you have a CPAP. To be safe, you can always ask.


If you use Distilled Water for your Humidifier, it is best if you ask the Special Needs Dept ahead of time. They can best reached at special_needs@rccl.com or (866) 592-7225.


Allure and Oasis have outlets behind the bed next to the nightstand - a perfect place to plug in the c-pap or bi-pap!

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Diamond Plus Amenity List(s)


For 175 - 349 cruise points you can select 1 amenity from List A


For 350 - 524 cruise points you can select a total of 2 amenities from either List A or B


For 525+ cruise points you can select a total of 3 Amenities from either List A, B or C


Note: "Bonus gift of your choice will be chosen from a pre-selected list for each stateroom. No bonus gift will be delivered on sailings less than 3-Nights. Only one bonus gift will be delivered on sailings between 3- and 6- Nights. All orders need to be placed up to 5 days before a US based sailing and 7 days for an internationally based sailing. All Diamond Plus members can go into the secure Crown & Anchor section of the website and select your preferences and keep them up to date; or, Diamond Plus members and their travel agents can contact a Loyalty Specialist within 14 days of their departure to select an amenity and arrange timing for delivery to either their stateroom or dining room by calling (800) 526-9723 and pressing 9 at any time during the greeting message. Hours of operation: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 11 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. (ET)".

List A: 175 - 349 cruise points

Cheese Tray

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Fruit Basket and Cheese Tray

Light and Delightful Fruit Basket

Wine Truffles (blend of Chocolate and Wine)


Micro-Fiber Tote Bag (1 per relationship/stateroom)

Royal Caribbean Terry Slippers

Woven Beach Towel (1 per relationship/stateroom)


SR or DR - Asti Spumante, Martini and Rossi

SR or DR - Cabernet Sauvignon, Solaire by Robert Mondavi

SR or DR - Cabernet, Caliterre Tributo,Chile

SR or DR - Chardonnay, Castle Rock

SR or DR - Chateau Ste Michelle Brut, Calif.

SR or DR - Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine

SR or DR - Pinot Grigio, Danzante Italy

SR or DR - Sauvignon Blanc, Caliterra Chile

SR or DR - Zinfandel, Ravenswood


List B: 350 - 524 cruise points


Chateau Ste Michelle Brut & Strawberries

Cup Cakes (4 per Pack) - Red Velvet

Cup Cakes (4 per Pack) - Vanilla

Fruit Basket & Cabernet

Fruit Basket & Chardonnay

Fruit Basket & Chateau Ste Michelle

Fruit Basket & White Zinfandel

Non Alcoholic Sparkling Wine & Strawberries


4 bottles San Pellegrino Sparkling Water (25 oz. each)


Dual Sports Bottle/Thermos

8 X 10 Picture Frame

Element Bag (Black w/shoulder strap)

Micro-Fiber Tote Bag (2 per relationship/stateroom)

Photo Album

Waist Pack

Water Bottle Holder

Woven Beach Towel (2 per relationship/stateroom)


English Garden Basket

One Dozen Roses



SR or DR - Cabernet, Caliterra Tributo, Chile

SR or DR - Chardonnay, Castle Rock

SR or DR - Cardonnay, Penfolds SE Australia

SR or DR - Malbec, Familia Rutini Argentina

SR or DR - Merlot, Mont Gras Reserve

SR or DR - Rioja, Bodegas Sierra Cantabria, Spain

SR or DR - Shiraz Rosemount Estate, SE Australia

SR or DR - Viognier, Cline

SR or DR - White Zinfandel, Beringer



List C: 525+ cruise points


Domain Chandon & Strawberries


Terry Wrap Men (one size fits most)

Terry Wrap Women (one size fits most)


SR or DR - Cabernet, Robert Mondavi, Winery Napa

SR or DR - Cabernet Sauvignon, Solaire by Robert Mondavi

SR or DR - Carmenere, Arboleda, Chile

SR or DR - Chardonnay, Mer Soleil

SR or DR - Chateau Ste Michelle

SR or DR - Chardonnay Sutter Home

SR or DR - Domain Chandon, Brut, California

SR or DR - Fume Blanc, Ferrari-Carano

SR or DR - Merlot, Blackstone

SR or DR - Pinot Grigio Santa Margherita

SR or DR - Woodbridge Cabernet

SR or DR - Woodbridge Zinfandel


SR = Stateroom Delivery

DR = Dining Room Delivery

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This may be helpful for new people on CC. This was copied from the Holland America board. I know this helped me a lot when I was a newbie. There are more Acronyms that people can contribute specfic to RCCL..



Here is the URL:



Commonly Used Acronyms on Cruise Critic (multipage.gif1 2)


I copied and Pasted for those who don't want to follow the thread






#1 [/url]

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Commonly Used Acronyms on Cruise Critic


HAL - Holland America Line

X - Celebrity Cruise Line

RCI or RCCL - Royal Caribbean International or Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

CCL - Carnival Cruise Line

CC - Cruise Critic

DH - dear or darling husband (depending on mood "D" might stand for a based term *Grin*)

DW - dear or darling wife

DD - dear or darling daughter

DS - dear or darling son

DSiL - dear Son In Law

DDIL - dear Daughter In Law

MIL - Mother In Law

FIL - Father In Law

BF - Boy Friend

GF - Girl Friend

DF - Dear Fiancee or Dear Friend

SO - Significant Other

OP - Original Poster (i.e., the person who started the thread)

FOB - Friends of Bill W

FOD - Friends of Dorothy

IMO - in my opinion

IMHO - in my humble opinion

JMHO - just my humble opinion

YMMV - your mileage may vary (what happens to you may vary as what happens to me)

CD - cruise director

ACD - Assistant Cruise Director

SHOREX - Shore Excursion (office)

HM or HotMan - hotel manager

GRM - guest relations manager

NL - Neptune Lounge

SoE - Signature of Excellence (HAL's new Standards for their ships)

TA - Can stand for either Travel Agent or Transatlntic, depending upon the useage in a Post/Thread

PCC - Personal Cruise Consultant

FCD - Future Cruise Deposit (You pay this while on board a HAL ship)

FCC - Future Cruise Consultant (the person you pay the FCD to while on board ship)

OBC or SBC - On/Ship Board Credits

PG - Pinnacle Grill

MDR - Main Dining Room

MTD - My Time Dining

AYWD - As You Wish Dining

M&G - Meet and Greet

FAQ - Frequently asked question

e-Docs - Electronic Documents

B2B - Back to Back cruises, usually on the same ship

IIRC - If I recall/remember correctly

TIA - thanks in advance

AFAIK - as far as I know

FWIW - for what it's worth

FYI - for your information

BTW - by the way

OTOH - on the other hand

IDK - I don't know

ROF - rolling on floor

ROFLMAO - rolling on floor laughing my a** off

LOL - laughing out loud

VBEG - very big evil grin

GMTA - Great Minds Think Alike

IMCO - In my considered opinion

IMHO - In My Humble Opinion

IRL - In real life

ISO - In search of

JK - Just Kidding

JMHO - Just My Humble Opinion

JMO - Just My Opinion

OIC - Oh, I see!

OMG - Oh My Gosh! or OH MY GOD!!

OT - Off Topic

PITA - Pain in the “a**” (Use this if a board friend has gotten a little heavy handed with acronyms)

POV - Point of View

PTMM - Please tell me more

RE - Regarding

TMI - Too Much Information

TTYL - Talk To You Later

WB = Welcome Back

WRT - With Respect To

YMMV - Your miles may vary (Your view may be different than mine)

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Wow have learned so much, thanks for all your info, very helpful for a 1st time RCI cruiser.


Children are charged the same amount as adults ie a family eg 2 adults + 2 children is charged the same as 4 adults. It only becomes cheaper when a room contains a 3rd + person(s) and the price reduces. As this applies per person and not per room per se, you can have a family of 4 in 2 interconnecting rooms for the same price as 4 squished (if allowed) into 1 room. This will be great for us as us parents can have our own room and our 3 children will be sharing their room next door.

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I love this thread. The term FAQ has changed from meaninf Frequently Asked Questuions to. Fast Answers to Questions. Brilliant! :)


There were lots of answers before, but I was curious as to the question. I hope someone categorizes the info into questions/answers eventually vs relying on the search system. Nice to do this, whatever happens.

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There were lots of answers before, but I was curious as to the question. I hope someone categorizes the info into questions/answers eventually vs relying on the search system. Nice to do this, whatever happens.

When using the search function within this thread, if you put in a "key" word that describes what you are looking for, you should be successful.

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** There are NO Waxing services in the Spa on the Navigator of the Seas (I can't speak for other RC ships).

** You can bring an empty thermos onto the ship to use to fill with the free water/Lemonaid/iced tea/breakfast juices

** You can bring those little packs of Crystal Lite, or similar, to put into your water if you are not a water drinker and choose not to pay for the soda package.

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If you would like a second helping of something you are eating in the dinning room, just ask the waiter. I have never been refused.


Join the crown and anchor society. It doesn't cost anything and when ever you want answers about anything that you haven't been able to find on these boards, they can help you.

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Towels.... The used towels in your cabin for showers etc. are picked up and replaced by the cabin steward 2 times a day. You do not pay to use these. You normally will have enough of them

(face cloths, hand towels and bath towels) but if not, just ask the cabin steward.

As for towels used at the pool and if you go to a beach, you get them near the pool. You also do not pay for these unless you do not return them. That is where the charge comes in. I think they must scan your seapass and charge your acount if you don't return them. I never had my card scanned. This must be a change since my last cruise. Once done with them at the pool, we use to put them in a bin they had near the pool. When we use to come back from the beach, they checked our Id's where we boarded the ship, and there were bins right there to put our used towels in.

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Dinning: If you are linked to sit with others at the same table you can talk to the maitre'd on boarding day and see the table plan. If your guest are not listed together he will make the change. I believe he will need their names and cabin numbers. They normally have a special time to do this on boarding day afternoon. If the time is not posted in the cruise compass, check with the guest relations desk . They should know where and when the maitre"d will be available for this. It is better to make the changes at that time then to wait until you arrive at your table at dinner time.

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The Seattle's Best Coffee shop on Monarch of the Seas had complimentary pastries. It's another option foe a shipboard snack that wasn't listed on the Compass.


Attach the pre-cruise luggage tag to one of your bags even if your aren't checking anything. The color of the tag lets the staff know you are a repeat cruiser. When I boarded with my group they sent all of us to the priority check-in line even though some of us were not previous guests because part of our group had the gold member luggage tags. It saved a lot of time waiting in line.


If your itinerary includes a stop at Coco Cay and you are traveling with someone that needs a wheelchair, they have special wheelchairs with wide tires for pushing through sand available on the island.

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