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Hurricane Warnings

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We are sailing on Sept 12, which I know is "hurricane season", but when do the meteorologists start the predictions of the hurricane season? I just wonder if this year will be as active as last year, if so, I will definitely buy the travelers insurance. I know this is a biggie with a lot of cruisers, but I have never felt the need to have it until now.

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Does the Insurance Cover Hurricanes ?

I usually associate it with cancellation because of medical problems.

I live in Florida and usually cruise during Sept to Oct....

But never thought about it covering weather..........




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I've never taken out travel insurance. BUT, I asked my BIL who's a State Farm agent. He said hurricanes are considered a natural phenomenon (Act of God)....and traveling is not generally covered, unless there is a special rider attached. He also said that, because there is ample warning of an impending hurricane (unlike tornadoes), the risk is soley on the traveler.


I will add that my BIL is a ditz:rolleyes: , so this info may not be completely correct.

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Just about every policy I have seen covers hurricanes. They will always state that the policy has to be purchased before the storm is named. So you cant wait until "Ivan" forms and then purchase coverage that would result in trip interruption or cancellation.

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When this topic was going around last year, it is important to mention that travel insurance generally only reimburses you if the cruise is actually cancelled... or if your airline cannot get you there. If you simply opt not to go, generally, it's not covered.

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According to the experts this year is going to be another higher than normal year for storms. You can never predict on what is going to happen. Be prepared so that if one comes you do not have to worry.


It's seems that they say that EVERY year! last year was bad, maybe we'll get a reprieve this year!


I'm on a cruise 7/4 and hope that there aren't any EARLY hurricanes this year!



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Full Report - Web: http://hurricane.atmos.colostate.edu/Forecasts


We foresee an above-average hurricane season for the Atlantic basin in 2005. Also, an above-average probability of U.S. major hurricane landfall is anticipated. We have adjusted our forecast upward from our early December forecast and may further raise our prediction in our later updates if we can be sure El Niño conditions will not develop.


(as of 1 April 2005)



This forecast is based on new research by the authors,

along with current meteorological information through March 2005






William M. Gray1 and Philip J. Klotzbach2



with assistance from William Thorson3







[This forecast as well as past forecasts and verifications are available via the World Wide

Web: http://hurricane.atmos.colostate.edu/Forecasts - also,



Brad Bohlander, Colorado State University Media Representative, (970-491-6432) is available to answer various questions about this forecast.





Department of Atmospheric Science



Colorado State University



Fort Collins, CO 80523



email: barb@tutt.atmos.colostate.edu











Issue Date Issue Date

Forecast Parameter and 1950-2000 3 December 1 April

Climatology (in parentheses) 2004 2005




Named Storms (NS) (9.6) 11 13

Named Storm Days (NSD) (49.1) 55 65

Hurricanes (H)(5.9) 6 7

Hurricane Days (HD)(24.5) 25 35

Intense Hurricanes (IH) (2.3) 3 3

Intense Hurricane Days (IHD)(5.0) 6 7

Net Tropical Cyclone Activity (NTC)(100%) 115 135















1) Entire U.S. coastline - 73% (average for last century is 52%)


2) U.S. East Coast Including the Florida Peninsula - 53% (average for last century is 31%)


3) Gulf Coast from the Florida Panhandle westward to Brownsville - 41% (average for last century is 30%)


4) Expected above-average major hurricane landfall risk in the Caribbean

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The actual months are a little harder to predict.. but generally you can assume the worst being late August through September, and into early October... you know, during hurricane season :p :D

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I have lived in SC for the past 15 years, have sat thru many hurricanes, thankfully I don't live right on the coast so never had to evacuate. Sept 12 is right in the middle of hurricane season, which generally runs from late July until November, but has the most activity from mid August until mid October. Just keep in mind that even if you aren't sailing while a hurricane is going on, one could come through prior to your cruise that would cause ports to be closed (such as Grand Cayman and Freeport last year, closed for several weeks due to damage). Not trying to be negative, but several cruises last fall became long cruises to nowhere (though many people said they still had a great time, there were plenty who complained too).

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I was on the Pride a few years ago in Sept when a H Fran( I think it was Fran developed) . We left Belize going to Progresso and we had to change course to get out of the way she was a 3 or 4 at the time. We went to Freeport instead. They will not put you or the ship in harms way. Some passengers on the ship wanted to have a hurricane party. Since I have lived in South Carolina and been through Hugo I did not thinlk that was funny. Some complained because they wanted to go to Progresso I told a few I have been on land during a hurricane and it was very scary. I would not want to be in the ocean since there is no way out. We had huge seas but the Pride did 24 knots and got us away from the hurricane.

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Geez, I just started to shutter at the thought of hurricane season again... I'm sailing on the valor sept 18.... I guess I'll have to shutter up the house before i leave.... I'll probably get fined. It's illegal (against city code in some cities down here) to shutter your house when a storm is not threatening....

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Geez, I just started to shutter at the thought of hurricane season again... I'm sailing on the valor sept 18.... I guess I'll have to shutter up the house before i leave.... I'll probably get fined. It's illegal (against city code in some cities down here) to shutter your house when a storm is not threatening....


Yeah, our Homeowner Assoc. would give us a problem about shuttering like that also. And they fine like $50 a day ! (after a warning letter)


But after last year.....!


I am buying the Hurricane Panels.......much cheaper than the decorative shutters. Around $100 a window vs. $500.......and they store pretty easy compared to plywood.

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Yes, I was going to mention that if you do find travel insurance that covers cancellations due to hurricaines, you must buy it now. If you wait until it looks like there will be a storm affecting your trip, you will find it unavailable. Likewise, you can't buy homeowners or comprehensive for your car when a storm is on the way.

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The Colorado State team does a great job with long range forecast. It is true, if there are more storms you have a better chance of being near one. However, you can have an active year and have nothing near your cruise route and you can have a slow year and have that one storm go exactly where you want to go. Bottom line, you sail in hurricane season you take your chances. Don't get your heart set on going to a certain port, you may have a change of plans. Cruise lines do an incredible job of operating in hurricane season. I know there were many problems here in Florida during our six weeks of storms last year, but I'm still amazed the cruise lines didn't have more troubles considering the problems and port closures in our state.


Relax and enjoy your cruise. You won't have any idea about storms until about a week before your cruise.

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The colorado state team does a good job?

Last hurricane season Dr Gray changed his predictions TWICE, the second time well into hurricane season without any hint of storms forming. So he lowered the predicted numbers. Gee, even I could do that.


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I think I am glad we decided to sail the end of next month. Last year we sailed the end of July and the year before we sailed the middle of July. No storms. Just one light rainy day. I can tell you that when you are on a ship and you see some storm event brewing on the horizon, it can be a little scarry.

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I just moved to Stuart FL last year in time to be hit by the eye of two storms.

I am just due west of where Frances and Jeanne made landfall.


Before I sit around in another cat 3 hurricane, as soon as I hear that baby may be headed our way, I am looking for an available cruise.


I would rather be cruising aimlessly on the ocean, avoiding the darn thing, then sitting at home for two and a half weeks without power.


And for those who have never experienced one yet, sitting through a cat 3 is enough to make you swear you will NEVER do it again. I can only imagine a higher powered one.

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