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Quality of beer on the Norwegian Dawn

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In past cruises, I have found the quality of beer to be less than desirable, with bottled beer taking the majority over tap in the clubs and restraunts. The cases often sit in hot warehouses for months which can ruin the quality. I have to note that I have always cruised out of Miami, therefore the selection and condition may be different in New York storage facilities.


My question:


1) What is the opinion of NCL or NCL Dawn cruisers who like me, are extremely picky about beer; regarding availability and quality of both draft and bottled beer on board?


2) If the selection is a clear split in quality, what kinds of imports did you enjoy?


Thanks for any feedback.....

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Funny you should bring this up. We were on the Dawn last week and did not notice that the beer (Coors Light) tasted funny at all but . . . the expiration date was set for October 17th. My mom works for a Coors Distributor and when I got home I asked how come the ship had the newest beer and the distributor was only getting dates for the end of June. My mom checked into it and come to find out - Coors Light only has a shelf life of 112 days. Towards the end of the week we were getting beer dated November 10th. So . . . to make a long story short - the beer was old! I am not sure where they are getting it from since the Dawn is out of New York!

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I thought there would be more comments on the quality of the draft beer! Oh well, thanks for your feedback. I looked at the menu link on cruiseclues.com (kewl site!) and I'm happy that they have Bass and Labatt's.


If youre on 4/25/04 on the Dawn, I'll have one with U.



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I'm glad there is someone going on my cruise who has his priorities straight icon_biggrin.gif


I have seen pictures of Guniess as well, in those big cans that include some sort of "device" to make it keg-like (do you know what I'm talking about?).


Look forward to raising a glass with you on board!



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Yep, beer is our friend.


Not sure about the Guinness cans. I have seen mini-kegs with a little tap that you puncture the side with for other brands- perhaps that is what you were referring to.


In any event, we will get to drink and be merry, guided the whole time by our designated driver, Captain (place name here).


Not so far away now- 23 days!

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Everyone talks about bring soda, wine and hard liquor on board themselves, but seems to me I should bring beer based on this discussion.


By the way, to quote www.guinness.com:

"The "widget" is actually a plastic device which sits at the bottom of the can. When the can is opened, the widget releases a mixture of beer and nitrogen that creates a surge of bubbles. When you pour it into a glass these bubbles eventually settle to form the famous tight white head creating the perfect pint experience from the pub right at home."


Makes me thirsty just reading it! Let's 6:19AM now....nope, a little too early. :-)




Pride of Aloha 7/18/04

Maasdam 6/60

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I have Labatt's on tap all the time at home, so the mini-keg idea is beginning to appeal to me!


Anyway, I have read many postings regarding the smuggling of all types of alcholic beverages on board, with the primary reason being to save money. With that said, not intending to change the subject in a negative direction, I have a point to ponder in the forum;


I'm not sure how I would react to having them try and take a six-pack or two that I would bring in from a shore excursion. It would obviously be some exotic beer or simliar beverage that would be enjoyed while in my room or on deck. I have been on several cruises, all-inclusives and other vacations spots and never had a problem with bringing outside beverages into the establishment. I'm not buying the "9-11" explanation because not only would it have nothing to do with bringing moderate amounts of alcohol on board but it is being used, lately, much too loosley in my opinion. In sum, it would probably not be a friendly coversation if they give me problems about a measly six-pack or two for the room. If I decide the ship has quality beer, then I will most likely forget about bringing it from port. In my experience however, cruise ships have the absolute lousiest excuse for beer I have ever had in my life.


Has anyone ever argued with the "authorities" about bringing reasonable amounts of alchohol on board?

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