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Carnival pins?


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The NEW VIFP pin!




I picked up one the Destiny at the beginning of the month... I was really disappointed in the size 1.5" x 1" makes it huge next to the others on my lanyarad. Sure wish they would have stayed with the original style pin :(

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I just discovered that I actually have a Paradise (whale tail) pin however it only says "Paradise" not "Carnival Paradise" and I am wondering if the latter actually exists?


Yes the "Carnival Paradise" exists, along with the "2000" & "2001" versions :)

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Yes, Frequent Floater, is a GREAT person. I have been dealing with her for years. I am glad she was able to help you out. :)


That's the good thing about this thread, we help each other out. :)



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Glad the pin arrived safely to its new home Ken.


Thanks JR for the kind words.


Now I am on the hunt for any of the new CCL pins. My hope is to get as many as I can from others while sailing, then post here what I get. If others do the same we can network (thanks Rocky)

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Anyone out there who has a past guest pin from Carnival for any of the following ships: Paradise, Fantasy, or Tropicale...please let me know if you are willing to sell...etc...

Appreciate your assist. Thanks & Happy Sailing!:)

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Is this the pin that just says CARNIVAL PLATINUM on it? If so, I have one just sitting in our bedroom collecting dust. If so, email me at the addy in my signature.


Thank you so much for the PLATINUM pin! It's eactly what I was looking for!



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Are there any Magic pins available yet?


Yes and no. .. Yes there are Magic pins. One is for sale on eBay right now.


No.....Unfortunately, it is probablly not a pin given out by Carnival and may be counterfeit.

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Like many of you, I am looking to start a collection now of the new CCL pins be given out to the different loyality levels of gold, plat etc as well as the new ship specific pins.

If anyone gets any extras, please let me know.


I will see what I can score on our upcoming breeze cruise in Dec. I will be platium and DH and DD will be gold so I should have extras

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Are you suppose to get a pin everytime you cruise. I've never gotten one. I've been on the Fantacy, sensation , dream and getting ready to go on the elation the 25 of this month.

No. You will get your first pin when you get to the gold level. 25 days.

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I'll be sending JRGAPI a few extra pins soon - he's sending me a Triumph and I'm going to send him a couple of Platinum Pins and a couple of Conquest pins and maybe some other extras I have. He is always so good to help out people needing pins. If you send extras to him he will pass them on to other cruisers - he doesn't sell them.



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Hello! We have nine Carnival cruises under our belts now and we've scored pins on all of them except the Ecstasy.


If anyone has a spare one of these pins, I'd like to add it to my collection. I'd be happy to cover your mailing costs, etc.


Please let me know. Thanks

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