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Cruising nightmare.... no... literally.. NIGHTMARE


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[quote name='All4fun&fun4all']Oh boy! I had to search out this thread this morning because I had my first cruise nightmare in awhile.

I was with my ex-mom-in-law (:confused:) and we were rushing to get to the port. It was almost 4pm and as we approached the dock the ship was pulling away. I found someone who worked for the port and she said we still have a chance. They were only pulling the ship away from the dock to tender people in because of the weather. (dreams are weird) She told me I had to go to the ticket area and get a tender ticket. :rolleyes:

So now we are running to get our tickets (which is hard with an elderly ex-mom-in-law) and a lady says "I know you! You dont have to stand in the line. I will go get your tickets for you. Just stay right here". I stand in the line anyway and she comes back out with a handful of colorful tender tickets. We head back to the ship and I try to hand over a ticket and she says its the wrong type. But she will go ahead and let us onboard.

I get onboard and check the doors to the hallway that that lead to the cabins. They are shut but not locked and I push it open and go to my cabin. The door is open but the cabin is not yet clean. I have no idea what type of cabin this was but it was huge and had 3 full sized beds in there and a balcony. Whoever was in there prior to me had apparently ordered room service because there were sandwiches on the table that hadnt even been touched.

I went into the bathroom and there was a platter of stone crabs sitting there on the sink. (Can you guess what I had for dinner last night...for real)

I have it bad you guys. Here I am having cruise nightmares and dont even have a cruise booked. Only a general idea of when we want to sail again.

Edit: I also realize after the ship has taken off that I left my camera and phone chargers at home. As much as I love taking pictures, this part is when I woke up in panic mode.[/quote]

You should book as soon as possible!
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[B]When I posted earlier about being on the ship and not being able to find my room DID come true when I boarded Monday.
I was at the elevators, and forgot my room number.
I am standing there, frantically searching for my boarding pass, after 10 minutes finally found it. I didn't stop to think Guest Services could look it up..but in thinking back, there was a huge crowed there.
This has been a squirrly voyage anyway, one day late leaving, VERY much rocking and rolling on the way to Bermuda.
Am here now, but we have to leave at 1pm today instead of 3:30, to sail ahead of the Tropical storm heading this way. But I'm having fun, any way.

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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=blue]My latest Cruise Nightmare was after I had a phone call with my ex- MIL. She had asked to see my boys before we leave and since I have to be in the city and be doing lots of running around I told her that the boys can come visit for the day. So I have the nightmare that my ex-h goes to see the boys at his moms and takes my baby (whom is joining me on the cruise) and takes off with him. Im at the airport phoning him to get him to bring him to me. He says he will meet me in Toronto and I should just go on and wait! OMG I am crying when I woke up. Crying cuz I am scared my son has been kidnapped and crying cuz he wont be able to have his holiday he has been so excited to go on. [/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=#0000ff][/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=#0000ff]WHEW its only just a dream!!!! Uh yeah my boys will be staying with me and there will be no visiting in the city lol![/COLOR][/FONT]
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All ready to board, and realize all my docs and passport are at home. I woke up with my heart pounding!

The missing docs nightmare is apparently quite popular. I believe Carnival is transmitting this dream to us through secret ultra-high frequency radio waves in order to cut down on boarding issues. It's a corporate conspiracy.
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I thought maybe this trip I'd skip the nightmare. But no. I have 7 days before I cruise. I just took a nap and woke up at the terminal with no boarding pass! It was sitting in the printer tray. I grabbed it and put it with some other stuff for the cruise right away. I hate this!:mad:
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OMG I had my nightmare last night :eek: very creepy - woke up shaking.
The whole dream was in black and white...DS and I were walking down a really long pier - I kept saying we weren't going to make the ship we walked and walked then when we finally got on the ship much to my relief the elevators took us right back to the end of the pier again - it was like a tape loop...walking down the pier, anxiety about missing the ship, relief at getting aboard, getting on the elevator and back on the pier again....:eek: Horrible! When I woke up I expected Rod Serling to start narrating....
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