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Any other Zumba fans?

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The Fat Flush is hard to do "by the book"...DH is still drinking a morning travel cup sized cup of coffee (so he's still having some caffeine)...he had 4 cashews yesterday after work waiting for dinner after my classes...and the sweet potatoes...still...overall, I think it's a major change for him...I know he's hungry LOL...he has been going nuts at work with the candy jars...I wonder why people do that?...I remember that from back in the day...it's a weird thing to me...but these work situations can be rough...DH is a major snacker...I'm not exaggerating to say that he will make a big batch of popcorn NIGHTLY...so being on program is helpful for him to get started with the whole weight loss mindset...because there's no popcorn on Fat Flush...


This is the funny thing...we started this whole process by just picking something that we liked to do and becoming active...he picked tennis and I found Zumba...we didn't change our eating habits much at all...gradually the eating habits NEEDED to change because it was just too much to eat out as much as we were...moneywise...not to mention calories...


So we added the idea that we would focus on eating food cooked at home...however it would be...WHATEVER it would be...home cooked cheeseburgers KWIM?...this was a big deal when my folks came because eating out with them is something that has been a kind of treat for me during the day when DH and DS would be gone...and I said to them that we really needed to eat from home...because we were serious about wanting to have that habit and that norm...


So all through the holidays...we didn't worry about food...wine, beer, cookies, pies, whatever...fact is that when I cook, I generally cook pretty decent...so the majority of food would be good with some treats added...I had an incentive of trying to help Mom and Dad recover from their 2 recent vacations and eating all that vacation, traveling restaurant prepared food...


With the changing of the New Year, I got more serious about tracking what I was eating...and I started being more picky about various things...trying to cut back on what I knew to not be helpful for weight loss...like all the beer and wine...DH, however, hadn't really picked up on the fever...he was still in the mode of holidays etc...so this Fat Flush idea marks the beginning for him of deciding to be more serious and more controled with his food choices...so this is his kind of kick off...foodwise...


The thing about all of this...it just takes time...time is the one thing that people seem to want to deny themselves when it comes to getting fit...they want to get the job done quickly, but it rarely happens quickly...it happens over time...


Having a taster kind of thing sounds like a great idea...I would love to do something similar with friends...I don't know anyone that would be interested in doing that though...we still haven't met too many people here from moving over the summer...and the ones we have met aren't too concerned with health & fitness...not to be rude but Houston generally hits among the top 5 fattest cities in the US when they do rankings and lists like that...I wonder if the Zumba ladies would be interested in such a thing?...that could be a neat "Zumba mixer"...hmmm...


I found out that Kelly's bday is April 8...that's pretty close to mine...March 25...so maybe I can plant a bug in her ear about having a "taster party"...we would need some sort of guidelines as to what a healthy recipe would be...I'm gonna think more on that...that's a really great idea!


I can't believe how cold you are...brrrr...we hit 74 today :rolleyes:...wanna come visit? :cool: We can go to Zumba together...


Enjoy your rest day tomorrow! I started my 8-week yoga program yesterday...yesterday was an INSANE day for me...I ended up exercising for 4 hours! :eek: I was WIPED OUT...today I just did the yoga program...it felt great to stretch and warm up my muscles...


Donna...do you do Zumba on Tuesdays and Thursdays? What time are your classes? I'm serious about figuring out everyone's schedule...it'll help everyone to encourage everyone. Time for tennis...

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Today's world is such a busy world...families are busy...nighttime activities are commonplace...it's hard to break the eating out habit if you have kids in activities or have your own evening activities...it seems so easy to hit the drive thru on the way home...


I tell you something that has helped me tremendously...can you say Automatic Oven?...OMG...this is the BEST...tonight...I popped the leftover chicken thighs into a Corningware covered caserole dish...I popped the leftover veggie stew in another covered caserole dish...I set the oven run for 30 minutes at 325 degrees (a pretty good reheating temperature) starting at 6:45 PM...tennis ends at 7:00 PM...got home about 2 minutes before the buzzer beeped...and there was our dinner...hot and ready...


I chopped DS up a fast Ceasar salad to go with his chicken...and we were eating fast...


I don't know if you have an Automatic Oven...if you do...I urge you to start experimenting with it...it's a pretty fabulous tool in your kitchen to help you deal with breaking a drive thru habit.

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I LOVE Zumba!! Its the only exercize I do at the moment. :) U should check out the song Danza Kuduro on you tube. Look for this particular one called ZUMBA DANZA KUDURO ZUMBA ZHOW FIT STUDIO. Its not the same dance we do for that song but it looks cool, I might try this dance at home, but i love this song. It gets me excited to workout

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Gigi, Welcome!


I looked at the youtube video and that looks like a fun choreography. The soundtrack wasn't very good (at least on my system), so I took the liberty of finding that song on youtube, just the lyrics:


We also do this song! I'm so amazed when someone actually can tell what songs are being played. Except for an obvious one, like Shakira, I have such trouble recognizing the songs. Thank you for this information because I also think this is a great song (although I have no idea what it's about). I found another youtube video with a beautiful yacht, beautiful car, beautiful women, beautiful house... just beautiful imagery... so who knows? Well, obviously, anyone who can speak the language! LOL.


Anyway, I don't think this song is listed on Anita's playlists; we'll have to wait for her to chime in and let us know if Kelly has choregraphed any great moves to this one!


Donna, I'm going to take a mini-trip to Las Vegas to visit some friends that we met on our last transatlantic cruise. Those long cruises are great for meeting some wonderful people. It turns out that this couple lives just a 5-hr drive from us and they invited us to come spend a few days with them. Based on their calendar, it means that I'll be missing our Zumba class tomorrow :( so you'll have to be extra-energetic to make up for me! I'll be back on Sunday, so I'll be back to the schedule next week.


Anita, you know my schedule, right? I'm in Zumba on Thursday morning at 9:15am, and Saturday morning at 9:30am. Do you just want our Zumba classes, or do you want any other exercise(s) that we typically do? When the sunset times change here, then I will probably change my schedule and tweak it a bit. I could go to Zumba on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm. It would be interesting to know if anyone else is doing Zumba then, as well.

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Anita, I'd love to come visit - all that lovely sunshine would motivate me for zumba definitely!!;) I still like the idea of a zumba cruise! I do zumba Monday 6.15pm, Tuesday 6.15pm and Thursday 6.15pm. Also planning to introduce swimming on Monday and a Saturday - given up the gym as I just hate it so much!:(


The taster session is always good as it gives some fresh ideas - I'll let you know later what was on offer and any recipe shares.


Will let you know how I get on later. Extra high-fives tomorrow night Pam - have a fantastic Las Vegas trip (sounds lovely) and welcome to the Zumba appreciation society Gigi!:D

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Gigi!!...your first post was on my thread!...welcome to CC and to our Zumba fan club!...That is a good song...Sandy does that song in her Zumba classes too...but alas...Kelly does NOT...maybe she should?...I like it!...I'll run it by her tonight...Zumba has been the only thing that is an intense cardio workout that I have ever looked forward to doing...


Mom...I wasn't sure of the times of your classes...I only knew the generalities...


Donna...I don't know if today would have been so motivating...when we woke up this morning it was 100%...YES 100%!!!! HUMIDITY...water was condensing on EVERYTHING...it was and still IS nasty out there...I've been hot all day long...the temp isn't that bad...upper 70s...but still...I'm such a sweat-er...:eek:...gross I know...but what can you do?...remember to bring a TOWEL to class! LOL! Plz share about the taster party...and any good recipes that come of that...I'm always on the lookout for good ones...


Did Day 3 of my yoga program today...gonna walk to get my DS from school...I call it Disney training...because you walk A LOT when you go to Disney and we are going the first week of summer...we have to get our legs in shape for that...so we walk home MWF now...then Pilates and Zumba tonight...this is how I exercised for 4 hours on Monday...today is going to be a repeat of that!


Have to figure out what to do with chicken breasts for dinner tonight...they were on sale for $1.67 pound!! woot woot...marinade and grill...I'll share what I do later...

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Well, good news - I lost 1lb, delighted given all the exercise I'm doing but the proof is definitely in the clothes!!


Anita there were so many nice things at the tasting - meatballs in garlic sauce, couscous, different pasta dishes, stuffed peppers and tomatoes, vegetarian chilli, spicy potato wedges, tortilla, macaroni quiche and loads of sweet things. Let me know if you're interested in anything and I can get you the recipe.


For those of you with a sweet tooth (I don't have one) this is something you might want to try........... 2 weetabix and 2 tablespoons of nutella (chocolate spread) - mash them together then use a teaspoon to put into little balls on a tray. Put them in the fridge for 2 hours - alternative Ferrero Roches! I thought that was genius and they did taste nice. You should get 16 out of that amount which is much better than a box of chocs!


Hope that helps and roll on zumba tomorrow night?!

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Kasi, if you're reading this, I hope you're having a great time, good weather, great photographic opportunities!


Everyone. What shoes do you wear to Zumba? I have got to get some better Zumba shoes. My Asics grab the floor way too much; it's quite a struggle to try to do any of the moves like the cumbia. My Skechers just don't have the support that I need and my feet ache after class when I wear them. So, it dawned on me that maybe if I asked here that I could get some great feedback on what everyone else is doing for shoes.


Donna! Good job. Did you ever take your measurements? Don't be afraid to do that because, I tell you (and Anita you know has said) that the measurements are just the best metric for assessing your progress. I don't know where the inches go without budging the scale (puzzling), but I have lost a tremendous amount around my rib cage and across my back! My bra strap now lies flat on my back without making a single muffin top, so I know that things have changed tremendously. But the scale doesn't reflect it as much as I "think" it should! LOL.


Swimming would be a great addition to Zumba, especially if you add in some aquatic exercises for lower body strengthening. Can't forget the muscles as we're doing all this cardio! I know you said you hate the gym and if there's one thing I do know... we will lose motivation if we try to keep on doing those things that we really hate. So, since you love the water, you should definitely do something that you love. That's one of the keys to turning all this effort into a healthy lifestyle rather than just a goal-oriented, temporary time that ends up putting us on the proverbial yo-yo. IMHO.


I will miss reading this thread while I'm gone! Everyone stay healthy, happy, and strong!

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Donna...YAY for another pound lost!! A pound a week is a very good pace from everything that I read...there are only a couple days a month where I have a sweet tooth that kicks in...LOL...food just sounds good...pick your favorite of the savory dishes and share that...or a pasta one...if that's not your favorite...DH is playing in a tennis tournament this weekend...and even though we are on this fat flush plan...we will be breaking plan purposely on Friday night with pasta...probably the quinoa pasta though to keep the wheat away...he needs to carb up before the day where he plays 4 matches!...like a marathon preparation...


Mom...you know that I wear the Block shoes...I only post this for the benefit of the discussion in general...I used to wear the Nike Musique shoes...those might work for you actually...


Today was so busy...I didn't have a chance to prep anything before coming back from classes...I did the Lemon Oregano marinade from the lamb recipe that I posted about earlier...for chicken breasts...grilled those...grilled more asparagus...and made a kind of Italian inspired thing that I may have mentioned before...it's like a stir fry...onions, then zuchini, then summer squash, then garlic, then red peppers, then cracked red pepper flakes, then a can of Fire Roasted Tomatoes (Muir Glen no salt added), then kale, then Italian parsley...the more complex veggie dish has that satisfaction element that helps to feel more happy when eating veggies only...


I wore my monitor today...I did an adjustment to the settings to get my full workout to record for calories burned...I burned 856 calories during Zumba tonight...I realized during Pilates that I needed to make the adjust to the settings...so I only have data for 37 minutes...I burned 215 calories during those 37 minutes...this is one reason why I think that Pilates is a good complement to Zumba...still is a nice calorie burn but it is definitely a strength training type of exercise and the focus and emphasis on core work really can improve your Zumba moves...


I don't know if you can find a Pilates class Donna...but you might want to give it a try...I have also started doing that 8-week yoga program from the Rodney Yee book...I can feel the difference in certain body areas from doing that for sure...all the careful placement of body parts and body awareness...it is it's own kind of work out and I can feel the effects of doing the yoga practice...I hope you can find something else to do if you want to...Donna, I have totally given up on gyms...there is nothing there that really interests me...now that I know I don't have to be miserable and can get a good workout...I'm not satisfied to settle for anything else...


Kasi...if you chance to read...I do hope you are having a great vacation and feeling better...thinking good thoughts your way.


editted to add...I played the Don Omar song for Kelly tonight after class...there was another lady in class that had sent it to her a couple months ago...she totally knew the song and could sing along...Kelly liked it a lot...everyone hanging out after class did...I think we will be seeing it in the playlist at some point in the future. *thumbs up* Thanks for bringing it to light again Gigi!

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Today is my rest day...I didn't even do the yoga program...I just needed to not do anything specific...I spent it on my feet shopping though...and enjoying the fact that I could walk all around in my running shorts WITHOUT having the middle creep up as I walked around! That was THE BEST...anyone relate?...my ultimate goal is to have my thighs not touch AT ALL...we'll see if I can get there...


Something made me notice that my thighs seemed noticeably smaller...so I measured and SERIOUSLY...from my last measurement, what, 9 days ago?...I lost another half inch around each thigh!...in 9 days!! I had thought maybe I had lost about 1/4 inch over the previous MONTH...I think this just goes to show that loss occurs in SPURTS, suddenly the body decides to use the fat right THERE and all the sudden there is a visible difference...


If you think you might be stalled...just keep at it! I would bet that you aren't REALLY stalled...a SPURT is right around the corner...


I was SO hungry today...which just goes to show that increased activity will be accompanied by increased appetite...Tuesday was the same...the day after can be brutal.


Tonight's fast dinner was chicken Ceasar salad with leftover grilled chicken...I used bagged Romaine hearts which I don't bother washing...and I quickly toasted up some sourdough bread in the skillet to make homemade croutons...a bit of butter (not too much) and "Crouton Seasoning" from Penzey's Spice Company...adds that special touch to a super easy dinner...because of our earlier eating in the day, we didn't need much...I ran into the store for a few necessities on the way home and picked up a treat of sushi to go with the salad...for my international friends...in the grocery stores in various places in the states, they have workers that make sushi rolls fresh every day...a bit pricy so we only do it as a treat...


Hope your Zumba was good Donna...and that everyone else is staying motivated and keeping keeping on...

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This is not a workout day for me...HOWEVER...I have TONS to do around the house today...it's laundry time and time for major cleaning...it's time for some spring cleaning like cleaning...I've got some workout worthy clothes on and I am hitting the house like I'm hitting the gym...got my mindset working that I will be putting in some good physical activity that should result in positive physical changes...


I usually have some sort of television company when I do days like this...Mom turned me on to a show that she and Dad stumbled onto one day...it's called "I Used to Be Fat" and it airs on MTV...non-cable household that I am, I don't get MTV, but the episodes are available online...




If you like Biggest Loser, then you might like this show...it follows one teenaged person as they use a summer to try to get into shape...a personal trainer works with them to achieve their goal...most are high school graduates and they really desire to go off to college as a different person...it's very real...in the beginning, the kids whine and complain, make up excuses, cry, vomit, and generally are quite pitiful as they realize how much hard work will be involved in them trying to lose 90 pounds in a summer...


The cool thing about the show is that one episode takes one person through the whole summer, so you can watch one episode and get a boost of motivation from watching someone overcome their weight related issues and achieve a pretty big goal...you get to see the attitude change that happens as they are forced by a PT to go beyond what they think they can do...I think the show is motivating to watch...


It also offers a bit of perspective when things get HARD...if you are willing in the hard moment to step back and take stock of the situation...look at it from the outside...then it can help you to overcome the difficult situation and make an improvement...do better...make a better choice...push on through...not give up...don't take the easy or lazy way...suck it up...


I like that...the phrase that entered our household after this move, after school started, after the excuses were all gone for not being active was "Git 'er done!"...which I know came from somewhere...but I don't know where...I think it might have a negative origin but I don't care...it's kind of like the Nike slogan, "Just do it"...except that livin' here in Texas, it's way more fun to say "Git 'er done!"...LOL.


Keep dancin' everyone!

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Hey Anita, must check out that MTV show, sounds good. I love all these kind of shows!


I had some great news today, my backpay (3 years worth) and my new wage rise both came in today meaning I can now go and pay off my cruise without having to worry! I also went and bought a lovely new dress for tomorrow night (friends birthday) - in my new smaller size woo hoo!


I'd like to go back to another piece of the thread....... I couldn't go to zumba last night as my feet were so sore. I have been wearing Nike's for zumba but they really hurt my feet - on Tuesday I had to take my shoes off half way through to get the routines done. Any advice on what shoes might work for me?


In response to Pilates, we don't really have that many classes here and alot are in the day when I'm working. We do have body balance? Not sure if that's similar??


Anita's Mom (sorry just don't seem to be able to do the whole Pam thing - just the way I've been brought up!) I am doing measurements and they're looking good - 2" off bust, 4" off waist and 4" off hips so working out well (I have a big bum and big hips!).


Anita, hope the marathon cleaning session went well - that is my job for tomorrow morning!


Kasi, hope the cruise is going well?! Sooooooooooooo jealous :D 20 weeks tomorrow until ours!! Hope everyone's doing ok?!:)

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What a fabulous thing to have all that money come in!! I love that feeling when you pay stuff off...unfortunately I don't feel that too often...we are in the process of paying off debt...it's a long slow process...a bit like weight loss actually...


Congrats on all your lost inches!! Woot woot!


I'll have to research body balance...it SOUNDS like it should be similar as balance (as in having similar strength and flexibility on the left and right, front and back is also a major part of Pilates).


I realized that the Nike Musique were not working for me...they weren't supporting my feet properly and my feet would hurt...since my Zumba classes are isolated, I don't mind having Zumba specific shoes...I wear Bloch brand mesh sneakers which are a kind of jazz, dance sneaker...




They are a bit odd in the split sole...it feels a little strange to put them on at first...but once you get used to it, the benefit of it is very obvious during the moves...one negative is that the soles are SO good at moving that if you do any kind of toning songs where you might hang out in a wide plie for a bit (our Drop It Low song)...then your feet can slide out and it is an extra strain on your legs to keep them from sliding out...and you have to adjust your feet more than if you had traction...


Another lady in my Sunday class has similar shoes that are from Capezio...I had tried them on, but didn't like them as much...I tried on the Rockit dancesneaker style...there are several sneaker styles but the store I was in only had the one style...




They also all have that split sole...it really makes a big difference when you do moves like Cumbia...


I really like the mesh that the sneakers are made of...it really conforms to my foot nicely and is still very breathable...


The cleaning is going to be a long process...for some reason I decided that I would start with the fireplace! LOL...sometimes rental houses need a little extra love...there was paper stuck on the brick and the brick was looking very sad and dirty...and the black wasn't black...so I picked the focal point in the family room and started there! LOL...I finished decorating the mantle too...it looks really nice...I'm slowly working my way around the family room...trying to make it nice for the weekend...hanging some more pictures...debating the furniture arrangement LOL...


If you go to the manufacturer websites of the shoes, you can find where they would be in a local store...I ended up in a specialty dance shop with a ton of ballerina and jazz clothing and related...shoes are important so I hope you can find a good pair.

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Today has been MORE cleaning...MORE laundry...I'm hitting all the rarely washed linens on all the beds...ugh...takes FOREVER...sometimes I really miss my old laundromat and the ability to get all the loads going at the same time.


As I have been cleaning, I'm organizing too...I've rearranged the furniture AGAIN...the family room and the living room...the dining rooms...I learned that I really didn't like doing yoga on the tile floor in the breakfast room, so I put the tables back and was able to make room in the family room...and the dreaded, hated couch is out of that room, so hopefully, I can get over wanting to move the furniture around in there.


Meanwhile...I've been wondering if there is an coorelation between being overweight and having a messy, unorganized house...it's funny, but as I take care of the things around me...I'm cleaning lamp shades, dusting lamps, really cleaning all the things around, not just straightening up...I feel like I am caring for myself in a weird kind of way...and it feels like something that has been missing in my life...I admit to having had a fairly lazy attitude in recent years...thinking that sitting on my bum and watching movies or looking at the computer was taking some "me" time...a little relaxing time...but as I push myself (no it doesn't come naturally) to deal with things around the house...I realize that the environment I am creating is way more rewarding for me than computer/tv time...


My ultimate goal is to have a house so organized that I have time to pursue other things besides dealing with house stuff...I have been in the midst of home reno for so long (at the previous house)...and I have been dealing with STUFF for so long...as soon as I can go through our stuff and have a garage sale/donation...then I feel like I will have so much more time on my hands to pursue other things...I'm really looking forward to that...there is a light at the end of the tunnel...one day, this will happen...


Being in a nicer environment is very motivating...taking care of things encourages me to continue to take care of myself...I need that constant encouragement for kitchen issues...


Speaking of...DS's FAV at PeiWei is the Mongolian Beef...I found a recipe for it that PeiWei released in Wichita, Kansas...LOVE Wichita btw...lived there for MANY years...DS was born there!...here's the link for that recipe and the Asian Chicken Salad, which I have never had...




We are having the beef for dinner tonight!

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Hey Anita, it's 2.30am here and I have just gotten in from my night out with the girls. Normally, I would only be in the state of mind to come in take off all my clothes and get into bed. Tonight, I am sober and wide awake. Why? Well, today I spent all day cleaning, 12 black sacks of rubbish and the house is spotless. I bought a new duvet cover and sheets and cannot wait to have a shower, put clean pjs on and get into my lovely clean bed.


I absolutely think you're right that sometimes, when you're overweight everything seems like too much of an effort, and whilst you manage the basics, the 'hidden' elements are forgotten. I spent on average 4-6 hours a day online on top of work. Now, I check my mail, facebook and here a couple of times a day but basically, with zumba, work, cleaning etc I am a much busier (and happier person).


Tonight we got caught up in a gypsy wedding - what a fascinating experience that was (some good/some bad). It just really made me see that they have found their place and role in life whether we agree with it or not. As a bigger person, I have struggled trying to be 'the joker' or the 'bubbly' one - as I lose the weight I still am not quite sure where I 'fit' but do feel more confident I'll get there - a bit philosophical I know but hey it's 2.30am!!


By the way Anita, I ordered some Bloch trainers today from Amazon so hopefully that will help with my Zumba feet! Mongolian beef sounds great?! I made a beef stew today for tomorrow - my plan is to use filo pastry to make a topping for beef pie with half of the recipe. Will let you know how it goes!!


Anyway I think Sunday is a Zumba day for you Anita? Enjoy! And to anyone else doing Zumba today, have fun! Monday night at 6.15pm for me so nice long lie tomorrow then more sorting of cupboards and cooking for the week ahead. Take care!!

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Had a great workout today. Having two evening classes...I really enjoy this one morning class...it feels good to get the workout in early and enjoy the feeling of a job well done all day...


I takes a big of getting used to be a smaller person...I think that you can identify with being a bigger person for so long, that when you lose that and it no longer fits...it can be difficult to do...part of it is the new habits...to be the one in the group that orders salad...or quizes the server about how menu items are prepared and being that person that makes special requests...to be the one that abstains from the various things...topics of conversation become different...it's amazing how, when the change becomes a lifestyle change, you discover that YOU have actually changed...and more than a smaller person, you are a different person in many ways...


I think this is key to being able to sustain the weight loss...I think that people that "go on a diet" and lose weight, but never change and revert back to old ways that made them overweight in the first place...will just gain the weight back...it's not rocket science...if you are going to be success at being a fit person...then you have to be a different person...


And I think everyone has read enough of my opinions to know that I don't believe that anything is really off limits...it's just a matter of balance...so it's not like you can never eat your favorite junk food or treats again...it's just a matter of how regularly the new you wants it...


Because I think that there is a snowball effect...the more that you treat yourself well...the better you feel...the better you treat yourself...and it becomes easier to have the norm be something completely different...


It's all a part of finding that new identity and having people begin to relate to the new you...I think though that recognizing this means great things for figuring it out and not having old habits rear their ugly heads...hopefully your friends and coworkers and family will allow you to become the new version of yourself and be supportive.


I'm talking to everyone reading...and myself...not just Donna...


Well...I went to make the Mongolian beef last night and I didn't have any garlic...I thought, well, I'll use powder, won't be the same BUT...THEN I didn't have any soy sauce...so no beef for us...fortunately I had chicken breasts in the fridge, so we had pan fried (with blackened seasoning) chicken breast with penne pasta and jarred marinara sauce (my pantry safety net) and steamed brocolli. I have to get a few things at the store tonight.


I wanted to share with everyone my defrosting experiment...looking for a better way to defrost protein (because a microwave never seems able to do the job without cooking the edges), I came across some sort of defrosting mat that is supposed to defrost your food quickly by transferring the heat from the air (which is warmer than frozen meat) to the frozen meat in a heat transfer...I read that rather than spend money on this special mat, just use ANY stainless steel pan...so I did that yesterday afternoon for the beef, thinking that I'd make that recipe yesterday. The beef was about one inch thick and it took much less than an hour for it to be thawed. I was impressed because it wasn't cooked at all...it was perfect for slicing...I could have sliced it much earlier but I admit that I kind of forgot about it and when I did check on it, it was go to go...


So I recommend this method for defrosting if you have the time...it worked great...it worked so well that I might just have to make sure that I pound a few chicken breasts and mark them so that I can use this method in the future for when I forget to take something out of the freezer...thicker would take longer, and we don't want the protein at room temperature for long, so thinner makes me feel better...still...an excellent methodology...I highly recommend.


Donna...I love my Blochs...I did have to order a bigger size than I normally wear. Did you read up on them and do that? Also...because the soles are special, I don't wear them outside...I change shoes before and after class. Mom said one lady wears them in one of her classes and she fell wearing the shoes outside because of lack of traction...she was all worried about me, but I don't wear them outside...word of warning...they make great Zumba shoes because they are made to slide around...so not the best for outdoor wear.


And I have to say great work on gathering all that rubbish and getting rid of it! Whenever I am able to do that...it feels like the house feels better...it's like weight loss for the house...the house has more energy, better flow, and just feels better...mine is still a work in progress...but I keep after it...


Hope everyone is keeping after it!

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Here are new songs we have been doing in class...I finally got around to looking for them!


Lo que paso paso by Daddy Yankee



I don't know if the music transition is normally a part of the song, but we don't do the part after the major change just 3:00 minutes or so...


Here's our new warm up song...


I Like It by Enrique Inglesias


Parts of the warm up are like a full on song...it gets you warmed up alright.



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Hi all,

just a quick note to let you know, I'm doing well.

We are currentlz in port of Tenerife, Canary Islands, the temperatures are at 25 degree celsius, so it's wonderful t-shirt weather.

We were at Loro-Parque today, a kind of zoo, where they have shows with dolphins, orcas and many different animals to see. I absolutely loved the orcas, it was fantastic to see them up close again, last we had that chance was on a whalewatching trip out of Victoria, B.C.


Anyway, sport is a bit lacking, no good dancing classes onboard, the pool is unheated, I tried it once, not sure if I'll manage again. As the airconditioning in the gym is kind of non-existent, it's futile to go there if you don't make it there in the morning.

I tried a stretching class on a seaday, but as we are heading out on different excursions most days, walking around the ports will be my sport.

I'll have to get back on track once we are home.

Right now enjoying the sun, relaxing and just being yourself seems enough.


I'll read everything you posted once I'm home.

Keep on moving ladies and best greeting from the atlantic ocean.

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I'm so glad you checked in Kasi! I'm glad to hear you are doing well and having a relaxing vacation.


Mondays have turned into something of a hardcore physically active day for me! Struck with the urge and inspiration to tackle this HUGE tree in our backyard...I grabbed the telescoping tree pruning tool we have and went to town. This poor tree...subject to renters for however many years...and obviously people that didn't know what they were doing in recent years...I went through and fixed all the back cuts first...then the game of analysis and visualization began...


As I was sawing away at another branch...my shoulders starting to feel the work...I thought to myself...Maybe this isn't such a brilliant idea on Pilates/Zumba day?...Two hours later...and only half way done...I hurried to put on some dry clothes :eek:...so I could walk over a mile to the school to get DS...


The weather is GORGEOUS right now...spring...70s...low humidity...you have to enjoy it while it lasts in Houston because it is fleeting...DS and I always come home via the playground in our subdivision...I barely made it home in time to get ready for classes last night...


So I was basically on the go and active from 12:30 PM to 7:00 PM...SERIOUSLY!!


As it turns out...doing tree trimming work the day of class wasn't so bad...I really benefitted from getting my muscles so warmed up later and being able to stretch and use them in a different way...I'm still sore in the shoulder/neck area this morning...but I think that I can finish the job I started yesterday...and I'm eagar to do this.


Today...I will remember to put on sunscreen :eek:...fortunately...because of the tree...you would classify the backyard as dappled shade...and I was wearing more covering than less...my nose got the worst of the deal...I'll be wearing a hat today...


I wore my HRM during Pilates and Zumba...I burned 256 calories during Pilates and 713 during Zumba. This is the beginning of a new 8-week session at the rec center...so there were new people in class yesterday...whenever there are new people, there is more preview instruction between the songs...so slightly less Zumba doing those first few classes...and this was reflected in the calorie burn...BUT I don't worry about these things...because I remember that we are not necessarily going for the burn during class...we are going for METABOLIC CONFUSION which results in tremendous burn AFTER the class...


I want to remind everyone of this...I showed two of the ladies that also do the Pilates class my calorie burn during Pilates...a kind of encouragement that we were doing good that day so far...and the one lady talked about her "fat burning zone"...


I know all about this fat burning zone...if you sustain a heart rate that is higher than normal but below the "cardio burning zone" then supposedly your body realizes that it needs more energy to do what it is doing...but because you aren't burning it TOO high...the body feels like it has time to dip into your fat stores to get the extra energy it needs to do what it is doing...


I'm writing to tell you Ladies...DON'T THINK LIKE THIS DURING ZUMBA!!!...if you do, you will be losing out on the major benefit of the nature of the beast, so to speak...remember...intermittent training...irregular intervals of high and low intensity that throw your body into a state of WHAT?!?!?!...your body is confused...there is no pattern...it can't figure out what it can do to be more efficient at what you are doing...to get used to it...to basically do the same work using less energy (think LESS CALORIES)...and because of the lack of pattern...your body has quite a rigamarole to go through each and every time you do Zumba to get back to status quo...and it burns A LOT of energy going through its systems checks to get back to status quo...Zumba is not just about burning calories during the class alone...


So don't hold back on your effort during class thinking that you need to stay below the cardio zone so you can burn fat...you don't need to do this with your Zumba training...you will be making Zumba less effective in the long run if you do this...you need to have fun...swing your arms...let your heart rate push some limits...take breaks between songs...slow it down...then work it again...


As I was trimming the tree yesterday...I realized that I could turn just about anything into a weight loss/physical fitness analogy...as I trimmed away the dead/dying branches...correctly trimmed the stumped branches...cleared out cross branches...slowing revealing the beautiful structure of the tree, raising the level of the crown...thinning what I could reach of the crown, letting the light shine through the tree...opening up some breathing room...I could feel the tree just get happier and happier...Is that weird?...but it's true...


As the weight of certain branches was eased...they lifted against gravity...as branching pointing toward the ground were removed...the entire tree stood taller...prouder...stronger looking...defying gravity and basking in the sun...it's just a happier tree...


The branches that I couldn't get to because I lost a nut on my tool and had to stop using the saw attachment are crying out to me...they are so out of place...they need to be gone...


It's like the roll of fat that is still around my stomach...as I lose weight...I'm standing taller...prouder...my carriage is better...my posture is better...my walk is better...and yet the parts that are still to be lost on the road ahead are crying out to be taken care of...it's a weird place to be in...as things get better...the things that AREN'T better stand out more and more...in a way...it can be a real downer to still see all the work that needs to be done...


What is cool though...is that it is getting more focused...the areas that require the improvement are getting smaller and smaller...whereas there WAS a kind of all over this body needs some improvement before I got started...NOW...things are looking pretty good in many places...which makes the belly/hips stand out more...


And it's hard to not focus on these things...but it's important to focus on the good...the less good will continue to change as we continue to press on and keep doing what we are doing...


I hope that everyone is keeping on...and finding inspiration everyday!

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Hi, Donna, I don't mind being called Anita's Mom because I've been her Mom for more than half of my life so I'm used to it! Kind of proud of it, actually. :D


So, you bought those special shoes?!? Please be very careful with them because as Anita said the lady took a nasty spill in the parking lot. She actually tripped when she stepped off of a curb (I think because she wasn't used to having that unusual split sole and she didn't place her foot properly when she stepped down). Please let me know if you like them. I still haven't made a purchase.


Interesting Zumba class for me last night! For the first time, the instructor was a man. The class was packed! He was so much FUN. To give you an idea of how packed the class was, one of the first things he had us do was extend our arms to the sides to see if we touched the person next to us. Most of us did and we had to rearrange so that we could do the arm moves without banging into someone. Still, with the dance moves people ended up in different places, so I still banged into the women next to me. The room is large; there had to be more than 100 ladies and MEN there. One man even wore those special shoes so I know he's been coming for a while.


I can tell you that Teddy (the instructor) wasn't as much of a hip wiggler as the women instructors have been. Of course, no one tops Kelly in the hig wiggling department. But, he was so energetic and so enthusiastic and so funny. His announcements: (1) do not think that this class will prepare you for an audition for the next Pussycat Doll so don't get upset if your dance moves don't match his or anyone else's for that matter... just move your body, and (2) the most important thing you can bring to class is a smile on your face, and (3) it's a good idea to breathe... he's just saying... And that set the tone for the 1 hour and 2 minutes (but, who's counting?!?) that he put us through the dance moves.


One thing that he did that the other instructors did NOT is that he played the song list from start to finish without a single pause. The other instructors that I've had will let a song end and then there will be a few chords of another song that starts to play until they go to their player (whatever they use... IPOD...) and they stop the next song, select the song that they want to play next (sometimes they even ask the class what song they might want to do), and then they're off again. The class usually gets over the song that just finished, drinks some water, gets back into position and starts again. I would guess that it's at least 30 seconds between songs; at least. Teddy just started up the music and went nonstop for the whole 1 hour and 2 minutes... <whew>... I was so bummed that my heart rate monitor's battery went out on me during class because I would have loved to have seen that number of calories burned!


I had an OK time in Las Vegas. Mainly the best times were spent shopping at a premium outlet mall that I didn't even know existed! And then spending some great time with my DH just soaking up the Las Vegas atmosphere. We've decided that we prefer to "do" Las Vegas on our own! Maybe we just love our own schedule too much because it seems that going there with friends just isn't providing us with the over-the-top good time that we usually have. Now we have an excuse to head back to Las Vegas this year!


Kasi, yeah! It sounds like you're having a great cruise. The weather is just a bit edgy, isn't it? I'm sorry that the ship isn't heating the pool for you! Can't wait to hear details of your trip.

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So bummed...


My Pilates and Zumba classes were canceled tonight...Kelly is "so sick :( "


If it were past April 7, then I could have subbed for her tonight for Zumba! IF I had a portable sound system...she brings her own...I guess that's something to think about...but regardless...I am glad that I have registered for the training...


I was so looking forward to class tonight...I feel all out of sorts and like I don't quite know what to do with myself...I stopped by the library to pick up a book I had reserved and some movies...hit the grocery store for a few key essentials that I needed to get through the rest of the week...made dinner...and now I need to cook up some chicken for lunches...I had two different things in the fridge that really needed to get cooked...so cooking two meals tonight...ah well...


I bummed about missing class...just lets me know how much I enjoy it when it gets taken away...hope everyone else is having a better night!

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Well...I have to admit to feeling a little off lately...meaning that I feel like I have crossed a line in looks...on one side of the line I was looking like a fat person that was losing weight...on this side of the line I look like a thinner person that has gained weight...it's hard to explain...and maybe it's because I have downsized my bottoms...and in buying proper fitting bottoms, I've created more rolls that stand out...and as other parts of the body get closer to goal...unfortunately...the middle part still is quite a ways off and is standing out more as needing work...


Maybe it's that I look in the mirror and feel like I should look better for as much work as I have done...but unfortunately, I still have more to go...


I have never weighed as much as I did before starting this lifestyle change...unless you count the time I was pregnant with DS...so I have never had quite as much to lose...so in the past when I have lost as much as I have currently lost...the result has been much better...I guess I am just now coming into the realization of what it really means to have a LONG TERM goal...because I am six months...I have to say that again...SIX MONTHS into this change of lifestyle...and I am about half way there...


So I FEEL like I'm in a bit of a slump...needing to recommit to goal...not that I have fallen away...even though I couldn't go to classes Wednesday because they were canceled...it's just a psychological thing...


It takes a long time to lose 70 pounds...and that's pretty much all there is to that.


I haven't felt too motivating...so I haven't posted...any one else feeling like they are struggling?


I picked up the March 2011 issue of InStyle magazine...it's the fashion magazine that I like the most and can relate to the most...it's a big thick issue so I've been having fun looking through it...


One article in there talks about what to wear with all the different styles of jeans that are out there...crops, boyfriends, flare, skinny, etc...so today...a cold front is coming in...the wind is blowing and it is definitely pants and jackets weather outside...I decided that I would try out DH's jeans to try out the "boyfriend" look...and for the first time in I don't know HOW long...I am...are you ready for it?...smaller than DH!!! His jeans were LOOSE!!!


Very exciting...because relative to my DH...I SHOULD be smaller than him...but I haven't been for a long time...


Meanwhile...I've been slacking off in the kitchen...dinners have been less than exciting the past few days...I have chicken that HAD to get cooked, so I just baked it with simple seasoning to be able to use it in salads, pasta, sandwiches...so we have been making something out of that for the past few days...very boring...but effective...


I am SO looking forward to Zumba on Sunday...and missing class on Wednesday made me so glad that I am all registered for certification on April 7!...I've been picking up hints and tips from Mom...the instructor for her Thursday morning class has changed...the new instructor is relatively new to instructing Zumba...and she isn't very good...so Mom has been helping me to know what NOT to do...


That would be a good, helpful discussion...


As she has told me...


If you mess up the choreography...don't restart the song...


Anyone else have any pointers? Things that bug you? Things you love?


Hope everyone is keeping on...bathing suit season is just around the corner...speaking of...I found the CUTEST suit!...super expensive, but super cute...it looks like a one piece from the front...but looks like a two piece from the back...I love it!...I'm going to keep watching it to see if it ever goes on sale...definitely would be a fun suit for this summer...




Anyone else found any goal clothes?

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Mom heard a funny in her Saturday Zumba class...it's something of an online joke...I found it...I'm sharing it...for my international buddies...Dawn is a brand of liquid dishwashing soap here in the states...


"I figured out why I am so fat!!! The shampoo I use in the shower runs down my body and the bottle says, "For extra volume and body..." I'm going to start using Dawn dishwashing soap instead...It says, "dissolves fat that is otherwise difficult to remove."


Happy Monday Ladies!!

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Anita, do you know what is so funny, that joke has also hit the social networking sites here too......in a similar fashion.....


I have figured out why i'm fat!!!! The shampoo i use in the shower that runs down my body says,"for extra volume and body". I'm going to start using "Fairy" washing liquid,it says,"dissolves fat that is otherwise difficult to remove." Repost this if you have the same issue!


I have often had trouble struggling to keep going. This weekend i have been away with my folks - my mom had a knee operation last weekend and has very limited movement so went to visit. They could not believe the difference in me..........much more than I could ever tell, my dad said I look like a new person!! After losing only 17lb I am now a whole size (at least) smaller and they noticed a huge difference.


Keep going ladies, it may seem sometimes like the weight/fitness differences are small but for those who haven't seen you for a while, the differences are huge!!


On the way home i picked up a friend of mine, she was so negative and when we stopped at a cafe, I had tomato and basil soup - she said she would have soup and a cake then didn't manage to eat the cake!! She took it home but the whole thing cost her £16.75 (around $20). Made me feel much better!!


Please keep going ladies, we have worked so hard to get where we are and the results will keep showing as long as we continue. Anita, you are such an inspiration, I hope you stick with us?!

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Donna...isn't that such a wonderful feeling? to be on the receiving end of such complements and enthusiasm when people notice the difference? SUCH a boost to the spirits!


I'm not going anywhere...just being honest about my current struggles in the kitchen department...I told Mom...I am just so SICK of planning and figuring out food! Last night we had tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner! There is a restaurant in various parts of the states, called Sweet Tomatoes, it's a FABULOUS salad bar (buffet) type restaurant with soups, breads, etc, in addition to the salad fixings...I'm still in the "Club Veg" and the email I got the other day announced that March was the month for them to do this special tomato soup and "grilled cheese" like foccacia bread...there isn't a close location to the new house though...but I've been thinking about that combo ever since...last night I got my fill...


Here's my tip for the BEST grilled cheese...I've watched the chefs on the Food Network do this...and I finally tried it and DS LOVED it...so here goes...DON'T butter the bread...melt butter in the pan!...then add the bread to the slightly browned/melted butter in the pan...the bread will get the most awesome crisp crust action...what I do to control the amount of fat used is the cut cold butter...it doesn't take too much...you can definitely use less than 1 tablespoon...have two thin slices...melt one...brown the first side...then lift the sandwich with a spatula...throw the other slice of butter in the pan to melt quickly before you flip the sandwich over...you'll use a lot less butter than if you were to butter the bread first...and the bread is much crispier...super yummy...


Last night, I told Kelly that I am signed up to get certified...she shared that she is watching the class that I am signed up for...they haven't announced the instructor for that class yet...Kelly is wondering if BETO (the founder and developer of Zumba) is going to be the one to teach the class or at least participate in that class...I would be so excited if that were true!


I admitted that I wasn't really sure what I was going to do with the certification...Kelly said she didn't know either...and long story short...one thing that I know I want to do is just try out as many different instructors as I can...I'm putting together a spreadsheet with all the possibilities...I think I'm going to have a strategy and get some free one week passes to various gyms (they often give a free trial period like this) and then do a personal Zumba marathon in the extreme! I think I could learn a lot just from going to see how different instructors are, what they do, the music they use, etc. I'm pretty excited about the idea...I'm thinking I need to plan it to get the class visits in before the summer when DS will be home with me. It should be a crazy period. I can only hope that I survive without getting too sore and too tired!


Mom is thinking that I should come visit and we can check out the instructors at the 24 Hour Fitnesses near her...I'm all for that!

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