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Can you hear me now? Is Princess cranking up the volume to excessive levels?

Princess Chatterer

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[quote name='Mbouck1']I agree with one of the posters about those that have to bring a sound measuring device on their cruise "GET A LIFE"
My feeling is that if you feel the noise is TOO loud then you can go back to your room and try to figure another way to ruin your cruise.[/QUOTE]

Although I think the concern is valid, I also think it's one of those you shouldn't let ruin your cruise. Personally, I'm not that bothered by loudness, and didn't notice anything too loud last May on the Diamond. But then again, I'm in a different generation than most people on this board. I'm actually a little curious about the sound levels at Skywalkers. All the clubs I've been to have been pretty loud - where yelling just barely works - and I wonder if Skywalkers is the same.

And I think the reason why events are loud (e.g. the theatre, deck parties, etc.) is because the majority of passengers either don't mind or like it. Loud music does seem to make parties livelier and stage performances always tend to be loud. I'm sure there is a group that doesn't but it's impossible to satisfy everyone. To please as many people as possible, I would imagine princess would just go with the majority on an issue like this.
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"My feeling is that if you feel the noise is TOO loud then you can go back to your room and try to figure another way to ruin your cruise." - Best response yet and I feel the same way.
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I for one, have also noticed that the carnivalization of Princess has resulted in higher calorie food which results in fatter people around the pool. That really disturbed me so I brought along a digital scale and asked people to step on it.

Sure enough, the average cruiser was 2.7 pounds heavier than on previous cruises. I blame princess entirely for forcing me to gawk at these people and ruining my cruise.

Or is this falling on deaf ears? deaf from all the flab hanging around the ear drums obstructing the sound.
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So if we are getting too fat from the food and choking from the smoke on the other balconies and going deaf from the loud noises, the perfect vacation may be a cabin in the woods. Then we will find out the answer to that all important question. If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound? And I hear roots are a good source of fiber.
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The show "Undercover" in the Diamond Princess Theater last week measured an average of 95 decibels with peaks to 105 decibels. Location of measurement was on the left side of the lower part of the theater,about 6 or so rows back from the stage, below stage level.

The (Con) Fusion Club manager complained to me that the production staff sound guy had blown out his sub-woofers. I noticed that during the dance classes the sound was really cranked up.

A cruise directors staff girl told me that I was lucky because the previous Princess Theater sound guy liked it "really loud." She said he used to be in a rock band. Maybe he was the one who blew out the Club speakers.

I did use my ear plugs as needed and had a pretty good time.
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  • 2 months later...
Let's also discuss smoking on Princess. The cigarette smoke drifting into the Atrium from the Island Princess Atrium bar areas disturbed each and every person in the cruise group I was traveling with. I have no issue with people chosing to smoke unless I have to involuntarily breath their smoke. That was nothing compared the cigarette smoke almost constantly drifting into our veranda from the next door cabin all during the cruise. So much smoke from the next door cabin that we couldn't use our veranda most of the time. When we walked by the hallway door of the neighbors cabin their cigarette smoke was even in the hallway. I feel especially sorry for the stateroom attendant who has to work in such a polluted space. On my Princess cruises tobacco smoke has never been an issue, that is until we sailed on the Island Princess.

--Begin flame here--
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