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Any other Zumba fans?

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Tuesday is my rest day...


I thought I was feeling pretty strong during the side series in Pilates last night...and today...I am TOTALLY feeling that side series...my muscles need the rest to rejuvenate for sure...Mom has done some really great research on rest as an important element of your plan...suffice it to say...this is one bit of shared information that I got the gist of, but because it was over a phone call and not email...my brain didn't quite register details...


this is what I got...REST is important...it is AS important as the physical movement days...and just because you don't feel like you are doing anything...your body is VERY busy taking care of business...and forward progress continues because you RESTED...IF you do NOT rest...then you will actually be hindering forward progress...


I won't be entirely inactive...there are changes that need to be made in this house!


I think I am a chronic furniture rearranger...OK, OK...I AM a chronic furniture rearranger...the earliest memory I have of rearranging furniture was of the furniture in my own room...door shut...I didn't ask permission...and my young self struggled to move my twin sized wooden bed and a dresser around my room...this is how I learned the ever so effective feet against wall, back against furniture technique to move the really heavy pieces...because, depending on which room this memory occurs in...I was third grade aged or younger...


And I have been rearranging furniture on a regular basis ever since...


Today being a lovely day to rearrange furniture...


I don't need to detail what all is being done here...but the driving force is one that I think everyone should contemplate...


How easy is it for you to do the things that you are WISHING that you could do? HOPING that you find the time to do?...I don't mean time...I mean physical space...


Back OT...if you want to do Zumba DVDs...do you have room to do Zumba DVDs?...do have a DEDICATED area?...or do you have to wait until other people are out of the house because all you have is the family room and you don't want to Zumba in front of everyone...and even then, you still have to move the coffee table...and pick up a bit, because the kids won't put their shoes, etc. away...and they leave the blankets all over the floor...and you might want to vacuum a bit because of the popcorn from watching a movie earlier...you don't want to grind THAT into the carpet...and even when you do the DVD...unless you lock the family pet away...you get rubbed by said pet wondering what you are doing? and wouldn't you like to play with me since you seem to be in an active kind of mood?


Perhaps doing Zumba in your family room is better than what it would be in mine...:o;)


I've thought about this...because one of the easiest things there is to do in my house is sit on your bum and watch tv or stare at a computer...it is SUPER easy to do both...the chairs are perfectly arranged for great viewing of the screen...there are tables for a drink...and REMOTES...but several other things that I would like to spend my time doing are much more difficult to do...I could spend at least half an hour just getting set up...


And I think this is a problem...


So I spend my time deciding the different things that I wish I could be doing and I stare and analysis and imagine and rearrange things in my head until I think I have an idea of what could be done differently to facilitate my ability to do what I wish I could do...


Which is WHY, based on the habits of my family...the formal dining room table is going into the HOBBY room (unused bedroom) to become a designated SEWING table...the breakfast table is going into the formal dining room...and NOTHING is going in the breakfast room (which is totally open to the family room in a kind of "great room")...except perhaps two very large exercise balls, pilates mats, yoga mat, yoga props...etc...


It's quite unorthodox I admit...but I think that I will love having a designated place to stretch a bit more after Zumba...I could really use that...for DH to stretch after tennis...HE could really use that...a place to do my still to started 8-week yoga program...and a place for the family to start doing a Pilates class together...proximity to the tv is excellent for doing any exercise videos...I've brought home several interesting ones from the library but we have yet to do any of them...


So this is my day today...this and taking care of DS, who is home again today...


Perhaps Mom can be enticed by my post to share her information on the importance of REST DAYS...


Here's the link to cool down song we did last night


True Colors by Phil Collins


One more tidbit...IF you are really concentrating on shaking your hips...especially during a fast song, like Halle Decale or La Tortura (instances that would apply to my classes)...then you need to concentrate on sucking in your belly button to your spine...you need to engage your core ab muscles to protect your back...you could tweak your back if you shake too vigorously without giving your back some abdominal support.


Keep Dancing!

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Hi Folks, hope you're all doing well? I haven't been too good the last couple of days so not back to Zumba yet but tomorrow night is the night :) and I can't wait!


Went for my weigh in tonight, another 2.5lb so that is 14.5lb in total and I am feeling great! I bought my first top in a smaller size too (had to go back out and get the smaller one after my normal size was too big!!).


Have still had plenty of exercise with the dancing and gym but nothing beats Zumba for me so can't wait to see Enrica tomorrow and will try to post the song list.


Anita, I have moved my coffee table to a spare room so that I have plenty of space for DVDs in my living room - just need to set up the DVD player now :o How's it going with the heart rate monitor? Was telling a friend today and she was amazed how many calories you can burn!!


Kasi how's the holiday plans going?


hi to you - i'm sorry i don't know if Carnival have Zumba but fingers crossed for you that they do, reckon that would control the weight gain from all that food on offer! I'm sure one of the others will know.


Would just like to say a quick thanks to all of you who are posting with Anita, it is so supportive and I'm not sure I would have been so motivated without all the kind words and advice.


Will let you know how Zumba goes tomorrow and hope you all have good results too :)

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Donna...I LOVED having the heart rate monitor...I did a bit of calculations, and based on calories burned per minute of recorded exercise...I should have burned 980 calories in that Zumba class! How crazy is that?


Unfortunately, I will NOT be going to classes tonight...I've been brought low...not feeling good physically AT ALL...and even though I want to go to class so badly...I tell you, going to class feels like "Mom's Night Out" to me...and I am missing class just with the thought of not going...I know it would be foolish to go with the way I am feeling...


Isn't that the most awesome feeling to be buying a smaller size!? I love that kind of confirmation of changing body shape! Congratulations Donna!


Excellent work making room to do the DVDs! I got the breakfast room all cleared out...it looks rather odd...having this big open space...at the same time though...it's rather calming...the table usually was a collection of everyone's procrastination for dealing with STUFF so to have be gone is very nice...makes me want to continue with the streamlining in the household...you get that DVD player set up...


Speaking of...how's that unpacking going Kasi?...I'm getting more and more motivated to deal with our stuff...I'm wanting to get some projects done...


hi2you...I don't know about Zumba being a regular thing on any cruiseline at this time. Zumba is very particular about licensing and marketing of anything associated with the name Zumba...and in order to have a class be called a Zumba class, you have to be Zumba certified...I think Mom said there was a Zumba class on the TA or other recent cruise she went on...and I don't recall which lines she was on...my research makes it seem much more ship specific than true for the whole line up...


I really hope there are classes onboard our March 2012 cruise...I just might have to get certified so I can do classes myself onboard! LOL. I've thought about doing that so that I could sub for Kelly...like this Monday when she won't be able to have class...


I've discovered a really easy way to do chicken fajitas...I'm wondering, Donna and Kasi specifically...do you eat fajitas? Is Mexican food popular in Scotland or Germany?

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Hi, Ladies. Anita's Mom chiming in....


Linda, I don't know about Carnival at all. I was on a Celebrity cruise and what they offered was something they called MODIFIED Zumba. The layout of the ship was that it had a central atrium area and the class was offered in the atrium, not at the gym. There was absolutely no sweat involved! Let me tell you that it was like taking one of their cha-cha classes. I didn't participate in the class but I watched some of it. There was a lot of the salsa to the front, salsa to the back, salsa to the side, and stand and boom-boom the hips to the side, type of movement. It was pure fun, but I wouldn't say that it was exercise. IMO, if you really wanted to do Zumba you would have been very frustrated with the class because it was right on the edge and you would have missed your regular Zumba session tremendously. If you had never done Zumba before, you would think that either it wasn't vigorous enough for you (if you would have been interested in Zumba per se) or you would be darn surprised when you went to a regular Zumba class! LOL.


My recommendation is that you arrive on ship with a playlist (if that's possible for you) and just head off to the gym at an appropriate time. I'm sure Carnival has the same daily planners and you could just determine a time when the gym studio area would be unoccupied. Dance your little heart away.


BTW, if word got out on the ship that you were in there dancing, be prepared to have people show up the next time you did it, especially if it's at the same time on a different day. Zumba is pretty popular. OR, you could just go for the gold, so to speak, and post a DIY-Zumba class on the community board! Now that's an idea; get yourself a good routine that you love and lead a Zumba class onboard. Just state that you're a Zumba-lover, not an instructor, doing Zumba at a posted time, all welcome to come along and shake their booty! Problem solved! :D

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Donna, I'm trying to do the math... Scotland is 7-hours ahead of me here in the Mountain Time Zone of the United States. So, since you do Zumba in the evening and I do Zumba in the morning... I'm thinking that we might be doing Zumba together!... in a different time zone at a different place... but still... together!


I checked and right now, it's 8:30am and I'm getting ready to go to a class at 9:15am, and it's 3:30pm in Scotland right now... so, we might be a few hours apart, but close... What time is your class tonight?


I'll think of you in class today! So just imagine that I'm in the class right in front of you and I give you a high-five on my way out the door as you go in to grab some of those endorphins!

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Yay Anita's Mom! My class tonight is 6.15pm so I'll take that energy thanks!


Can't believe over 900 calories a session Anita, that is amazing!! No wonder it works!! I hope you're feeling better soon as I imagine you will hate not going to class :(


I better go and get ready as I have a few things to do before class but will let you know how I get on :D

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This is my 1st time writing on this blog. I will be cruising with Carnival in 43 days for the 4th time. I started taking Zumba Classes the last week of Jan. 2011. I started with 2 classes a week and am doing 4 now since my days are limited to look good in a bathing suit. I love my Zumba classes and instructor. That one hour 4x a week is my mommy time when I can focus on myself. The music and dances are awesome, not only am I exercising but also learning cool new dance moves to use on my cruise. Currently there are 4 of us taking the classes together with more to join. My sister in-law, my cousin, and a neighbor. We are all on the same crusade. I have also changed my eating habits as I finally realized there is no miracle 24 diet. ( I keep searching for, if you find one please let me know LOL) It has all been a lifestyle change for me, but I can say I'm feeling healthier. I'm not sure if I've lost any weight or inches as I don't want to weigh or measure myself for fear of what the numbers will say. So I decided I will hold off until the end of this month to note any progress if any. I am cruising with lots of friends and family, 14 cabins to say the least and really want to have a blast and not be self conscious about my weight. I'm 5'5 and weigh about 155 the last time I checked. (before I started zumba) Do you think I can lose 15 lbs by March 26th? Is it possible? I'm making my best effort. In my classes and on my healthy diet. Hope to hear from you all soon!!!


Happy Zumba & Cruising!!!

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*happy dance* *happy dance* Mom posted! :D I'm glad you are joining our discussion!


Donna...it is INCREDIBLE to burn so many calories, isn't it? Mom just reported to me that she burned over 700 in her class today. The key is all in the heart rate, of course...you have to get your heart rate elevated...


And yes...I was totally bumming to miss classes last night...Mom said she had a similar ailment...it's very concentrated in my sinuses...I'll be doing steam therapy...head over steaming hot water...breathing it in using alternating nostrils...this kind of thing that affects your ability to breathe is the worst because it knocks out your energy...


I'm so excited for you to finally be able to go back to class! Good vibes your way!


Welcome ZumbaMom! I completely understand what you mean about "Mommy time"...I feel the same way about my classes...leave my men at home and head out for some fun with the ladies...doing something positive for myself...Mommy's very much have a tendency toward self-sacrifice in their care of others...then lacking the energy to care for themselves...I did this to myself for YEARS...for me, it takes actually enjoying whatever you do in...like Zumba...so that I want to do what I should be doing to care for myself...KWIM?


So...15 pounds by March 26th when you weigh approximately 155 pounds? Losing 10% of your body weight in about 6 weeks? Averaging a little over 2 pounds a week?...MAYBE...


I have to sound off a warning to you...with all the sudden Zumba that you are doing...your body is likely going to go into some serious metabolic shock...and the result may not be the weight loss that you are hoping for...the result may be that your body wants to reinforce your strength in order to accomplish what you are doing...which will result in weight GAIN with denser more powerful muscles...I am one of these people...I start working out and my body GAINS weight first...which makes me feel like :eek:...because usually this is the exact opposite direction that anyone desires when starting to be physically active...BUT, warning, it happens...


ALSO...if you aren't maintaining your necessary water intake with such increased activity...then you can definitely be promoting water retention...


Here's the tough love...How will you note any progress at the end of the month if you don't have a benchmark?...here's the deal...you HAVE to get those measurements...like it or not, ZumbaMom...don't condemn yourself over the numbers...be grateful that you have found an activity that you love...and the support of others to join you (it makes a HUGE difference)...and don't let the fear of the numbers have any power over you...because the deal is...while you may not lose a single pound in the next 6 weeks...It took me several weeks to lose ANY pounds...I lost INCHES...


It can be easy enough to see that clothes are fitting better...but sometimes...the freshly washed stretch pants and denim are tighter out of the dryer and make you wonder if you really did lose inches...so you HAVE to HAVE the measurements in order to keep your spirits up...because the unmoving scale can be demotivating...and while you can mentally know that changes are occuring...sometimes we really want PROOF...


I have said this to others...weight is a weird thing...especially with Zumba...it's not a great thing to focus on...focus on SIZE...focus on inches...focus on body shape...notice whether or not you can see collar bones, shoulder blades, etc...wear a belt and notice how you can get it tighter as time passes...


Focusing on lifestyle change (like you are) and BALANCE...this is key to success...no need to be extreme...Zumba is going to be a catalyst for helping your body get back into physical balance...your body doesn't really want excess fat...your body really wants to be in balance...give it the time it needs to work it's way there...it WILL happen...


Because these are my thoughts...in 6 weeks, doing Zumba 4 times a week...you will definitely see a difference in your body...but the change may not be reflected in a change in weight...if you can understand what I am trying to say? And I would hate for you to set an expectation that is so limited in scope...using weight as your only benchmark is LIMITING, and not necessarily going to be an accurate reflection of body changes...that's all I'm trying to say...


Your cruise plans sound like so much fun! What a hoot to be going with so many people!


In the meantime...I am an incredibly curious person...I wonder what songs you do in class...what type of facility you do your classes in...and any other random bits of information...because I love reading about other's experiences a lot...:)


Hope everyone is having a great day...I'm busy rearranging my family room today...LOL. I wish Mom would share the information she did with me about clutter and motivation...again...since it was a conversation and not a written communication...the details are fuzzy...but the jist of it is that having a clutter free environment can be very motivating for encouraging physical activity...if you are having a hard time finding the motivation to get moving...the trainer suggested clearing out some clutter...

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It is totally possible to lose 15lb by March 26th but as our guru Anita will tell you, it really doesn't matter what the scales say, it's how you feel in yourself and your clothes. I'll leave Anita to give you the science but keep up the good work with the Zumba and you'll definitely see results! :) March 26th is a good time to aim towards.


I have just come back from my Zumba class, didn't catch all the songs ladies but we had:


  1. Womanizer - Britney
  2. Not sure - was tired after warm up ;)
  3. Not sure of this one either :o
  4. Lady Marmalade - Christina Aguilera
  5. Not sure - salsa song I think
  6. Living La Vida Loca - Ricky Martin
  7. Not sure - official Zumba tune though
  8. Rolling - Tina Turner
  9. Lost - not Michael Buble, not sure of singer - cool down song

Will try and do better next time!! Had so much fun and was great to be back!


Forgot to say Anita, I love fajitas!! :D

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Donna...yay songs!! You did great! I think Mom said she has done the Livin' La Vida Loca song in one of her classes...I can only imagine...that one is probably a killer to do! It's so interesting to me to see what instructors pick out...I hadn't heard the Britney song or the Lost song before...


I have made the decision to become a certified Zumba instructor...long story short...I don't really want to teach Zumba...I love going to Kelly's class too much...it's just that...I love Kelly's class so much, I think I would be disappointed with any other instructor...I would rather start my own class if I couldn't go to Kelly's any more...so I'm arming myself for that possibility...I know I could do it too...I'm going to take the certification class April 7.


I think it would be fun to try my hand at some choreography and think that using songs that are being used in other classes would be a great place to start!


WOW Donna...you said it so very simply and yet so eloquently to ZumbaMOM...I have to repeat what you wrote!...


it really doesn't matter what the scales say, it's how you feel in yourself and your clothes.


I love it. That helped me to read today...

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I wish Mom would share the information she did with me about clutter and motivation...again...since it was a conversation and not a written communication...the details are fuzzy...but the jist of it is that having a clutter free environment can be very motivating for encouraging physical activity...if you are having a hard time finding the motivation to get moving...the trainer suggested clearing out some clutter...


OK. Since you asked... here goes. The pictures that you posted previously are such an excellent visualization of this concept. For the first picture, imagine that the kitchen equals.... your body....





The picture is a great depiction of a sluggish body... you had a little too much "celebration" the night before and you've awakened feeling a bit <ahem> dehydrated. You've eaten a lot of saturated fat; you've eaten a lot of processed food with high fructose corn syrup as the first or second listed ingredient. You decided that you would spend the day watching a marathon of re-runs on TV and snacking as you lounged through your day, amid your personal clutter. You barely manage to brush your teeth before you fall into bed and mutter that you'll make "better choices" for the next day... you get the idea. It's just more of the same, more of the same, more of the same, clutter.


The dark window gives it away...BUT...it's finally done...





And this picture is a depiction of an active, well-nourished, fueled body... pumped and ready! You've eaten clean, nutritious foods throughout the day, providing your body with the fuel it needs to perform at peak levels. You've MOVED today, whether Zumba or yoga or strength-training or whatever pumped you up and made you smile! It's a "normal" day for you because this is your lifestyle...


And, the information that I read just said simply that if you couldn't imagine how your body would feel if you treated it well, nourishing it and making it MOVE, that you should de-clutter a room in your house. Really take a good look at the room before you start and see it for the mess that it is. Then, proceed to get down to business and clear out the clutter. Then, just stand in the room and breathe and see how different it feels. This would give you a clear understanding of what it means to your body to treat it with the same loving care.

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This is my 1st time writing on this blog.



Here's a tidbit that I just picked up, originally published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology (no, I didn't read the Journal, but I think it's important to give credibility to information that we hear or read). Anyway, this information has to do with support systems and is stated briefly: "Researchers determined that when people started a weight-loss program with three friends, 95% of them were successful with the program, and nearly 70% of participants were able to maintain their habits in the long term." The tidbit went on to say that those friends could come from an on-line community support system. So, again, welcome! Stay with us. We can motivate each other to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


I have also changed my eating habits as I finally realized there is no miracle 24 diet. ( I keep searching for, if you find one please let me know LOL) It has all been a lifestyle change for me, but I can say I'm feeling healthier.

Happy Zumba & Cruising!!!


Zumbamom, these are your POWER statements. (1). There is no miracle diet. (2). It has all been a lifestyle change for me. (3). I'm feeling healthier.


Woot! Woot! :D


The short-term goal that you have in mind to lose #X-lbs before #y-date is one of those goals that is worthy of the fact that it's a short term reach for an accomplishment. But, it's not as POWERFUL as the lifestyle change goal. The lifestyle change goal will give you a wonderful, healthy attitude and a long-lasting change; those short term goals are what keeps us in the yo-yo. What you do to reach them is totally unsustainable... as in... are you really a person who is going to be able to live on 500 calories a day... FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?!?... Of course not. So what happens at the end of the goal is that (a) you haven't established new habits that can become consistent and sustainable so (b) you revert to the previous habits that you had and the weight piles back on. Because you haven't made a lifestyle change, you've simply interrupted a habit pattern. Right?


So, keep with your POWER statements. You've embarked on a wonderful journey of lifestyle changes. My advice is to let whatever happens to your scale (weight) just happen. Let it be what it is. Because as long as you are truly committed to a lifestyle change... eating habits... exercise...it's all unicorns and rainbows. IMHO.

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Hi everyone,

it´s finally friday, which means: ZUMBA :)

I haven´t been to classes for a week since my nose still feels stuffed, but will try tonight, as it´s too much fun to miss out on it.


I was doing yoga classes on wednesday and thursday, and even though the workout is a lot less intense, I can tell you were some seldom used muscles are, today.


I got a motivation kick yesterday. We finally have booked a new vacation for our upcoming holidays. As our original cruise was cancelled, we thought about going to Barcelona for a week, however, mere minutes before booking a good friend and fellow cruiser called to tell me of a bargain his dad found on tv. To make a long story short. We are booked on a 12 day cruise, Italy to the Canary Islands and return in an outside stateroom, for a third of what we paid for our original cruise...

We are leaving on Feb 21, are going to drive by car to Italy, as flights on short notice are pretty expensive and you´d still need transport from the airport to the ship.

I was doing the happy dance ever since I received the booking confirmation yesterday afternoon.


Anita, mexican food is well liked in Germany, but it´s not offered everywhere. Here you get Italian food, Chinese food that´s altered for a European taste, and lots of Spanish food. Apart from that arabian foods are getting more common.

So it´s varity more than anything else.


I learned from a coworker today that she lost 25 kg, that´s more than 50 lbs, due to changing here eating habbits and going to sport 4 times a week. She looks like a whole new person.


Ok, I´ve got to go. It´s 6:10 a.m. and I´ve got to get started for the day, in hope that ´time flies by and it´s time for Annies Zumba class. I´ll report back tonight.


Take care ladies.

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I just wanted to say hello and thank everyone for the great posts on this board. Very encouraging and informative!


I have almost a year for my cruise so I have no strict goals set for myself. Just have been feeling sluggish and no energy lately and wanting to get back to a healthier lifestyle.

(I have have a wedding in November and a honeymoon cruise in Jan 2012 to plan for )


I tried a Zumba class for the first time last night. A HUGE class - well over 20 people in it. I really did enjoy it. I was slow and definitely out of synch on a lot of the footwork - fast feet needed LOL I stuck with it, broke quite a sweat and certainly had fun. I plan on taking Zumba on Tues and Thursday evening -as my fun work out time. I also do a half hour 3x a week on the cross trainer.


Next week I hope to add some machine work in - and that should be a full and well rounded work out. I am being careful (knowing me) to keep it changed up and interesting. Once I fall off the work-out wagon it takes me forever to get back on.


Again, thank you all very much. Your encouragement is appreciated.




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Kasi, OMG! A cruise in 10 days! How exciting. Rome to the Canary Islands. I don't want to stray too far from our OT, but let me tell you that I just recently had the wonderful excitement of visiting the following ports: Rome, Cannes, Cadiz/Seville, Cartagena, Barcelona, Tenerife. So if any of those ports are similar and you'd like some information, just let me know. In Civitavecchia, we stayed at the Hotel Traiano. They have a free shuttle to the port. I don't know where you're thinking of parking the car, but the staff at Hotel Traiano were very helpful with any and all questions, so I'd suggest contacting them if you're researching that aspect of your trip. Please update your signature line so we know what cruise ship you'll be on!


Denise, Welcome! When you say that you're going to add some "machine work on" are you talking about strength training? That's the other aspect of my workout week. I do Zumba 2x a week, strength training 3x a week, and yoga 1x a week. The yoga is a strength/flexibility/balance session which really feels great after working out for the 5 days and then I have a complete rest day. If you need any information on the strength training routine(s), I know quite a bit about resistance training. It's the one thing that has helped me with hypothyroidism. FYI.


Donna, you did so good catching ANY of the songs! LOL. First of all, I don't speak Spanish, so I can't tell what any of the songs are. Except Shakira! For some reason, I can relate to her songs! She's so beautiful and like Anita has said, I love the video that she did (Loca, Loca) in Barcelona! So maybe that's it...


Anyway, for what it's worth, I can't follow most of the hand movements that are done during the class. My heart rate is just too high and since I'm already working in the 90% of max heart rate range, adding the arms just isn't necessary, for me, to get the heart rate up. So I concentrate on the footwork and, if I can't get that, then I just concentrate on the hip wiggle so that I can work my ab muscles... work it.... work it... thanks, Kelly!.... Even with all that being said, even I burned 742 calories at my last Zumba workout! So you don't have to be a coordinated Latin movement star! Just willing to get out there and MOVE your BODY. Plus, it's the one form of cardio workout that I can do without looking at the clock every minute to see if it's time to stop. KWIM? I think that's an important point, which is why I'm so glad that Anita found Zumba and introduced it to me!


Here's wishing a joyful day to everyone.

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Hello ladies! We just booked our third cruise last week and I have gained back several of the pounds I lost before our last one. I've been jogging on the treadmill since November, (not faithfully though until recently) but it's boring even with the TV on. Better listening to my iPod but I saw the infomercial on Zumba Fitness about a week ago and immediately got online and ordered it. It arrived YESTERDAY so I haven't had a chance to look through it all yet but I'm really anxious to pop in those discs and get going! The nearest gym is about 30 minutes away so joining that seems pointless. I don't think I'd make myself go but I AM going to find out if they have a Zumba class maybe just to get me started. ?? I don't know yet.


Anyway, I saw the Zumba thread and had to jump in! I'm sure I'll need a push now and then and I'm hoping to get that encouragement from here! There's SO much information here it may take me a while to get through it all but I wanted to say hello and introduce myself. Hopefully, I can be of encouragement to some of you as well.

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I feel like an ECHO...BUT...


OMG Kasi! You're cruising in 10 DAYS!!! *happy dance* *happy dance* I've always heard that the best cruise deals are to buy really, really early or really, really late...sounds like you got a great deal...it SOUNDS like you got a better deal on this cruise than the one that was canceled!...what a great turn of events for you! I'm totally excited for you! Can you tell?! !!!! LOL.


I have to say...it sounds so wonderful to me to think about just driving to Italy...I know it's like driving from state to state here...and not that far...and it must be pretty easy to cross country lines?


Hope you have a great Zumba class tonight...I'm not going to the other instructor today...I'm still not feeling good...I'm focusing on getting back into the swing of things with my Sunday morning class...and I am SO looking forward to feeling better and going to Zumba...this confirms to me that things have changed for me...in times past...missing class might have been the catalyst to missing more class...and then it would be the big struggle all over again to get back into the groove...but here I am...chomping at the bit...it's the difference between feeling like you HAVE to do something...and feeling like you GET to do something...I'll GET to go back to class on Sunday...


What makes Chinese food more to a European taste? I remember the way Chinese food used to be here in the states...the big joke about it was that you eat it and then you would be hungry again an hour later...no one talks like that about Chinese food any more...now the proportion of meat to veggies has totally changed...there are lots of dishes that are protein only...and FRIED...BIG TIME...like deep fried with batter on the protein...


Welcome Denise! Encouraging and informative is the GOAL here...I'm glad you have enjoyed reading...If I read you right...You are getting married in November?...And you are going on your honeymoon in Jan 2012?...CONGRATULATIONS!!...


ZUMBA is a great workout...the more I learn...the more I appreciate all the different things that Zumba does...I think everyone feels a bit lost the first time that they take the class...because of the philosophy behind Zumba...the instructors are not supposed to cue the class in the traditional sense...this can make it more difficult to follow along in the beginning...especially when the entire thing is brand new...but as you keep going, get to know the routines and the steps...you come to appreciate the freedom that comes with the style...


Don't be surprised if you are a bit sore today...I could curse the stairs in my two-story after my first Zumba classes...LOL...and Kasi, I know EXACTLY what you mean about the effects of yoga...it's not very strenuous to do but you can definitely feel how you used your muscles...especially those ones that are rarely used...


Today is my REST day...a much needed REST day...I'm very bored with feeling sick...I'm very ready to be able to breathe easier and not wake up with pain all over my face...even my eye sockets ache:eek:...so WEIRD...

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Welcome Phyllis!


TREADMILLS are BORING...OMG...I can't stick with it...as soon as the initial "starting something new" excitement would pass...it would be AGONY for me to have to get back on a treadmill...seriously...ZUMBA is so much more fun...haven't done the DVDs personally...but I LOVE the classes...


There is a bunch of good information in this thread...there is a lot about Zumba that makes it a unique cardio workout that is much more effective than other cardio workouts...as I say to EVERYONE...TAKE YOUR MEASUREMENTS!!...you may have some poundage that you wish to lose...but ZUMBA is much more likely to change your body composition FIRST...resulting in a FAT BURN with a corresponding muscle increase...resulting in INCHES lost...so take your measurements so that you have another way of charting progress...


Zumba classes are offered all over the place...not only in gyms or other places that require a membership...dance studios...community centers...if you haven't checked out http://www.zumba.com ...check it out...you might be able to find a class closer than 30 minutes...most instructors let you take one class for free...it's kind of a Zumba policy...I've only had one instructor that didn't go by that rule...


So when is your cruise? And where are you going?


Love the Kansas City area...lived in Lenexa for a while...

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Wow so many posts, great to have so much advice and support here!


Anita, good decision to give your class a miss and focus on Sunday, you will hopefully feel totally recovered by then.


Kasi *happy dance* indeed! We did Italy and the Med in September and had a great time.


Anita's Mom, had a wee chuckle on my way into class last night as I imagined your hi-five! The rest of the girls must have thought I was mad!:D


Phyllis, welcome! I struggle with the treadmill too, Zumba is the ONLY form of exercise I find I look forward to (do struggle on with the gym twice a week but only to make sure I get my five days in!). If you can find a class then that would be great. Be interested how you get on with the DVDs too as I always consider buying them.


Denise, I'm laughing at your HUGE class - ours is small when we only have 80 people there - usually between 90 and 120!!:D You have to fight for space sometimes.


Anita's Mom - I too focus on the leg movements and getting my heart rate up and don't worry too much about the arms (apart from on the arm only Lady Marmalade!). I just kind of wave them about and try and look like I know what I'm doing :o


Anita the Zumba instructor - way to go! That would be great and you certainly have the enthusiasm for it. Why not pass that on to others and keep fit at the same time, you'll be great I'm sure!


Have a great weekend folks!

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Hi Anita,

I hope you are feeling better soon, my ZUMBA workout kind of pushed me tonight. I think I never sweated that much before. We did several new songs and moves, also did Livin la vida loca, which was really fast and intensive. But we all enjoyed it and left class grinning like a maniac :)


The port in Italy we are going to board the ship at is Savona, not Rome unfortunately, but much closer to Germany. It´s about 1000 km, that would be about 620 miles. So absolutely doable in a day.

yes, the deal was awesome, on our original cruise we had an inside stateroom, now we get a superior stateroom with a window and we save enough to buy the big tv dh is dreaming of.

The ship is again Costa Marina, Costa´s smallest ship. If you don´t need all the varity offered onboard the big new ships, than Costa Marina is really nice, as you tend to meet up with the same people over and over again, you soon nknow your fellow travellers.

Our ports are:

Marseille (never been there)


Arrecife (Lanzarote) Canary Islands

Teneriffa (Canary Islands)

La Palma (Canary Islands)

Funchal, Madeira

Malaga, Spain

and returning to Savona after 12 days :)


I´ll check out the gym onboard, the pool will probably be to cold, as it´s unheated. I hope they offer some fitness classes, too. I´d be willing to pay an upcharge for some classes. If there are none, i´ll be sure to create my own workout and if it´s only dancing the night away in the disco. It´s always a challenge to attend classes not done in your own language. English I can handle quite ok, but Italian is more difficult.


Welcome to all of you who just get to know ZUMBA. I´m doing my ZUMBA workout since early January and even though I have still some problems with many moves and arm leg coordination, I tend to believe, that it´s getting better. Still my upper body is kind of stiff and shaking my shoulders looks kinda funny, not fluid at all. Today I discovered another part of my body that needs extra care. My hipps don´t move very well, shaking is hard, the fast forward backward movements seem as though I´m not doing it right.

Annie showed my how to do it after class, I´ll have to do some extra exercises to get all these muscles to loosen up...

Any tipps on these movements Anita?


The weekend is finally there and I´m thinking about a workout for tomorrow. Maybe it´s time for another of my dvds. Sunday is another ZUmba class as I´m away on business on Monday and Tuesday and therefore unable to attend class.

Apart from some exercises I´ll start to collect my cruise wardrobe and try everything on. Let´s hope I´m not in for a nasty sursprise...:rolleyes:

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Kasi, we are going to Gibraltar and Malaga too so be grateful for any tips (sorry that's a bit OT). Living La Vida Loca a killer for our class too!:) Great when you come out feeling like you've done a real workout though!


Hope Anita can help you on the hips thing - do move my hips but not sure always in the right directions :o

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I love all the sharing and posting and talking...I'm so excited to talk ZUMBA with everyone...it is encouraging and motivating to have this support...


WARNING...I WILL still continue to post random motivational and informative posts...;):D


Today's motivational thoughts take us back to the older gentleman that Mom talked with one day outside the gym...Do you recall the man with the condition where his discs want to fuse together?...He is so enthusiastic about Zumba because of the way that it encourages you to move your body...it keeps his discs from actually fusing together...and he is able to maintain his mobility...


Today...Mom was doing her strength training workout...WTG Mom!...from where she was, she could see a man looking into the Zumba class...as Mom says...she "channeled" her inner "Anita" and approached the man, telling him that Zumba was a lot of fun and he should stop looking longily into the class and go in and try it!


Turns out the man was really observing our older gentleman friend that was currently in the Zumba class...He had taken a picture of the man on his cell phone over a year ago...he used it as a motivational tool for himself...and also to goad everyone he knew to "get off their bums...get moving...they had no excuses..." This man explained to Mom that it has been a long journey...over a year...but that he had lost over 100 pounds...


Did Mom know how old our gentleman friend was?




He's 80!


80-years old Ladies! How incredible is that?


The man Mom was speaking with had another man to look to for inspiration in his life...his own father...he explained to Mom that he father walked to the library EVERY day...it was a mile long walk...he would go to the library and read the paper...he may or may not check out a book, depending on his mood...and then he would walk home...so he walked TWO miles a day...


Well, his father broke his leg two years ago...and the doctor had said to him that if he could walk again...he likely wouldn't be doing the long walks any longer...BUT...his father healed...it took 3 months for him to regain his strength...the doctor gave him the big stamp of approval to be doing his daily library walks again...


What's the kicker?


The man's father is 101 years old...


How awesome is THAT?


Today...I noticed something about my new tea kettle that I hadn't really noticed before...I had been wanting a whistling tea kettle for a long time...something lovely to sit on my stove...I wanted a NICE one...and I was willing to wait for the right one...


I was doing a little retail window shopping in my local mall...headed into the Teavana store...a LOVELY store if ever you have a chance to venture in...really look at what's there...one of these days...I will get one of those cast iron brewing tea pots...but this other day...I was looking at their offerings of stove top tea kettles...I was admiring a cherry red one...it had a happy vibe...but red doesn't really GO with my kitchen dishes...and there it was...


A perfectly happy, cheerful, wonderfully sun shiny YELLOW tea kettle...in the SALE section...YELLOW goes PERFECTLY with my kitchen...and BONUS...the interior was cobalt blue...absolutely LOVELY..."What is wrong with it?" I asked. Apparently, they had had the color for too long...moving out old stock...after all my searching and researching...I knew this was a great deal, in a color I loved...I bought the kettle...


Lo and Behold...TODAY...I notice a unique aspect of this particular tea kettle...embossed in the molded handle are the words "LIVESTRONG"...because this kettle is part of the LIVESTRONG series...a part of the sales of this series benefits the Louis Armstrong Foundation...


Not to be this way...but the donation to the foundation is not really here or there...what I am loving about this is simply the WORDS...LIVESTRONG...it lives on my stove top...any time that my gaze falls upon my tea kettle...even if I don't actually READ the letters...I know they are there...I can THINK them to myself...




It makes me think of stories like the ones I just related here...of people who have overcome...especially people who have lived a LONG time...AND overcome...I WANT that...I want to be old AND strong...I want to LIVESTRONG...I love that I have this little, bright, happy reminder of such a sentiment living on my stove...


Such things can be very powerful...do you have anything motivational around?...a little something that gives you a thrill?...brings positive thoughts to mind?...gives you a little dose of inspiration?...Many fitness gurus recommend to have such things around...


The man took a picture of the gentleman on his phone...


I am now on a quest...I would like to have something that speaks such a message to me in a few key places for my daily walk...my bedroom...my bathroom...and my car...


I'll share what they are when I figure them out...meanwhile...if anyone has anything they would like to share...please do share...

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Kasi...did you ever check out that youtube video about maximizing Zumba? It was all about hip movement...there was a test in there to see if you had a certain muscle that was tight and thus preventing more freedom of movement...wondering if you tried that?


ALSO...shaking the hips is VERY MUCH an abdominal exercise...you would think that it would be more in the hip flexors...and it is that too...but REALLY...it is an AB WORKOUT...


When you are shaking your hips...you really need to think about sucking your belly button into your spine...this will help to prevent any stress on your back...but ALSO it will help you to engage those abs to use them to shake your hips...I know it's hips moving...but you have to THINK abs...


ALSO...your knees need to stay SOFT...if you are really having some troubles...go ahead and bend them a bit...this WILL increase the work of the movement...you may feel your quads burn too much to sustain a bent knee...but the bent knee will help to widen the potential range of motion of the hip joint...


You can kind of alternate HOW bent each knee is depending on which hip you are moving...giving the knee under the moving hip more bend will help that hip move more...


Let's keep talking about this...I think this is a common thing to need to figure out...anyone else with suggestions, chime in...anyone else with concerns, needs, you chime in too...

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Kasi, we are going to Gibraltar and Malaga too so be grateful for any tips (sorry that's a bit OT).


As the OP of the thread...I do not mind cruise talk...it is slightly OT to this thread...but I think it can be very motivational to talk about such things, especially among ourselves...I'll keep us on topic over the long haul.;):p


Living La Vida Loca a killer for our class too!:) Great when you come out feeling like you've done a real workout though!


I am going to have to do some youtube searching for what all you do to this song! I love these songs that are such a challenge...totally agree with what you say here. It does feel great.

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