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Adventure of the Seas 2-27 to 3-6 Review

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We just got back from our cruise on “Adventure of the Seas” 2/27 through 3/6 and I wanted to take the time and write down some thoughts and info for those interested.


Let me start by saying that all in all this cruise went about as well as one could hope for. The “Adventure” is a beautiful ship and does not disappoint. The itinerary also was very nice, and lastly, we could not have asked for better weather!!!!!!

For those of you that have read posts concerning Puerto Rican passengers in large masses and being rude: Yes, there were many Puerto Rican, and for that matter, many foreign passengers, but I could find no reason at all to say anything negative about their presence.


We arrived a day early and stayed in the Radisson Ambassador in Condado PR. When we arrived at about 5 PM our room was still not ready so they gave us the option of an upgrade into a handicapped suite. We took the suite and liked it so much that I will now be installing armrests on every toilet in our house! Actually, the hotel was pretty nice for an older property and the street that it is located on offers many stores, restaurants, and even a Walgreens.


Our dinner that first night was at Tijuana’s, just down about a block from the hotel. This has got to be some of the best Mexican food we have ever had however, the service, which started out great, turned to poor/slow by the time we were done with dinner. I would still recommend this place for the food alone. I think I had the “#25”, some kind of chipotle dish. Beware of the Big bowl margarita for 2 with the flashing ice cubes. It is big and potent but it will set you back $30!!!!!!!!!!!


On Sunday morning our group of 3 couples took separate cabs to the ship. The 5 minute drive with luggage was about $12 per couple. We got the pier, and here is something that really ticked me off: Before you walk into the building you turn your luggage over to attendants just outside, who let you know straight-out before they have even taken your first bag from you that they expect a tip. This was done in a very classless way and felt like a real “shakedown”. I would have tipped anyway, but being told to by them before even taking my luggage was inexcusable!! You have no other option with your non-carry-on bags.


Check in was a breeze and we were on Adventure just past noon. We headed to our inside room on deck 7 and met Irene, our cabin attendant. She informed us that the cabins were not really ready until after 2 PM, but let us put some stuff inside anyway. Irene was a top-notch attendant throughout the cruise and her tip reflected our satisfaction.


Time to explore the ship…

This ship will just blow you away! The Royal Promenade is a true marvel in ship design and I still had to keep reminding myself that I was not on land every time that I would walk through it. I thought that it would seem smaller in person than what the photos suggest, but it is HUGE! The bars and shops along the way make it such a great place to hang out. The entire ship is in very good condition and the staff is constantly cleaning.

I found the extensive art collection to be very pleasing and there is always something within view.


Our Captain, Olav Gunnar Nyseter, was very informative with his announcements. It is very clear that he takes pride in his vessel and crew. He seems like a no-nonsense guy with a fairly dry sense of humor.


Let me break this down in a different way with likes and dislikes about the ship.



• The size of this ship and the layout are great. The 3-story main dining room is very elegant and each floor has a different décor and feel.

• The cabins were very nice (even our inside room). The showers have rounded door which gives you more room when inside. The interactive TV allows you to do many things like purchase excursions and see how much money your wife is ringing up on your Sea-Pass card.

• The Windjammer/ Island Buffet did offer an alternating variety from day to day for lunches. Both in main dishes and desserts

• Johnny Rockets was good, and I still get a tummy ache thinking about how much I ate that day- onion rings, fries, chili, smoke house, chili dog, sundae.

• Peek-A-Boo-Bridge. It is cool to be able to see into the “nerve center” of the ship.

• Open front Heli-Deck. No, I did not do the Titanic thing at the front of the ship.

• Entertainment was very good. The Beatles tribute band and the Ice show were both very good.

• The food in general ranged from “Decent” to “Very Good” ( there were a couple 2-entreee nights)

• The staff was consistently friendly and polite.

• The itinerary was great: Aruba, Curacao, St. Maarten, St Thomas.

• The Crown & Anchor recognition items were nice. ( parties, gifts, robe use, coupons, etc.)




• Luggage issue (read above)

• Some things about our cabin that I did not care for: We had a room with a door that adjoined to the cabin next door, and some very noisy and inconsiderate neighbors. I think the door being there allowed more noise to penetrate. When the beds are pushed together it is very hard to walk around one side because of the refrigerator. The TV does not swivel enough to allow for good bed-viewing.

• Our main dinning room wait staff fell far short of other cruises we have been on. As a courtesy I will not give their names.

• The main dining room bar service was very poor. The bar waiter would not come around for drink orders until well into the meal, bring back your drink without the paperwork, and you would often have to wait until after you were done with dinner to flag him down to get your receipt and your card back.

• BEWARE OF DOUBLE-TIPPING ON RECEIPTS!!! You may not realize unless you take the time to read the drink receipts that they are having you sign, but now on top of the ordinary gratuity that is automatically added to your bill there is a place for you to hand write in an “additional” tip. My wife made the mistake early on of writing in a tip, thinking it was the only tip, to find out later that she really ended up tipping a total of 35%!!!

• BEWARE of so-called great bargains on cameras and electronics in these ports. I was constantly ask the price in shops for a camera that I had purchased before the trip and found it to be MORE EXPENSIVE by $200+. One other person in our group wanted to buy a camcorder and found similar pricing issues. Bottom-line: Be a smart shopper and compare apples to apples, know what you are buying and know what you can get if for back home (where you can return it if you need to). Many electronic items appeared to be refurbished and older model stuff.




Ports and Excursions:


In Aruba we shopped for ½ the day and then took a tour of the Island by Taxi for about 2 hours. It cost us $20 each and was a nice way to see some of the Island. We stopped at a large rock formation and old mining area and of course The Natural Bridge.


In Curacao we shopped and walked and shopped and walked, etc, etc. The Queen Emma floating bridge was neat and we got stuck on it for about 20 minutes while it was retracted. The floating market is another area worth looking at where fishing boats all line up to see their catch.


St Maarten was a fun and very pretty stop. We did the 12 Metre challenge on board the “Stars & Stripes”. Our boat came in 3rd but we still had a great time. The Heineken Regatta was also starting that day so we had some beer and bought some Regatta merchandise. ( I keep kicking myself for not buying the take-home booze here as it was much cheaper than on the ship and in St Thomas)


In St Thomas we shopped at Havensight (Right off the ship) and then took a cab downtown to shop some more ( if you can’t tell, my wife likes to shop!). We were going to do the tram ride but heard that for $16 per person it was not worth it.


Back in San Juan after the cruise we did the rain forest tour. They will hold your luggage and deliver it to the airport for you to pick up after the tour. It was decent and made the day go by faster however, the day was hot and the air-conditioning on the bus did not work very well. On top of that our local guide/driver was hard to understand.



Well, I could go on and on about this trip and I’m sure that there are many things that I am forgetting, but I can honestly say that we had a great time and would do this whole trip over again in a heartbeat. Please feel free to ask any questions and I will check back and try to answer them for you.



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Seems like you had a good time. I'm 5 days from boarding.


Thanks for taking the time to write the review

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We are going on the AOS in July and are planning on doing the rainforest at the end of the cruise, our plane leaves SJ at 5:30pm. Was it worth it, how much time did you get to explore the rainforest any photo ops? Great review!!!!



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Glentally, hope that you have a great time. I'm sure you will.


Teach01, I would say the rainforest was worth the $30 pp. just for the simple fact that I am not sure what we would have done with our luggage during the day unless we had rented a car and put the bags in the trunk and did our own thing.

After you go through customs in San Juan, you go right outside and there are trucks to take your bags and buses to take you ( you keep your carry-ons). You drive about an hour to get to the rainforest with a restroom/store stop along the way. Once at the rainforest you stop at a tower that you can go up to the top for great views and photos, you will also stop at a walking trial for about 20 minutes, and then at the waterfall. There are several places to take pictures.

Once you are dropped at the airport you find your bags ( in a semi-secure location) and go inside to check in for your flight.

Our flight was at 4:45 and we were back at SJU just past 2:30. You should have plenty of time.


One other note about SJU: We flew Spirit airlines, and if you are hungry and want to eat before your flight be sure to buy your food before going through security. Once you get through the long security line to the gate area there is only snack type food available.


Have a great trip!


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Thanks for the great AOS review. We'll be sailing on the 20th!

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Who was the CD? How was he?

Were there midnite comedy shows?

What were the dance bands like?

Was there anything to do around the port area--I know it's not close to Old San Juan.

Thx in advance.


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The cruise director was Richard Spacey. He was pretty good and funny. I believe he is from the UK.

There was a late night "Adult" comedy act that we did not attend as well as Singing and dancing productions that we also missed. Having second seating for dinner, we were usually full and tired by 10PM but did manage to see some things such as the Promenade parades, which were decent.

One other note: There was also a performance by the great Bobby Arvin!! Who's he? Well, he is the one who sang the theme for "Happy Days". We missed that show too.

As far as I can tell you, there is nothing to do near the ship. There is a duty free store located inside the Princess building that you can go in to as long as you show your Sea Pass card, otherwise a short cab ride would get you to Old San Juan.


Hope this helps!


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Appeciate the info. That's one reason we choose early dining time--if we eat late I'm ready for the bunk.

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I see that you have only only a couple weeks until your cruise. I know you will enjoy yourself.

The dining time thing has always been a problem for us. If we choose early, we are often getting back on the ship early in a port to get ready and feel that we miss out on shore time. On the other hand, sitting down for dinner at 8:30 and getting done near 10 has it's problems also.

We thought all problems were solved when we went aboard the Coral Princess and had anytime dining. It was great for having dinner when we wanted to, but we really missed getting to have the same wait staff and the relationship you build with them and your tablemates during the cruise.

If a ship could accomodate all passengers at once for dinner, I would love to see dinner at about 7 PM.



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