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Good behavior


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We have a rude behavior thread, but I think we also need to focus on the people who shock us by proving that there are still well behaved people in the world today!


When I sailed on Conquest, there was a large group of home shooled children on board. Well over 40 kids of various ages. Carnival apparently had set up an area for the parents to teach the kids in the morning, but in the afternoon they free to have fun. Normally when you get a large group of children together, it's going to be loud. But not in this case.


On one day when we were walking past the "classroom" as the kids were being let go for the day. So I'm bracing for the loud din. What we got instead was a quiet group who were talking to one another calmly. A couple of the kids inadvertantly bumped into me and they immediately apologized, as well as calling me "sir". At no point did a parent or guardian need to ask them to do so!


I paid attention to them from that point forward to see how they behaved. The final day on the ship the kids were free of the classroom to do what that wanted. So you have this group of 40+ using the water slide. Yeah, lots of fun squeals and laughter, but no running, no pushing, no arguing who went first. And at the buffet you could overhear them saying to their parents, "thank you" or "may I please?" or "yes, ma'am" or "yes sir".


They were easily the best behaved children I have ever seen. And, yet, they still had a blast on the ship without disturbing anyone else.

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Nice. :D


I like this thread--thanks for starting it.


What I've observed is that most people are courteous and considerate of others. That's why the bad behavior stands out so much. I've seen people go out of their way to help others. It's those with a sense of entitlement that amaze me. Also people who think they should take a vacation from parenting while on vacation. But, then, I'm guessing they don't parent all that well other times either. It's not that hard to teach your children to be polite (I have four, so I know :p). And, I've seen more well-behaved and polite children on cruises than those who are ill-behaved. But, those are the ones we post about, of course.

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The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree...


good kids, come from good parents, and good parenting...



In 09 we had a guy down the hall falling down drunk daily. We a some kids running up and down the hall every day knocking on doors, being loud and causing havick the whole cruise. Needless to say, when the kids got caught and turned into security, guess who the Dad was.... The Drunk...

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