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Any other Zumba fans?

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Hello everyone!!!


I just got my Zumba cds and very excited. No classes close by for me.


I am very excited. Is there special workout shoes I should be wearing?

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Uri1961...Congrats on the Zumba CDs, or did you mean DVDs?...either way, please tell us all about them after you do them!...we can't seem to get anyone to review them!


About your shoes...you need to be careful about where you do Zumba...ideally, you do NOT want to do Zumba on carpet...IF you do have to do Zumba on carpet, then you really need to have shoes that have smooth, smooth soles...the last thing you want to have happen is to have the momentum of your body continuing in one direction while your foot gets stuck on the carpet and doesn't join your body movement...


Now I haven't done the DVDs, so I've never seen the style that they are...but the workout is dance based...you will want to have a shoe that will offer some support, but the most important aspect of a Zumba shoe is the sole...you don't want something with a lot of tread on the bottom...a typical running shoe does not make a good Zumba shoe...ESPECIALLY if you will be doing Zumba on carpet...


That's really the only consideration...and just to be clear...you need a shoe that will allow your foot to twist and turn easily on whatever flooring you are doing your Zumba on...


When I did Zumba at home once...just doing the routines as I remembered them to the songs as I played them from youtube...I did it on carpet in sock feet.

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Hello Ladies,


I´m home again :)

12 days of cruising flew by and we had a wonderful time with lots of sun. Unfortunately also lots of food. As the sports classes aboard were lacking, I gained 1 lbs.

It is just 1 lbs due to high seas and strong winds in the atlantic ocean, which kept me from having dinner for some nights.


The ports:

Marseille, France: We took a bus to the old harbour of Marseille and went on a sightseeing tour of the city. It was freezing on the open upper deck of the bus. Saw some nice churches and houses and the fish market right by the port but did not wander around much.


Gibraltar, UK:

As I have seen the apes on a previous visit, we just went to town and did some shopping, hat wonderful icecream and walked around the new marina which is a very nice and relaxing spot in Gibraltar.


Lanzarote, Spain: On the island of Lanzarote we did a tour organized by our cruiseship. A bus took us to a short ride on a dromedar and afterwards to a restaurant in the volcano park, here they have some simple show elements to show you how hot and active the earth is at that place. e.g. put some water into a hole in the earth and out shoots a fontain.... A bus ride through the volcano park was the last we got to see.


Teneriffe, Spain: Here we booked an excursion to Loro Parque, a zoo with different shows. They have the most awesome pengiun house I´ve every seen, different kind of penguins in there, and it snows! We went to a dolphin and an orca show and it was so much fun to see these animals.


La Palma, Spain: Another volcanic islands where we took a tour to the caldera national park, here you can still seee the impressive volcano crater high up in the mountains. The island is quite fascinating, as it rises over 2000m on such a small island, so everytging is steep. Down by the ocean they grow bananas and up in tghe mountain there´s not much growth at all. Had some great pizza during our stroll through the town afterwards.


Madeira, Portugal: This was my diy destination, been there before I was not happy with the offered excursions, so we made our own. We started the day with a visit to the market hall, where they sell all kinds of fruit, many we had never seen before. There is also a fish market where you can by freshly caught fish. We then took the cablecar to the small town of Monte, where we visited the tropical gardens and took the wicker sledge back downhill. It´s absolutely touristy, but so much fun. Some wandering around the old town was how we ended our day.


Malaga, Spain: This port literally drowned. It was raining so heavy, that we went into town, into the first cafe, drank hot chocolate and returned to the ship to get into dry clothes...


All in all a nice relaxing cruise with lots of wonderful places.



Now I have to get back into the workout routine, my first class is yoga tomorrow night and then zumba on friday.

And, as today is the end of the carneval in Europe, Ash Wednesday, we are starting into 6 weeks of fasting, in our case that no strict fasting, however we do plan to not consume sweets´and soda for that time period. Also there should be much more veggies in the next couple of weeks.


Enjoy your day everyone, I´m heading of to the office.

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Welcome back Kasi, your cruise sounds great! What was the ship like -would you recommend it??


I am just back from my weigh in - another 2lb off so that's 19lb now and really starting to notice the difference. Don't worry too much about the scales since talking to you all as I know it's the inches that count :)


Anita, how you doing? Hope you're back on track and motivated again. There were ladies at my class tonight feeling pretty low and demotivated so hopefully we were able to offer them some advice.


Off to have dinner and watch masterchef for some inspiration!!! Take care ladies and great to have you back Kasi - 1lb is amazing after 12 days of cruising - well done you!!

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Kasi...so glad to hear about your cruise! Sounds like you had a good time and overall some decent weather for this time of year? Any photos? And 1 lb gain after such a long cruise seems AWESOME to me! wtg!


Donna...I'm totally pumped! My number didn't come up during my jury summons today so I didn't have to even be considered for any jury service! Yay! I'm very happy because I really wanted to be able to be a chaperone for DS's field trip tomorrow. AND of course, I get to go to my classes tonight!


I hope you were able to motivate the ladies in your class! Motivation and inspiration can be contageous for sure...unfortunately, so is the opposite...so you need someone around who can stop the negative wave and turn it around! Mom has some very encouraging Zumba news to report regarding calorie burns and increased skill to follow along during Zumba...I hope she gets on and shares it...I told her she should!


Meanwhile...I'm have a shot of caffeine before tonight's classes. I slept rough and woke up unusually early to get downtown today AND the latte I got was a skinny version (totally gross, I hate the aftertaste of fake sugar) so I'm enjoying a nice fat-free, sugary latte before class...need to drink now so I'm not too sloshy later! I'll be checking back in after class...


editted to add...I LOVE MasterChef...we have only had one season here in the states. I watched it all online though. A good show for inspiration! I assume you are watching a UK version?

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SOOO...I wasn't the only one that was ill...Kelly was ill too...and she also had to deal with a jury summons in the family (her mother) which impaired her ability to teach class on two different nights...so we are having make-up days again...so tomorrow, as in Saturday...and the following Saturday are the two make-up days...SO...my schedule looks like this for this past week, next week, and the week following...





Saturday (tomorrow)...Pilates/Zumba











Gonna be a big ole marathon!


AND considering the fact that the cold weather we had...remember?, it did get cold here, we had ICE cancelations for school?...and this threw a wrench in Kelly's walking schedule...and go figure?...the lady is up 6 to 8 pounds!...so she has been kicking our you know what's because she needs to shed a bit of winter weight!


It happens to the best of us ladies...a pound creeps on here...creeps on there...give it no notice...let it slide...and the next thing you know...you are a Zumba instructor teaching classes that number in the double digits but your lifestyle is such that you eat so much because you can because you teach all these classes...but you miss a few (hello, makeup classes!) and you don't get your evening walks in and over a period of time, you find that you have actually been averaging a pound of gain a week! WOW!


So what do you do? You get back to it!!


I'll report on the anticipated pain as we go along! LOL.

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Once upon a time ago...I needed to find some form of physical activity...quite frankly nothing that could ever be classified as strenous, or even aerobic, was EVER appealing in any sense...weird circumstances would be the encouragement to use treadmills, eliptical machines, and the like...I found that I exercised VERY regularly when I was pregnant, for example...because I felt obligated if I was going to be healthy, especially since I was already 172 pounds when I became pregnant...


Then along came Zumba...and it was fun...and I enjoyed it tremendously...


HOWEVER...I must share some aspects of Zumba that I did NOT enjoy...


I will begin with the shoulder shimmy...this is the movement where you alternately shake your shoulders forward and backward...QUICKLY...the speed may vary by song...but usually, the result of the movement was the same...


There was a WHOLE lot of shakin' going on...and it wasn't pretty...


When Kelly does this movement...she raises her arms so that her hands are not quite as high as her shoulder height...elbows are bent and lower than hands and shoulders...she did explain once that holding your arms in such a way increases the work of the movement...making it much harder to do than if you let your arms and hands flop at your sides...


Since I had determined that in order to look like Kelly (or at least, my own body's version of Kelly's state of physical fitness), I needed to move JUST LIKE Kelly, I have been holding my arms like Kelly...And when I look in the mirror, I could see ALL the shaking going on...there was a comic in a newspaper once that cracked my DS up...in it, a son refered to his Mom's "bingo wings"...these are her flabby triceps that flap in the breeze whenever she excitedly yells "BINGO!"...


I had bingo wings...I had bingo wings below, above, in front, in back, on the left and the right...flabbiness all over shaking to the shimmy...it was very embarassing to look at myself...


And there was one time in class where I felt like someone else in the class was talking about my flab shaking during "Just in the Line" when we do a whole lot of shoulder shimmy action...I don't know if I was being sensitive to what was so embarassing to me...or not...but I FELT like this one person in class made a derogatory comment about my excessive bingo wings to another...and they shared a little giggle...I am pretty sure that this wasn't what happened...but this is how unhappy, embarassed, and upset I was about the situation...I imagined this happenstance.


There is one saying that I have been repeatedly saying to myself...and I think that I have posted on this thread more than once...


You gotta SHAKE it to LOSE it...


I am happy to report that I did not let my embarassment keep me from shimmying for all I was worth...all I could afford...for all that it was an uncomfortable sight...because Ladies, it was very uncomfortable to be the front line girl that I am...wearing the tanks that I prefer to wear (I really don't like short sleeves, especially for working out)...being the well endowed young lady that I am...and letting my shimmy shake my bingo wings all over where everyone could see...as if they were paying any attention to me...


And I am here to encourage everyone reading to SHAKE it to LOSE it! If you are embarassed like I was...overcome!...shake it and let your bingo wings flap in the breeze!...if you can't shake it in the place where you are trying so hard to lose it...then you will have serious problems losing it...


Today...today Kelly decided to focus on our shoulders!...it was like every song was an intensive shoulder movement song...it was INSANE...Kelly even said after we did one of those toning, intensive arm movement songs (Me and You)..."And just because I decided to pile it on we're doing Drummer Boy...:eek:" THANKS Kelly!


Well...let me tell you about Bon Bon...because this is an INTENSE shimmy song...INTENSE people!! And I just have to say...my arms aren't super tight...but my bingo wings are GONE...G...O...N...E...GONE!!


There were only 4 attendees to today's makeup class...so there was plenty of room and plenty of time to just stare at yourself in the mirror...it's been a while since we have done Bon Bon...and man oh man...did I see a HUGE difference in the mirror today.


So, again, let me just encourage you...one and all...don't be embarassed in Zumba...or...even if you are...don't let it stop you from giving it your all during the class...you have to do this in order for change to occur...it will take time...we are talking about change over six months here...but again, I encourage you, stick with it, keep it up, shake and shimmy and flap your bingo wings...change is coming if you do...

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I HATE the Spring change of daylight savings...HATE...I like my sleep...and anything that causes me to lose an hour of sleep at night is in the dog house in my book...


Fortunately, on this Sunday morning, DH has a tennis match first thing...he earned his spot in the semi-finals in the tournament that he is playing this weekend...so, for once, someone else is awake with me before I go to Zumba...


It was brutal when the alarm went off this morning...especially since DH has to leave earlier than I do, so it was actually set for a half hour earlier than when I normally wake up for class...make that 90 minutes earlier with the time change! :eek:


I had a conversation with one of DS's friend's Mom the other day...the boys were running around on the playground and we were chillaxing on the bench watching...as a side note...I think that if the Moms were running around as much as the kids instead of sitting on their bums watching all the activity...there would be more fit Moms...but anyway...we were sitting having a conversation...


She mentioned that in college one year she and her roommate were determined to be "good"...(you know how much I hate that)...whatever...they had decided to get up early and get their exercise in before classes started...and they did...getting up and doing their thing from the beginning of the spring semester right up UNTIL the daylight savings change...and then they never got up again...


How sad is that?


I mean...I understand...college students especially...but still...


My DH will complain about having to get up early for work...especially if he has to go in early...but on a day when he would get to go snowboarding (when we lived in Colorado)...especially when there had been snowfall overnight?...he could be up and moving and CHIPPER even!...waking up before the alarm and hitting the highway at o'dark thirty to get fresh powder on the slopes...


Or on a fishing day?


Or a hunting day?


Up before the crack of dawn to BE at the place to be when dawn cracked to maximize the day...and HAPPY to be there.


WORK though? That's a struggle.


As I heard the words of this other Mom...there rose up in me that desire to be different. And I think this is what is fueling the whole fitness thing...I want to be different from the people that I see around me...and most of the people in my observation are not fit...the levels vary hugely...but there are few people I look at and think..."I want to look like you."


So if I don't want to look like them?...I have to do what they are not doing...I have to suck it up and get to class even if I missed more than an hour of sleep the night before...I can't let silly circumstances like this halt my routine...people do though...but if you care enough...you make time to do the things you care about...I care about getting fit and healthy...I am making time for it...my FIL and MIL have came over yesterday morning to be with DS while DH and I were both out...him at tennis and me at Pilates/Zumba...and this morning, they are coming over again while we are both out again. Sometimes you have to ask for help to get the job done.


So ask for help if you need it. There are people in your life who care about you and will gladly help you to make positive changes in your life. And don't let a silly thing like a time change (as HATEFUL as it is ;)) be a catalyst for negative change. Overcome. Deal. Git 'er done!

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A few days (posts) back, Anita mentioned that I had some positive Zumba news and thought that I should share. So, here I am... sharing...


I've been bitten hard (very hard) by the Spring cleaning bug! This is not unusual for me, but it is a bit unusual with the intensity of the desire to get my environment beautiful. You know what? I think part of it is that I finally have the energy level to expend on the cleaning. It takes quite a bit of effort to really get in there, apply the elbow grease, and get the job done. So, I've been doing that wonderful deep-cleaning and now I'm taking a break from it to talk to you guys...



What happened to me is that I hit an incredible, all-time high in calorie burn during Zumba! 877 calories! I was totally amazed. I can tell you that the reason that I hit this high is that I finally felt strong enough to add some vigorous arm movements to the routine(s). The calorie hit was on a Tuesday evening class with an instuctor that I had found to be very difficult, fast, holy cow what a challenge! That night I was just feeling good and reflecting on how much FUN the class was (it's way more fun to add the arm movements because then you really feel like you're dancing rather than just moving your feet!)... anyway I was on my way out to the parking lot and I was in a situation where I was walking behind a couple of young women who were (of course) having a conversation. They were also in the same Zumba class. HOWEVER, their conversation was so interesting to me because they were talking along the same vein as the way that I felt when I first started Zumba... they were saying that the class was very, very difficult... that the instructor must have increased the tempo of the songs because they were just so FAST... that the movements were so intense... that they were simply exhausted...


Holy cow! I said the exact same thing to Anita when I took my first "gym" Zumba class after coming home from a visit with her. Now, Anita's Zumba instructor, Kelly, is fantastic. I love her! She teaches in more of a studio environment and she really, really pays attention to the Zumba philosophy of high intensity INTERVAL training, which is a vastly superior form of cardio. The gym environment in which I do Zumba is simply high intensity training... in other words, Kelly makes sure that there are a variety of songs with different levels of movement that will increase, decrease, burst your heart rate. In the gym environment, the instructor simply starts the music and the class begins... no interruption for water breaks... no interruption to choose the next song in the sequence.. you are expected to take care of your own needs... it's a gym.


Anyway, back to my story. I felt so incredibly pumped at overhearing this conversation because it made me realize how far I've come in my cardio health. So, I checked my records (I'm a BIG record keeper) and I found that I've increased my calorie burn by leaps and bounds since starting Zumba... in the beginning I was burning in the mid- to high-500s, and now I entered the high 800s range!


Not to put too much emphasis on just one session... I can report that I had a burn of 827 calories in 52 minutes on Saturday! (the instructor was late coming to class, general chitchat, and having to get out of the exercise room for the next class coming in... result an 8-minute "loss" of time!).


So, that's my story! And, I don't mind telling you because I think that facts help others, I am going to have my 60th birthday in a few months! Wow! And, I do battle a bit with a hypothyroid condition. Zumba is just a great exercise component... LOVE it!


I'm so glad that Anita has made her lifestyle change and introduced me to Zumba on our visit. Past visits were wonderful as well, but different... we would go out quite a bit and enjoy some restaurant dining. This past visit she requested that we help with her lifestyle change and support eating more at home... and she asked me if I would like to go to Zumba with her. Of course, I had to say yes because I really want to support her healthy living goals.


I don't remember if I've ever told her this or not... but, the first night after the first Zumba class... I came back to the house and told my DH that our DS was trying to kill me!... I really did...


So the start of Zumba was a struggle for me... cardio struggle... knees struggle... feet struggle... I learned to engage my core muscles to keep my back from feeling tension and getting sore... I learned to do the hip movement wiggle(s) to start the hourglass shape returning to my body...

And... now... I'm just having FUN. I've never had a cardio exercise that I've enjoyed as much... and I've been a part of Jazzercise in the past... Aerobicize in the past... the dreaded treadmill (HATE IT)... the dreaded elliptical (lasted less than a minute)... the dreaded cycling (BORING)...


So I have some other subjects to discuss, but I'll save that for another post because this has turned into a long one...


Kasi, would love to see a few pictures! And I absolutely loved your cruise description. Holy cow, you made me laugh out loud! Talking about the choppy seas, and the cold pool, and the wet weather... and saying it was a wonderful, relaxing cruise! I love your outlook...


Donna, yeah! Steady progress... steady, steady progress...

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Mom DID tell me her opinion about my intentions on her life span after her first Zumba class...I believe she shared over lattes the next morning...LOL.


I had a fun little thing happen to me today in Subway...


This day is the first official day of Spring Break for DS...so we slept in and had a relaxing morning...


I'm in a debate over what I want to do on my birthday...Friday, March 25...there is a social at the tennis club going on that night...Ritas and Fajitas...as in MARGAritas and fajitas...in the midst of yummy food, there will be some mixed doubles tennis playing...


Now tennis is not my game...at least it hasn't been...I enjoyed it when I was younger...as in, when I was in fifth grade?...I took lessons when I visited my Grandmother one summer...it was at the local country club...and tennis was a part of the social fabric of my Grandmother's friends...everyone's children seemed to be involved in the sport at some level...and one of my Grandmother's best friends was involved in teaching...I enjoyed it a lot.


Back home...there wasn't anyone that played really...so it wasn't a very social thing to do...and we all know that I am a self identified SOCIALITE exerciser...it's a weird situation where we lived...but let's say that I had the opportunity to play alone using a garage door as a backboard...but this didn't last long in holding my interest...so anyway...I didn't continue playing after that one summer...


This whole thing with the social tennis night has me thinking...sounds like a fun thing to do on my birthday...social...food not cooked by me (always a bonus)...and to include physical activity as part of the alcoholic socializing?...well that seems the way to do it IMO...it seems like a way to meet some people and have some fun...and I'd like to meet more people down in this area we recently moved to...so I'm thinking that on a philosophical level...going to a tennis party on my b-day could set the stage for a balanced next year of life...food, fun, and fitness with friends.


SO...I need a racket to play tennis...I have one but it's not in good shape...but I could demo a racket from the club...if you are unfamiliar, this means that I could basically check out a racket to use to play...most people would "demo" several different rackets before deciding which one to purchase...I could demo a racket to have one to play with...


So DS and I are dressed to play tennis...we head out to the club this morning so that I can demo some rackets to figure out which one I'd like to play with...and also so I can hit some balls...and practice some serves...because I don't want to embarass myself...and I am also catagorized by those quizes I posted before as "liking to do what I am good at."...but the rain came...and there is no tennis to be played today.


And this is how we ended up in Subway for an early lunch...


As I was getting a refill on my water...an older man started talking to me as I passed by him...he said, "You look like a person that would know." He needed directions to the nearby Academy Sports store which is like the WalMart of all things sports related.


I thought that was SO COOL that I was dressed in my athletic clothes...and that I actually LOOKED like something of a sports enthusiast in my clothes...that I would DEFINITELY be the person to ask how to get the big sports store! Talk about successfully projecting an image! Because I am not really a big time athlete...I am a big time ZUMBA dancer!...but I am projecting that fit persona! Woot woot! It made my morning!


Pilates and Zumba classes tonight...it's not going to be quite the marathon that I thought at first, because Kelly got her weekend wrong...the next makeup class will not be this Saturday...it will be next Saturday (the day after my b-day)...and there will be no class this Sunday...so I'm in contemplation as to what I am going to do over this coming weekend for some physical activity...there has been a whole lot of missing classes going on...and there has been beer in the house :o...so I'm in need of maintaining some physical activity to not regress in my goals...


Anyway...I need to look through this thread to see when Donna and Kasi have their classes...I think Donna has class today?...I hope you have fun!...excellent progress Donna...there was a saying in Toontown, an online game that my family used to play...I know it's from somewhere else, but we picked it up from there..."Slow and steady wins the race"...here's hoping that everyone keeps IN the race...have fun doing whatever you are doing!

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Recent information that I have "discovered" through a search for maximum heart rate parameters.


I find this to be interesting and so informative because it uncovered a huge "myth" about maximum heart rate. I am interested in this subject for the simple reason that I love math, and love data! I'm a nut about data and love to put in all the information about my routines... from cardio to strength training.


Anyway, I want to share this information for those who are interested enough to read this thread...


Most people BELIEVE (belief is a closely-held opinion that may/may not be substantiated by facts) that you obtain your maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from 220. The reason that a maximum heart rate is so important is that the MHR (max heart rate) is used to base work out intensity, usually dividing the work out zones into either 3 (common) or 5 target zones for maximum benefit, either increased fitness or fat burn. So, it becomes pretty obvious that, if the formula for the max heart rate is wrong, then the whole target zone(s) for heart rate would be wrong.


And, the mathematical formula for max heart rate is.... wrong...


A little history about this formula. Two cardiologists did a study of MEN (important distinction) who had gone through a cardiac event, ranging from a minor to a major problem with their heart. The doctors put these men through stress tests and came up with a scatter graph. The definition of a scatter graph is the plotting of individual points of data (think the Milky Way, stars in the galaxy, etc). From the data that was graphed, they came up with a formula that would include the greatest number of data points possible. If data didn't fit the formula, they chose to ignore those data points that didn't comply with the formula.. for simplicity. So, you get the idea. From a group of men with heart problems, they derived a mathematical formula that would apply to the majority of those men. They never intended for the formula to be used as the last word for the calculation of maximum heart rate for EVERYONE.


Here are facts about maximum heart rate:

It is the highest number of contractions per minute that your heart can beat,

A relatively fixed number, unless you become unfit,

Activity specific,

Genetically set (!),

Can be affected by drugs and altitude,

Does NOT decline with age (!),

Can NOT be determined by a mathematical formula (!),

Provides the number to use as the cornerstone for your "heart zones."


The Five different zones.


Zone One is the lowest percentage of your maximum heart rate. In this zone, the body's metabolism starts to wake up. Zone 1 benefits include a lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol. A great starting place.


Zone Two is the Temperate Zone. It is a comfortable, cruise zone. You can talk in Zone 2. More calories are burned than in Zone 1 and your fat is starting to move out of the cell.


Zone Three is a sweat zone: the Aerobic Zone. At 70% to 80% of your maximum heart rate, exercising in Zone Three results in improved functional capacity of blood vessels and aerobic capacity. Endorphins are released and more calories are burned.


Zone Four is the Threshold Zone, indicating a tougher place to workout. Working out in this zone helps to improve your fitness level. Too much work in Zone Four can cause overtraining. Lots of calories are burned and you must eat to replace carbohydrates.


Zone Five is the highest percentage of maximum heart beats. It is a high, hot, hard zone with the highest number of calories burned. As you get very fit, Zone five will help improve your performance.


Spending time in different zones gives you different benefits.


I found this information from Dr. Alinda Perrine. There is additional information on how to determine, through two different fitness "tests," an estimate of your own personal maximum heart rate. If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to continue this conversation. If not, then that's OK. Data isn't for everyone!

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Please continue...


Are you about to teach us how to find our own personal maximum heart rate?


This is very applicable to our discussions here about Zumba...because one of the greatest benefits of Zumba that is talked about by Beto (the founder) and others is the idea of intermittent training...or irregular interval training...and I think that people are so stuck in the idea of fat burning zones v. cardio burning zones, etc...that the idea of interval training takes a while to get used to...and THEN, now that we are trying to convince everyone to not worry about getting their heart rate too high...to recognize the fat burning benefit of Zumba beyond the actual minutes of the class...I think there can be a concern about what number is really too high on the intense end of the scale.


I mean, I have seen my heart rate get into the 190s...and Zumba isn't the first time I've seen this...my face is beet red (usually is with any sweating exercise) but I can breathe fine and my vision isn't affected...I never feel light-headed or dizzy...so I figure I must be okay for the few songs that really push my heart rate to the limit...


But I would feel better about telling other people about my heart rate if I knew more about finding a true maximum heart rate...because my "maximum" should be 220-38 (for 11 more days!) OR 183...and usually that maximum is not where you want to train...so seeing my HRM go to 192 is like...hmmmm...


Anyone who isn't interested in all this data can just skip the posts! LOL.

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Please continue...


Are you about to teach us how to find our own personal maximum heart rate?


But I would feel better about telling other people about my heart rate if I knew more about finding a true maximum heart rate...because my "maximum" should be 220-38 (for 11 more days!) OR 183...and usually that maximum is not where you want to train...so seeing my HRM go to 192 is like...hmmmm...


Anyone who isn't interested in all this data can just skip the posts! LOL.


OK.... like I said... the mathematical formula is.... wrong!.... so you don't have a maximum heart rate based upon your birthday. It's going to take a while before that formula gets out of people's heads, because it's plastered in gym posters everywhere, isn't it? It's even imbedded into some heart rate monitors (like Polar).


OK. Maximum heart rate determination does take some active pursuit of that knowledge. So, here goes. There are 2 tests to perform, and they are designed to keep your heart rate OUT of its maximum beats per minute. An ESTIMATE of your heart rate maximum is performed by combining the results of these tests. And, it is SUBJECTIVE, because you have to make a determination based upon your own observations. But, it's the best thing that I have found outside of going to a doctor and having a maximum heart rate stress test performed. So....


These tests are best done with a monitor...


Step Test.


Make sure to warm up adequately before performing these tests.


1. On any step that is approximately 8 inches in height begin a four-count sequence of stepping up and down as follows: right foot up, left up, right down, left down.


2. Perform thirty (30) step sequences per minute in the sequence "up, up, down, down" for a period of three minutes, totalling 90 steps.


3. Watch your monitor as your heart rate increases. Write down your heart rate at the end of the 3-minute period. This is called your "final heart rate."


4. Add your fitness factor to the "final heart rate" number to arrive at your estimated maximum heart rate.


Of course, this is the subjective part. If your fitness level is Poor, add 35 as your fitness factor. For Average fitness level, add 45. Excellent, add 55. Fit, add 65.


For example, if your final heart rate is 140 bpm and you are in average shape, your estimated maximum heart rate is 185 bpm (45 + 140 = 185).


Chair Test.


1. Sit down on the seat of the chair and then stand up again. Perform this exercise set in a rhythmic fashion, thirty times in one minute. You can move to the cadence of "one second stand up" and "one second down sit down." Keep your arms relaxed and at your sides.


2. Watch your heart rate monitor as your heart rate increases and note your final heart rate number.


3. Add your fitness factor (different chart) to arrive at your estimated maximum heart rate.


Fitness factor for Poor, add 50. for Average, add 60. for Excellent, add 70, and for Fit, add 80.


If you have performed both tests, then you can have a better estimate of your maximum heart rate by adding the two numbers together and dividing by 2.


I got this information from a heart rate monitor that does NOT have the mathematical formula imbedded into the zone calculations. This particular heart rate monitor requires that you manually input your estimated heart rate maximum and wants you to perform these tests to get to that number.


OK. That's a lot to read and figure out. If you look around a typical Zumba class, you'll find that everyone is reliably in Zone Two. There are many that have definitely advanced into Zone Three, evidenced by the very name of Zone Three: Sweat Zone! Those who have advanced calorie burn are definitely in Zone Four and, with some song bursts, most probably into Zone Five at some point during the session. I know that I am!


There is so much information about these zones that I think I'll just save for a later day. Most importantly, though, is the idea that if you work in Zone Two (the fat-burning zone) only... then you ONLY burn fat while you are working in the zone. The after-burn potential of only working in Zone Two does not happen. Working in the higher zones brings so much more fitness into the effort.... we'll save all that for a later day.... a lot of it has already been discussed...

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Cool...I'll have to do these tests!


Tonight...I only burned 711 calories during Zumba...it feels funny to say "only" BUT...when I could I was really working hard! So I'm a little surprised that the number wasn't higher. I can tell that I'm getting more fit, because it is getting harder to FEEL like I'm working harder...anyone ever see the perceived exersion chart in a gym?


We have several new songs...I just have been having a hard time remembering them with all the missed classes...but I finally remembered to look for our new reggeaton song...


Lo Que Paso Paso by Daddy Yankee



Here's a new cool down song...


Make You Feel My Love by Adele


My classdate is all sold out! So I'm pumped that I got registered before it did!


Here's the interesting thing ladies...no one actually gets "certified" to teach Zumba...certification implies that you can test out...or not pass...everyone just gets LICENSED to teach Zumba...pay the fee...show up to the instructional class...hours later...BAM...you can teach Zumba...so seriously...since ANYONE can become a Zumba instructor by showing up to the class...you can see how the instructor makes all the difference in the world...because there is not a standard by which anyone is judged in order to become an instructor.


So seriously...try out different instructors...they will drastically affect your Zumba experience.


Love it!

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Can you believe another month has gone by? It's measurement/weigh time again!


Weeeeeelll...here we go Ladies...here is why I say that you HAVE to take your measurements...you HAVE to...because your body is not necessarily going to lose weight along a nice linear path...and so many things affect that weight...I know we've talked about diet, digestion, sodium content, TOM, etc etc.


So here goes...I'm UP 2.6 pounds!...:eek:


This isn't totally unexpected because the eating around here has been less than stellar...way too many restaurants...and way too much fatty food...and some beer and wine have creeped back into the house :o:p


What can I say? DS was ill and I was ill and I wanted some easy food...


AND I missed several classes either from me being ill OR Kelly missing...BUT I started walking more and doing some heavy duty yard work...


BUT...*drum roll*...I still lost inches!


Not much mind...and like I mentioned last month...it's getting harder and harder to tell how to hold my stomach for measuring around the midsection...I lost at least 0.5" or as much as 1" around my hips this month...everything else is holding steady...


You know...I don't actually write down my measurements each month...I have my starting point...I have a good memory for numbers, but I think I'll make an official recording now and here...I hope that seeing these numbers will encourage everyone reading...because the following represents my progress from September 12 to present...long term progress is really the best.


Bust...was 45...now 39 to 39.5 depending on bra...

Bra Band...was 40...now 34

Waist...was 40...now 34/35 depending on stomach tightness

Hips...was 45...now 38/38.5 depending on stomach tightness

Thighs...were 26+ish...now 23.75


On the WiiFit, I went from "obese" to "overweight" and I went from a WiiFit age of 60 to 38! (Some of that had to do with understanding what I was supposed to be doing on the silly tests...:p)


Anyway...I hope that I never read as boastful or a show-off...because that is not my intent...I always hope to be an encouraging voice wherever I post...I've seen threads come and go on this board...people start something, but they have a hard time keeping with the program, so to speak...I have a long term goal...a big milestone celebration...and a burning desire to have my life take a turn...


So here you go...if you just keep doing what you are supposed to be doing (ZUMBA...being active)...in general, you at least stop eating when you are full, and don't eat out of boredom or routine, and generally try to make healthier choices overall...then you too will have make steady progress on the path of health and fitness.


Keep dancing!

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Of course! Sometimes I've heard people say that "life gets in the way," well I know what they mean.


So to echo your thoughts, let me tell you that I'm up 2 lbs in ONE WEEK! Why? OK. Life got in the way...


We have some lovely friends who have a vacation home here in AZ. They were able to come visit for 9 days, lovely, lovely days! So, what did we do? Let's see... they wanted to go out to dinner on my Zumba night and I wanted to go with them because (hello!) I can do Zumba when they aren't here (obviously), but I don't get to see them as often as I would like. Rather than do a blow by blow, I'll just say that I've made the active choice to go to Zumba once in the last 9 days, and I've made the active choice to enjoy some restaurant meals while they've been here. As a case in point, last night we went to Tommy Bahama's which is a lovely location here with outdoor dining by candelight on a beautiful patio setting. While the guys remained at the table, we went to sit in a warmer location (because of A/C that they thought was necessary in the restaurant... we were seated in more of an indoor/outdoor location so we were unfortunately part of the A/C environment)... anyway, we popped ourselves up in a great location on the patio and were just talking and listening to a pretty good musician when... why?... the bartender decided that we should share a chocolate martini! Good grief. It just appeared on the bar top, so we shared it and it tasted darn good...


Even though I'm up those 2 lbs, I'm not worried about it because I know that it's mainly sodium content from the restaurant dining.


Tomorrow night is Zumba and I'll definitely go...


Friday morning is Zumba and I HAVE to go because I promised a lady in our Saturday morning class that I would meet her on Friday morning, so... there you have it... have to go!...


Saturday morning is Zumba and I'll definitely go...


So, maybe a part of me knew that all this Zumba activity was in my future and I relaxed a bit more about the restaurant meals? Maybe...


Also, I think I'm up some lbs because of a massage yesterday. That tends to happen to me for some reason...


Anyway, I just wanted to chime in and say how much I agree with you about the weight fluctuation(s). Inches are the best tool to use to track long-term goal(s) and progress toward that goal. Weight is a great tool to use for short-term assessment of your lifestyle and the choices that you're making on a daily (weekly) basis to move you toward your goal. As in my case, obviously I can tell by the scale that if I stop Zumba and start eating out a LOT at restaurants that I'll be heading back up! But I'm not going to do that... I just had an interruption, not a lifestyle CHANGE...


BTW, good job on the inches lost! No wonder you needed new pants! LOL.

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Hi folks, sorry i've not posted for a few days, work has been mega busy. I totally understand the 'life gets in the way' - my eating has been good mainly but I have missed 2 zumba classes in the last couple of weeks:( Makes me feel so lethargic when I don't go!


I have, however, been walking more and finding excuses to go up and down the stairs at work. I now have a great relationship with the guys at our local restaurant who make sure I can order food to fit with my plan so food really isn't an issue.


On Tuesday I bought a new car which is a small city car that I would never even of considered before because of my size. I also bought a load more clothes to fit my new smaller body ;) and threw out another 4 bags of plus size clothes that are now too big. Tonight at slimming world 2lb down but more importantly 2" off bust, 2" off waist and 3" off waist - in one month!!


Seriously folks, you all have helped and encouraged me so much (going to do that test Anita's Mom!) along with my zumba friends here and at slimming world. I cannot believe how easy I am finding it this time to lose weight whilst being happy (not always easy and I have bad days but in the main easier than before).


Anita, I would never think you were bragging, I know how hard you work to get the results you deserve - keep the good news coming :D When is your zumba course starting??


Anita's mom, sounds like you had a great time with your friends but you're back on track with the zumba and will soon work off that chocolate martini (which sounds delicious!!) ;)


Take care folks, I'm out for dinner tomorrow night (after zumba!) then to a charity function on friday - best be good the rest of the weekend :D

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Donna...MAJOR congratulations are in order! Your inches lost is an amazing one month achievement! Woot woot! That is so fabulous...no wonder your folks saw such a big change in you! I bet you feel wonderful!


Work can be like that...it goes through seasons...I know all about missing Zumba classes...what is important is not that you didn't go but that you actually MISSED going...and are looking forward to getting back to it...these are the signs of lifestyle change and not the quick fix...


I am so glad that we have been an encouragement to you...there IS something about this time around for me as well...it IS easier than it has ever been...I believe it is because we are all doing something that we actually enjoy doing and so it's not such a drag to have to do it and thus benefits of Zumba are far reaching, going beyond all the physical and into the psychological and emotional as well...it feels good to do it...and then you feel good from the results...and it is one of those GOOD cyclical things that feeds itself...


Can we tell that I am feeling philosophical this morning?


I think this builds on the conversation I had with Mom last night on the way home from Zumba...we each call the other to talk about class and our calorie burn...and again...my calorie burn was relatively (key word) low for Zumba...783 calories for 1 hour 13 minutes...Kelly had a new song that she choreographed, but it wasn't quite ready for prime time, so anyone that wanted to stay after class could...I did obviously...


Anyway...our conversation was along the lines of how my cardio just be getting into better shape...so it wasn't having to work as hard...which is good...yay! my heart's in better shape!...but then the calorie burn isn't there as much for the same reason...which is kind of a bummer...


I was telling Mom that I really wanted to be one of those people that were "sick fit," I called it. Kelly is like that. Her abs are amazing...and she's 42 and she had a C-section...you look at her and you think to yourself, that woman is sick fit. You can envision her tackling any kind of physical activity...and I'd like to be like that...


So, recently, I've just been doing whatever I can in the realm of physical activity...hence the trimming of the tree and the recent tennis playing...I played tennis on Tuesday night with the family for about 2 hours...I played with 7 different rackets to try them out...I have tried playing tennis over the years and it has been beyond exhausting to do...but all my Zumba and Pilates allowed me to totally hang on the court for that long...am I sore?...YOU BETCHA! :eek:


But yesterday...I was looking at the front yard...it needed a lot of work...and we are planning on going camping for Friday and Saturday night...we couldn't leave with the yard looking the way it did...it was embarassing...so I got out there and did it...it took me over 2 hours to do the front yard...and then I went to Pilates and Zumba...do I hurt today?...YOU BETCHA! :p


But on the way home from classes last night, I said to Mom..."You can't say you can't"...as in me...I have to stop saying I can't do things...even if it's just in my mind...


Ready for my analogy?...I told you I could turn anything into an analogy for health and fitness...let's talk about lawn care shall we?


I know I've mentioned that we live in a rental...can you imagine the lawn of a rental house?...usually there are as many weeds as there is grass...and our house is no exception...we tried a Weed and Feed treatment on the lawn...we were giving the chemicals a chance to do their magic...but alas...only one thin kind of weed died...the others were gowing as if they had been FED...


On the main lawn...they were easy to spot...the grass is the healthiest there...and so I determined to remove those blights on the lawn landscape by hand...if you have ever weeded...then you know that you HAVE to remove the roots...if you don't, you just get to deal with the weed again later...the weeds that are small and young are easy to get out...their roots aren't powerful enough to withstand the onslaught...and many times, the weeds that are bigger and more mature can be easy...if the ground is at all moist...you can really get a good grip on those big weeds and get this amazing feeling of satisfaction when you pull the whole thing out...it's the medium sized weeds that can cause more problems...the stems aren't strong enough to yank the bigger root out of the ground...they break easier...you have to coax that plant...wiggle it around a bit...loosen up the surrounding soil...readjust your hand hold...and then, very carefully, with much less pull and force than with the bigger guys...you can get that weed out...


And I was thinking to myself about how weeds are like habits...some habits aren't too mature...and they are easy to change...some habits are VERY mature...things you have or have not been doing for a long time...like exercising at ALL...if you have been completely inactive for months on end...then signing up for a Zumba class and deciding to regularly go to that class is like yanking that inactivity weed right out of the ground...it's a glaring kind of problem and in some respects...it's very easy to fix...


But those silly medium weeds...like picking up take out on the way home from evening tennis...those are the harder weeds to pull...they take time, effort, attempts from different angles...and you can't yank them too hard..."We're NEVER going to do that again!"...because that won't get the root...and you'll just end up back into the old habit again with the passage of time...


Then there is the quick fix...you just mow them down and they blend right into the grass...from the distance all is good...even up close, it may not be too bad...until time passes...and you have to keep dealing with that same unwanted plant all over again...


This whole business of health and fitness is a piece of work...and to do it right takes time and effort...and not everything is going to get fixed immediately...because some of those weeds WILL break...and some of the weeds have taken over so much ground that all you can do is mow that area while you deal with others...but if you keep after it...then eventually...the yard will be transformed...


But notice...even when the yard has been transformed...you will STILL have to battle the weeds, year after year...so it's best to figure out your systems, learn how to deal with the particular cultivars that grow in your area, and resign yourself to the fact that this is life...there is no permanent fix...there is getting to a point and then there is maintenance...


I hope this isn't a downer to read! :o;)


Because my point is that the whole thing is a process...it's okay to let the yard go for too long between mowings...the neighbor's may complain a bit...but all it takes is one day for the yard to be back on track again...the point is to keep after it...to do it right...to deal with the issues (weeds) as you are able...don't give up...eventually...things will be looking the way you want them to be looking...and the effort for maintenance is MUCH less than the effort to transform after neglect.


I coined a new term on a different thread...I think my posts are "novel-ishous"...as in LONG beyond belief...LOL.


Anyway...I'm preparing today for a 3 day, 2 night camping adventure at a State Park. I was pumped to find an available one two days ago...not easy to do during Spring Break...we will be getting out of dodge for a while...I'm very excited to do this as we haven't in a long time and DH and I used to regularly do this before DS...I'm thinking it'll be the perfect thing to do on the weekend that there are no classes with Kelly.


So I will not be posting again until Sunday...stay motivated everyone! And if you have been having a hard time...just get back to it! It only takes one decision, one day to get back on the road to health and fitness!

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Hi everyone,

it´s been 4 weeks since my last ZUMBA class, I had planned to rejoin our class on friday, however I got caught in traffic on my way from work to the class, so I did not make it.

Today was day 1. To say it was really hard is putting it mildly. I had problems staying in tune with the rest of the class. It´s a good thing that there´s someone new nearly every time, so you don´t feel to bad if you cannot handle all the new moves.

I sweated so much, I went directly under the shower upon returning home.

What remains is deep satisfaction that I went to class, had an hour of fun and am planning on going again tomorrow evening, if my muscles are not too sore ;)


I hope you had a great weekend on your camping trip, anita.

We had some sunshine here, and even though it´s still pretty cold, we were cleaning the garden today.


This time around I took my measurements. Lets see, if there will be any changes in the next 4 weeks.


I´m spending my evenings searching for our next cruise, yeah, the girl cruise. I spotted a cruise aboard Liberty ots that looks quite good. I´m going to talk to my friend about it.

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Hey Kasi! We figured you were going through the never easy transition of trying to get back into "normal" after having been on such a nice vacation. Getting back into Zumba is HARD...something about missing any length of time...even if it is just several days...there is that transition back into doing the routines, the moves, the timing, all that...not to mention that it is physically tiring!


Fortunately Zumba is something that is fun so it isn't as rough to get back to it...focus on that satisfaction of going and don't be frustrated with your body if it takes a bit to get back up to the number of classes per week that you were doing before...after my being sick...and Mom missed 9 days of classes with her friends in town visiting...we totally relate to what you are feeling...just keep after it...


I DID have a great time camping...I'm ALL excited now to plan a lot more camping trips...


(I don't know what camping is like internationally...here there are different kinds of places...I went to a State Park...and they have campgrounds where you basically park your car right in front of cleared area where there is a level place to put a tent, a picnic table, a fire ring...access to the camping sites is like a small road that forms a big loop...somewhere in the whole camp ground there may be a restroom with a hot shower (like a locker room). Depending on the number of trees and other terrain characteristics...you may or may not have a more private camping spot...usually it's a very communal feeling.)


Anyway...several nice little things to notice about being smaller and more fit...


1. I fit WAY better in my sleeping bag! LOL. I have a mummy style sleeping bag...way too warm for Texas camping...so it will soon be replaced with some alternative...BUT...meanwhile...it was way more comfortable than it had been...I was not nearly as cramped as I had been...which was a major blessing.


2. I could ROW for almost four hours while we puttered around the small 25-acre lake...and I wasn't sore afterward...we went camping two spring breaks ago...and that's when we tried canoeing for the first time (this was the second) and I was SO SORE after...it was rough business...this time...I had so much fun doing it...


Should be quite the week...


Tonight is Pilates/Zumba

Wednesday is Pilates/Zumba

Friday is mixed doubles tennis social (My B-Day!)

Saturday is Pilates/Zumba

Sunday is Zumba

Monday is Pilates/Zumba


And we will be doing our walking after school today and Wednesday...maybe more depending on the homework load. And I should probably practice some tennis a little bit on Tuesday...


I still need to go through the thread to see when everyone's class schedule is...I'd still like to do that.


Happy Monday everyone!

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Hi everyone,

it´s been 4 weeks since my last ZUMBA class, I had planned to rejoin our class on friday, however I got caught in traffic on my way from work to the class, so I did not make it.

Today was day 1. To say it was really hard is putting it mildly. I had problems staying in tune with the rest of the class. It´s a good thing that there´s someone new nearly every time, so you don´t feel to bad if you cannot handle all the new moves.

I sweated so much, I went directly under the shower upon returning home.

What remains is deep satisfaction that I went to class, had an hour of fun and am planning on going again tomorrow evening, if my muscles are not too sore ;)




Kasi! Like Anita said, my Zumba classes were compromised by my desire to have time with our friends who were visiting. Normally, in the 9 days of their visit, I would have gone to Zumba about 5x, and I only went once. So, the class that I went to on the day that they left, Thursday evening, just kicked my butt big time! I was so tired when I got home and then I was a little put out with myself, as well...

... because...


I had promised someone in a class on Saturday morning that I would meet them for a Friday morning class! This lady has been told by her doctor that she needs to exercise a LOT more. This is the lady who also told me that she never, ever sweats doing aerobics and now laughs at herself because she's "glistening" during class. Anyway, she's managed to come to one class a week and I told her that I'd be an exercise buddy with her and come to the Friday morning class! So, on my way out the door on Saturday, I told her to be sure and make it to class on Friday because I would be there!...


OMG! I so didn't want to go! What was I thinking?!? Why, oh why, had I gone to class on Thursday evening? But I had PROMISED, so I just couldn't NOT go! KWIM? So, I went... and... she didn't show up!...


But, I really heard your statement "deep satisfaction that I went to class." Because I felt so good about keeping my commitment and actually doing what I said that I would do. Never mind that she didn't show up. I won't even say a word to her about it... it's just a sense of personal accomplishment. :D

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I went to my first zumba class by myself as I was determined to do something to improve my fitness and lose weight. I loved it so much I told everyone and soon there were 6 of us going to three classes a week. Guess how many are left? Yep, just me!! It can often be hard to motivate yourself to go to class but i've learned it's even harder to rely on other people to be your motivation. I have to admit though, that since I've been talking with you all, I actually feel guilty if I don't go to class!! :D


Kasi, well done for going back and I'm sure you'll have another cruise to look forward to that will keep you going?!


I am so happy today, 2 other groups joined our roll call (finally!) so now we can start the fun chat about what to look forward to etc. And, it's given me the motivation to keep going. Now looking to step up my exercise and find something else to supplement my zumba. I know you guys love pilates and yoga but I hate it (nearly as much as I hate the gym!) - any other ideas? Currently doing 3 zumba classes a week and no other exercise.


Hope you're all well. Anita, how was the trip?

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Hi everyone,

anmd thankx so much for your encouraging words. It´s Monday and I went to ZUMBA :) There´s a whole bunch of us that attend 3 classes a week.

And tonight Annie told us, that she is adding a tuesday evening class and one on thursday when the studio moves into the new location this friday.


We were doing some pretty fast songs today, one that starts with ringing and than you jump and box with one arm. Well, I had some problems with the moves, as they learned this song during my vacation. So Annie repeated the moves in slo-mo without sound and than gave us some additional technic info. Was really good to get to know how to move correctly and which muscles are used.

We had really lots of fun.


Ok, since Anita posted her workout week, here is mine:

Mo: Zumba (6:30 p.m.)

Tue: nothing, or if no Zumba on M, than ZUMBA (6:45 pm)

Wed: Right now: nothing, planning on swimming

Thu: Yoga (5 pm)

Fri: Zumba (6 pm)

Sat: relaxing

Sun: ZUMBA (11:30 am)


Well, I´m pretty amazed, I never would have believed you if you told me on Christmas, that I would be looking forward to a fitness class, much less, that I would attend 3 classes per week.

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Kasi...I'm glad you posted your schedule! I'm going to get this altogether.


I'm just reporting that I was NOT able to go to class tonight. DH had a work conflict and with DS in the picture...it just didn't work for me tonight. I'm bummed...but it's okay...it happens.


Donna? I think you said? You feel guilty if you don't go to class because of reporting to us? That's exactly what Mom was talking about when she was talking about how even internet friends or support can be the difference between success and failure and how having accountability in the form of a support group can be the thing that pushes you on to success. I'm feeling a bit guilty that I didn't go because I feel a bit like the ring leader here...but I'm real...with real challenges also...and it happens that you miss class...like Kasi with traffic issues.


Donna, do you enjoy any sports? Swimming? Tennis? Anything? Do you hike? Or camp? Or garden? Or is there anything that you've always wanted to learn how to do but haven't for some reason? Like fencing? Or karate? If you could figure out something that was more weight bearing, more like resistance training, or weight lifting...not necessarily something that was such a big cardio workout...that would be the thing that I would recommend actually.


It's late for me tonight...I'm feeling brain dead and tired..so I'm signing off and hoping this post makes sense. LOL!

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Hi, all,


I just finished reading an article, written by a personal trainer, who said the most difficult thing that he has to do is convince his clients to round out their fitness routines. He stated that for a lifestyle change , it is very important to include all three major components of a fit body: cardio (heart and lung conditioning, and all over improved ability for your body to pump the necessary fluids and generate blood flow to the extremities and organs), strength training (to get your body to be able to handle the lifts and demands of everyday life, from luggage handling through airports to carrying groceries into the house), and flexibility (to make your muscles feel lengthened and to give you the muscle memory to use when things happen like stepping off curbs and not distributing your weight properly, could be the difference between feeling like a stumble bunny and having a serious injury occur).


So, the personal trainer went on to say that most people live in an unbalanced state and then what they do is find the exercise component that they hate to do the least... interesting that he didn't say that they love to do the most!... anyway, the first step to a healthy lifestyle is that the person starts their exercise program with what they would most enjoy. Some find that they really love what they're doing... as an example he used someone who decides to run who then goes on to compete in half-marathons and then marathons... of course, I thought of us with Zumba and how we go from 2x a week classes to 3x a week classes to trying to find even more classes..


The MOST difficult thing that the trainer has to do is to get his clients to add on exercises within the other fitness requirements.


So, Donna, I think that your body is telling you that it needs either strength training and/or flexibility. So I have a few questions for you. Since you said that you hate going to the gym, I'm assuming that your Zumba classes are in a studio or community center? Hating to go to the gym means that you would have difficulty incorporating some weight resistance training (strength) into your lifestyle. So.. I'm wondering... when did you try to do yoga and Pilates that you think you hate to do them? Was it in a group setting where you felt uncomfortable with the instructor or the exercises or doing the exercises among others? Was it at home where you felt uncomfortable because you didn't know whether you were doing the exercises properly and you just couldn't get motivated?


Maybe if we can pinpoint why the yoga and Pilates are unappealing to you.. maybe then we can come up with something that would work! So, let's talk about it...


I looked up your cruise ports! What a great cruise! Southampton, Malaga, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Civitavecchia, Naples, Ajiccio, Gibraltar, back to Southampton. I can't believe that it's about 4 months away and the Roll Call is just now getting started! Have you been to these ports before? I've been to Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Civitavecchia.. so if you have any questions about those ports I might be able to help you. I know that Kasi knows a lot about Gibraltar and Barcelona. I love to talk about cruising... well, this is a cruise site too! Who are you cruising with? How are you getting from Scotland to Southampton?


Kasi, I've never been on the Liberty of the Seas, but I've been on the Freedom of the Seas which is a sister ship! Great ship! Bigger than the last one you were on, I think. I might be able to answer questions about that ship for you. I usually cruise with Royal Caribbean or Celebrity. I've done one Princess cruise, on the Ruby Princess.


So, I wanted to talk a little bit about the heart rate information that I posted earlier. The reason that this is such a "topic" for me is because I got a heart rate monitor because I was a bit worried about strenuous activity, age, and maximum heart rate. I guess I had literally bought into the hype about the max heart rate and age-related decrease. Now that I've been reading more, I realize just how ridiculous that concept acually is! I mean, if you take the mathematical equation to its extreme, that would mean that those wonderful older people in Okinawa (the ones who routinely lived to be 120..) would have a max heart rate of 100! That would mean that they would barely be able to get out of bed without their heart pounding to its maximum! And, the amazing thing about the Okinawa elderly is that they were usually out plowing in their fields... (does everyone know what I'm talking about?...)


According to the mathematical formula, my maximum heart rate was supposed to be 160. I couldn't even move in Zumba without the heart rate going into the high 170s. So I began my research...


In doing the Chair Test for maximum heart rate estimation... let me tell you... you can't do that test "leisurely." It's more like you are really humming right along and the chair is scooting on the floor because you have to basically hit the seat and then get up right away in order to do 30 "sits" in a minute! The first time I tried it with the instructions, I did 18 "sits" in the minute. So, after getting the cadence right, I did the 30 sits per minute, and my final heart rate was 120 for the first time and 124 for the second time. So, then comes the subjective part of the equation... the adding of the Fitness Factor. According to the chart, I should possibly add 60-Average for an estimated max of 180 to 184, which sounds right to me. Because in my heart rate monitor, I've never gone over 180 and I've only hit 180 once in all the times that I've been going to Zumba. Most of the time I stay in the high 170s...


So... the information that I'm sending your way is that I think these tests are good ones. I will try to find the appropriate height of step and do that one as well, and let you know how that goes. But, for anyone who is reading this, I'm thinking that these tests are going to give good information.


Tonight is Zumba! High five!

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