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A 'Legend'ary Review with Pics June 17-24

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About my family—Me (37), DW (37), DS (12 going on 13), and DD (10).


This is our family’s 4th cruise together. We have gone on cruises the past 3 summers and this one was booked last October. This was our second time on the Legend. DW is really into cruising and in the past few months I have really gotten into the Cruise Critic thing. Maybe it was a long school year or something, but I have been counting down to this cruise for a while. Since we live in Tampa we often go down to Channelside on Sunday afternoons to get a drink and watch the ship sail away. We’ve probably have gone at least a half dozen times.


DW and I are both teachers and we had about a week off before the cruise. We did some shopping for some new clothes last week. Last Saturday was spent cleaning the house and mowing the yard and packing. We had 6 suit cases of various sizes plus a large carry-on beach bag and two backpacks.


Day 1 Embarkation


We got an early start to the day. Everyone was up by seven and we were out the door a little past 8:30. I’m a little OCD so I had to double and triple check the locks and make sure the water was off. About 5 minutes into our drive DW decided that she needed her jacket in case it got cold so we had to turn around to get it.


We went to my in-laws (I think only my FIL can top us in terms of being a cruise fanatic so watch Legend in September) to drop the car off and get our ride to the port. They live about 20 minutes from the port and it was an easy ride in. Our excitement peaked when we got our first glimpse of the whale tail. It was very busy in the port area as debarkation was still going on. We had to go past and turn around. FIL was able to drop us off in front of the aquarium and we got a porter very quickly. I actually ran into a co-worker who just got off the ship.




We made it inside the check-in area by 10:20. We scored the coveted Zone 1 passes. Sweet! We sat in the waiting area watching it fill up with fellow cruisers. I passed the time by checking the weather forecasts and computer models. There was only one wedding party (but it was kinda large) waiting to get on. They started calling for pre-boarding a little after 11 and called for Zone 1 by 11:15. We were probably within the first 25 people in Zone 1 to get on the ship. This was the fastest we have ever gotten on to a ship. We did the picture and then walked right on. I mean right on, no waiting on the gang way whatsoever.











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Of course our first was straight to the Lido deck/Unicorn Café. We quickly found a nice spot with a view. I always wait and let the family get their food first and then I go. Call me old fashioned but I went straight for the grill and loaded up on my favorite chicken tenders and French fries. Thankfully we got on early because the café was filling up fast, especially with the wedding party there.


After lunch we headed out on a mega tour of the ship. At this point the pool was still closed so there wasn’t any reason to park ourselves under the sun. We checked out every nook and cranny and I took the pictures to prove it. This helped us pass about an hour of time.










We're on the other side of the fence now! We'll be waving goodbye to you today.



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After the tour our room was ready. The first priority was the balcony. We booked the coveted extended balcony (6232). Let me tell pictures do not show how big this thing is! It was huge (about 6 feet deep, 24 feet wide). We had 3 chairs, two full deck chairs, a table, and room to spare. If you can book it—do it—“Treat yourself”.







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We all changed into our swim gear (big tip—always bring swim gear in your carry on bag). It was straight to the Lido Deck/Pool Area to get our chillin’ on. Normally the waiters are on you like no-one’s business, but it took a while to actually get some service. We ordered a beer each but somehow got the upsell to a bucket. It took a while for them to bring the beers back and they didn’t even bring a bucket…this came later after I finished my first beer. This was one of my few minor irritations (there are no complaints about this trip, just a few very minor irritations here and there). After our two beers I was feeling pretty good and in full vacation mode. It was a great atmosphere being out on deck, enjoying the scenery. Oh did I forget to mention how beautiful the weather was? It was awesome!


Getting on towards 3 p.m. we headed back to the room to get ready for the muster drill. My MIL and FIL came down to see the ship sail away and we wanted to go on the outside of Deck 3 and wave to them. Since it was so close to muster time they wouldn’t let us go out. When the horn sounded we headed to our muster zone “D”. There is absolutely no point in going out right away so we hung back in the air conditioned comfort of the ship (right by the muster station) and waited until the line went down before we went out.


When muster drill ended we went around on the outside of deck 3 so that we could wave to my in-laws. To our surprise the ship was already backing away from the dock. We were able to call them and wave to them in the distance. We went back up to Deck 9 for sail away. Unfortunately my iPhone’s battery was way low from the 100+ pictures I took (I left the camera on as we toured the ship) so I didn’t get too many pictures of the early part of sail away. They had the DJ going and everyone was getting their groove on. DW and I signed up for the master mixologist contest. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Since we were a little buzzed from the earlier beers we skipped getting the traditional sail away drink. Surprisingly there wasn’t too big of a crowd for sail away.






We all headed back down to our cabin. DW unpacked (and she did a fantastic job) while I took the kids to sign in for Camp Carnival/Circle C. There was a huge crowd but we were ushered to a shorter line. Since they have done CC many times all we had to do was drop off our paperwork.


When unpacking was done it was back up to the deck to watch the ship sail under the Sunshine Skyway bridge. This is one of my favorite parts of sail away. I made sure to take video of it and there were audible cheers starting from the front of the ship towards the back as we cleared it with plenty of room. We always watch it from the funnel deck.







And After



I don't have too many pictures but I did take video. Sorry I didn't upload that.


We headed back to the room to get ready for dinner. I sat on the balcony with some wine and enjoyed the sights. I was able to see the harbor pilot boat pull alongside the ship. I watched it for a few minutes and there were some cheers when the pilot jumped onto his boat. I was able to see him wave to us and watch the pilot boat head back to Tampa.



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Dinner that night was 3 orders of Flat Iron Steak and the Indian Platter for my DW. The Indian Platter was quite tasty—I had a few bites and I would recommend it to anyone. Of course everyone got warm chocolate melting cake for desert. Our waiter that night was Carlos from Honduras and I recognized him from our previous Legend cruise. The wait staff was excellent that night and for the entire cruise. No complaints at all. I really loved their service.




Sunset Picture



I’ve lost track of what we did for most of the rest of the night. I’m sure we did some chilling on the balcony. The kids went to their welcome aboard parties with Camp Carnival. We took DD to her welcome dance for CC. DS pretty much spent every night at Circle C and we didn’t really see him much at night. We went to the welcome aboard show. One of the contestants on stage was actually someone I used to work with about 9 years ago! He looked very familiar and I ended up catching up with him later in the cruise. Turns out he and his wife moved to Washington DC but they were on this cruise with his parents, 5 sisters, and all of the grand/great grand kids. Small world huh? The welcome aboard show was the usual schtick, been there done that. This is where we met the cruise directors. I have great things to say about the cruise directors. James from England was the Cruise Director. He is very young, but very capable. I really liked him—he was funny and genuine . TJ from South Africa was the Assistant Cruise Director and I liked him too. Oh I almost forgot I was a contestant in the Do you want to be a game show star.




View from the stage





Overall the performance part of the welcome aboard show kinda sucked. I saw on someone’s earlier post that the dancers are about on par with a high school musical show choir. That is a good way to put it. They just seem to not be that sharp or in sync. The two comedians weren’t that great either (last year on the Valor I was ROTFL with them on the welcome aboard show). One guy had this white erase board that he did ventriloquism with. It was reflecting into the audience’s eyes and I literally couldn’t watch it. I haven’t gone to a broadway style show in a long time since a) it’s the same old stuff and b) they aren’t that good overall. We didn’t go to the comedy shows the next two nights either because these comedians didn’t entice us to come.

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Day 2 At Sea


Our second day started off with room service coffee and hot chocolate for the kids. Folks treat yourself to this simple pleasure of having coffee delivered to your room and enjoying it on your balcony. There is nothing better in the world than waking up to an ocean view with a warm cup of coffee in your hand.


Breakfast was the Lido. Most folks were sleeping in so it wasn’t the usual rugby scrum at the chow line. I opted for cereal, fruit, and yogurt, sorta of a ying to the yang of burgers, ice cream, and whatever other junk I cram in there. Truthfully I’m not a big of eggs, meats, potatoes for breakfast.


Okay here is my report on the chogs. We finished breakfast somewhere between 8:30 and 9. The Lido deck by the pool had some people using the chairs and maybe, just maybe a few chogs. Nothing to get upset about. I would say at least 85% of the chairs were being used, but you could tell a few chogs awoke from their drunken stupor to reserve their chair for the day. We returned to the pool area ready to get the day on probably by 9:30 and the Lido pool areas were already jamming. Again, the majority of the chairs were being used by people in the pool. There was plenty of room on deck 10 though, but I would say if you weren’t up there by 10:30-11 you were going to have hard time getting a spot. Again, no chogs, but there were a lot of people out there.





DW and I spent the morning in the sun reading and chilling with cups of crushed ice and water. Ice—what a treat when you have to buy a bag from the store every week. Like kids in a candy store we made multiple trips to the ice machine to fill up on the good stuff. We sat with our backs to the sun, and despite no shade it was comfortable. We get enough sun in Florida so we aren’t upset if we have to be in the shade, in fact we prefer it.


Lunch was in the Lido and it was a quick one at that. DW and I had a date with destiny at the master mixologist contest so I had to eat and run, almost literally. I had a huge plate of salad and some bread, again being the ying to the fast food yang that was coming later.


We were at the master mixologist contest at 12:45. We met some great fellow cruisers—two of whom were friends from college and one was a mom of two college aged kids. I was 0 for 1 in the contest and I needed to break the streak. We were off to a great start—the bar tender wasn’t stingy at all. Need another shot of tequila in your drink—no problem! My concoction was the ‘Citric Acid’—tequila, pineapple, oj, and something else. The bar tender suggested that I add some sweet and sour mix. DW also had a tequila based drink with sprite, grenadine, etc called “Island Kiss”. The contest was fun but I think the judges wanted to spit my drink out. At the end I took a gulp and sadly it tasted like watered down OJ. They kinda liked DW’s drink but the winner was the ‘Carnival Breeze’ that the mom made. It had lots of amaretto in it. DW ordered later it and it was pretty good. I would recommend that you sign up for the master mixologist. You get a free drink that you make plus a drink coupon for later.




We made three new friends in the contest.


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It was formal night, i.e. lobster night so it was time to dress to impress. Okay here is my observation on how people dressed up. You keep hearing about the idiots who have no sense to dress up for the MDR. Much to our relief we really didn’t see that. I would say 90-95% of the guests were dressed up—semi formal for gentlemen, semi-formal to formal for the ladies. The other 5-10% were in pants and shirts. I only saw one dumb punk with his hat. I really wanted to go over and slap it off his head and then slap his parents for letting him wear it. Okay now mini-rant is over. I ordered two lobster plates. It was enough—they come with shrimp too. Our waiter was great—not only did he serve the second plate onto my first plate, he brought back a third plate for everyone to share. I can’t remember specifically what I had for desert—I think it was the lemon diet cake, but not warm chocolate melting cake.


Silly me didn’t write down notes on what we did each night, but I’m pretty sure we did karoke. Yes we did---I’m all dressed up on my iPhone video. I can’t sing but I sure can put on a show. I did ‘Here I go again’ by Whitesnake. The crowd loved it! They about fell out of their chairs when I did the air guitar solo. DS also did karoke and he wasn’t half bad himself. I had two people come up to me later to tell me that I did a great job. Again, singing stunk but I did put on a show.


The details of the rest of night two are sketchy. DW and I usually would stroll around, maybe get a late snack, go on deck, hang out on the balcony, etc.







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Day 3 Cozumel


We started off with some sunrise coffee on the balcony. Man it was hotter than who knows what out there. That sun was beating down on us. No worries here comes the Conquest (surprise) pulling up to provide us some shade! It was expecting the Paradise to be at the pier with us, but the Conquest was a nice treat. Its fun to see the other ships in the fleet.





Here comes the Conquest



Some pictures of the port




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Today was our big excursion. We did the dolphin encounter at Chankanaab. Here is the run down. We met out tour group in the Puerto Maya shopping area (for those of you unfamiliar with Cozumel there is a huge shopping area inside the port area that caters to Americans. There is a Three Amigos for those who like to get smashed and plenty of shops for those who like their stuff duty free. I’m not that into shopping and no I don’t need a Piranha Joe’s shirt to advertise your made up shop). Okay back to the tour. There was close to 40 people. Our tour guide, Noemi was great. She brought us to the taxi area and arranged to have us travel by taxi (vans, SUV’s) to Chankanaab. When you get there you get a quick orientation and then its off to the locker rooms to put your stuff up. You can only wear your swim suit. No water shoes or cameras allowed. The dolphin area consists of one large pen for them to swim around in and several smaller pens for the encounter part of it. You get a life vest and a group of 12 of you go into the pen. They have a plat form for you to stand in so that you are about waist to chest deep in the water. The experience goes for about an hour and here is what you get to do. You get to touch/pet the dolphin many times. You get to hold the dolphin in your arms, kiss it, dance with it, and two rides—one where it pushes you on a boogie board and one where you ride it. The experience was a lot of fun and I would recommend it for an excursion. The only drawback is the price of the photos--$170 for a disk. We took mental snap shots.


We spent the rest of the day at Chankanaab. I would highly recommend this place as an excursion (you don’t have to do the dolphin encounter). They have a beach/swimming/snorkeling area with chairs and shade (think tiki hut umbrellas). They have full restaurant and bar service with waiters coming up to you. Chankanaab is a national park (about the size of a state park here in America) but with resort style service. Decent snorkeling from the shore. They have rentals available and there was scuba diving and other water stuff going on there. You can also spend time touring the park itself. They have recreations of the Mayan ruins and a seal show. DW and I ordered a bucket of Sol Beer and that went down pretty smooth. We also got two orders of food to share with the kids. When we do excursions we try to share food because we know there is food waiting for us at the boat. The kids weren’t too into the snorkeling and wanted to go back early but we told them what we thought of that because we were the ones paying for the vacation.













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We went back to the ship at 2 and did a little shopping before we got back on board. Our ritual post excursion is shower and lido deck café’, (well I go backwards). I chowed down on a plate of burger, fries, nacho chips, and chicken tenders back at the room and then some sweets and other stuff with the family when they were done showering (they go to the spa to shower because of the great showers there). I wanted to go back down to the port to browse the shops some more, but it was getting close to time to go and I didn’t want to wait in line to get back on. I went up on deck to watch the sail away and pier runners. Sadly since we were leaving late there weren’t any sprinters to heckle, but we did get in a horn blowing match with the Conquest.


This brings me to my next observation. The Conquest had a calypso band playing on deck when they left. There has been a lot of discussion on the boards lately about the live bands. Here is what we had on the Legend. There were two DJ’s, two singers (Big John and Archer), and the piano bar guy. I understand that Carnival is a business and they need to save money where they can. Most people aren’t going to care if there is a singer or a 4 piece band playing in the casino. Its background music. I think from a business stand point that a DJ has much broader appeal on the pool deck then a calypso band. The DJ’s really got the crowds going and dancing on deck and it had a much more of a party atmosphere when they were playing. I actually liked the DJ’s, but I also liked the calypso bands. That would be my only complaint of the cruise is that there wasn’t a calypso band. The two singer entertainer guys weren’t that great—I could take it or leave it. Okay here is the second complaint. We love going to the piano bars. The piano signer on the cruise was very good, but….and this a big but….the sound system in the piano bar just flat out SUCKED. There would be a lot of feedback/screeching from the speakers and it wasn’t pleasant at all. I think the piano singer had too much echo set in the PA system or something. Other people must have not noticed since there were some good crowds in there. We went one night but after that we couldn’t do it anymore. Now what I am saying shouldn’t negatively reflect on the guy’s talent—he was good, it was just that the sound system needed some adjusting.


Alright this leads me into my next thread—Thirsty Frog Red Beer. I ordered a pint at the Piano Bar and I must say I quite enjoyed it. It reminded me of Alaskan beer of which I normally drink by the gallons when I am in Alaska. It would be on par with Yuengling, but not as heavy. A very good sipping beer. It was my drink of choice while on the cruise. And its cheaper than the Budweiser/Coors Lite stuff.


For our night 3 dinner I had the Indian Vegetarian Platter. Say what?!? Yes I did and it was pretty tasty. You know I’ve had just about everything on the menu and it starts to get a little bland after a while. It was the right amount of heat and flavor and if there isn’t something that is appealing to you on the menu then try this dish. If you don’t like well screw it you can order 3 deserts.





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Day 4 Belize


We don’t do Belize. The excursions don’t appeal to us, nor does the 30 minute tender ride. From what we have heard there is no point going to Belize if you are not doing an excursion. Truthfully I needed another ‘sea day’. Excursions are tiring and I really needed a day to catch up on chilling out. We did the pool in the morning and afternoon. DS and I played a mean game of basketball (it was hot up on the deck) and the four of us played mini-golf. I also worked out. The deck area did start to fill up later in the day.


Breakfast in the MDR






Today was the past guest party. It was crowded in the Follies lounge, but they kept the finger food and the drinks flowing. I let loose with a rum punch, whiskey sour, two beers, and a screwdriver. Okay folks I’m not a lush—remember these drinks are watered down so its really only like 2.5 drinks.


I’m grasping at straws to what I had for dinner that night. I think the kids had the braised ribs which was a fancy name for pot roast. DW made sure we went to dinner that night because they were serving the Bitter and Blanc—one of her favorites.


After dinner we did Superstar Karoke. Once again (this time aided by some liquid courage) I put on quite a show. Tonight’s tune was ‘Jump’ by Van Halen. It sure helps to do Karoke if you know how to sing most of the song without having to look at the words. I had a great time and people were laughing with me, not at me (or at least that is what I think). Bottom line it was fun. There were some good singers and at least one of them was in the Legends show.




DW and I watched the Love and Marriage show. Very fun to watch. They had a couple who was married 60+ years and they were very sweet. They also had the late night deck party. DW and I went to the Mexican buffet and watched the deck party.



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Day 5 Roatan


I love Roatan. We had an early start to the day, getting off the ship close to 8 am which is 6 am local time. We did room service breakfast to save some time btw.


If you haven’t been to Roatan here is a quick run down of the port. Its basicallIMG_0829.jpgy the little sibling of Puerto Maya in Cozumel. Big long pier and main shopping area. Its different because it doesn’t border the main streets. If you book your own excursion you have to walk up and then down a very steep hill in the humid tropical heat.





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We booked an excursion with Bananarama. They had a small mini van taxi waiting for us and lo and behold it was our two friends from the master mixologist contest. We were so excited to see them and we ended up spending the day with them. It was about a 30 minute drive to the west end and you really got to see the real Roatan. Its not the tourist trap of Cozumel, that is not a place built up to appeal to the hard drinking college crew. Its is a third world country that is starting to reap the benefits of tourist income. People were up and going at 6:30 in the morning with kids dressed in uniforms walking to school. We later found out that elementary kids go to school from 7 to noon and the older kids go in the later afternoon/early evening. It was a nice drive through the country to the west end.


I will give very high marks to Bananarama. First it is a tourist resort—not a glitzy modern place, but very nice. For our excursion we got transportation, beach chairs, use of the facilities, and a very strong welcome drink. They have plenty of palm trees along the beach to provide shade. They have two bars overlooking the beach along with a restaurant. They also have brick oven pizza which was very very good. The carnival excursion to the same beach was twice as much without snorkeling gear or welcome drink (just a ride and a chair).


Since we got there early (it was barely 7:30 am local time) it was hard to get the beach vibe going. We spent the first 30-45 minutes swimming and hanging on the beach. Once we got the snorkel gear (when the dive shopped opened) we headed about 100-200 yards up the beach to the snorkel area. Roatan is in my top 3 of snorkeling anywhere. THE BEST BEACH SNORKELING ANYWHERE HANDS DOWN. This was my second time there and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a bit of a swim to get out to the good stuff but well worth it. The water has good clarity. The reef has lots of structure to it. Very healthy. There were lots of crevices that one could dive down and explore. There were some local guides on kayaks whose main job was to make sure that you stay clear of the shallow areas. At the very end of the beach there is a cliff and from there one can swim out to the black rock reef. We tried swimming out to it but it was a technical challenge to swim between the reef openings. It was too shallow to swim over the reefs without risking injury. Of course the kids got tired of it so we ended up buying them passes to go on the big inflatable water bounce houses (this was at a separate place).


I’m sad to say we didn’t have as much time as we wanted. I could have spent another two hours there. After we were done snorkeling we went back to our chairs for our welcome drinks and some pizza. I had a banana daiquiri and it was STRONG. They had cheap beer so I ended up getting two Imperials (from Costa Rica—I’ve had on previous trips)….they were $3 each. Drinking on shore is a real bargain compared to what you get on the ship.


One downside about the west end beach is that there are millions of people on the beach trying to sell you something. Massage, hair braid, dvds, cigars, ice cream, take you out on a boat, sunglasses etc. You will find yourself constantly turning them down and saying no. Also, some of the resorts, including Bananarama have security guards with pistols.


When we got back to the boat I headed straight to the grill for another platter of burgers, fries, and chicken tenders. DD and I watched the sail away.













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STEAK NIGHT! After some debate before the cruise we opted to take the kids to the steak house. This was a family vacation and I felt bad about ditching them for the steakhouse. If you have never been to the steakhouse then ‘Treat yo self’ (quoting Parks and Rec). For starters I had the crabcake—excellent and the Cesar Salad. DW and DS had the onion soup and DD had the Cesar Salad. Our main courses were Surf and Turf (DD and I), NY Strip (DW), Porterhouse (DS). I went for the Surf and Turf because I didn’t want to overdo it on steak. It was the perfect amount of food and I didn’t leave feeling stuffed sick. For desert I had the homemade icecream—butter pecan, lime sorbet, and Bailey’s icecream---all excellent. DD and DW had the baked apple desert and DS had the monster cheesecake. I’ve always enjoyed the steakhouse but having done it 3 times and having had most of everything its sorta lost its novelty to us and I think we won’t do it next time. It’s a great treat for a date night--$35 per person and the food is really good. I think for DW and DS it was too much food for them—the steaks were huge! But again I would recommend it to anyone.


Nightlife—I think we went to bed early around 10. We were exhausted.


This was from our scavenger hunt with DD. We had to make smiley faces on our foreheads.





Golden Fleece Steakhouse








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Day 6 Grand Cayman


The ride across the Caribbean from Roatan to Grand Cayman was bumpy. I think the winds were kicking up a bit in response to the low pressure system that formed into TS Debby. Have I mentioned the weather yet? If I haven’t we had beautiful weather every day except for the last day.


We pulled into port around 9ish I believe. There was a huge yacht right by us and DW’s uncle said it was rumored to be Paul Allen’s of Microsoft. Our plans for today were to meet DW’s aunt and uncle who are living in Grand Cayman. He is an electrician and he is there on a work visa. Yeah tough life huh? Since we were meeting them around noon we had some time in the morning to do our thang whatever that was. I’m pretty sure I worked out that morning. We had lunch from the deli grill before we went.







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The tender ride into port was quick. We went to Margaritaville to meet DW’s aunt. She wasn’t there and oops we realized that ship time and local time were off by an hour. What to do? Have a drink in Margartitaville because hey it was five o’clock somewhere. Actually it worked out well because they have a water slide and pool with a few cabanas by them (not too big though, remember this is in the downtown tourist area. BTW if you ever go to Grand Turk they have a huge Margaritaville that you can spend the day out….free pool and chairs…just buy some drinks). I had the local Caybrew beer—not bad and DW had her Marg. After 30 minutes we went down and met DW’s Aunt (henceforth referred to as DA and DU for uncle). DA was excited to see us. We got into her car and she drove us to their place. It was nice to see parts of the island that you normally don’t see and get sort of a guided tour. We picked up DU and I rode with him to seven mile beach. He was so great—he told me all about the island, what life was like there, etc. We went to the public beach access right next to the governor’s mansion. I mean literally right next to it. The beach and the water were beautiful. It was a little windy and wavy but fun to be in the water nonetheless. I tried snorkeling but the visibility was very low and you had to swim far out to get to the reef. DD and I had fun picking up and examining old dead coral from the sea floor (disclaimer—we weren’t picking off dead coral from the reefs, just very old pieces that had broken off many years ago). DW, DS, and I went for a stroll down the beach. We spent a few hours at the beach and then it was time to head back to the ship. It was hard to say goodbye to DA and DU. They are great people, a lot of fun to be around, and we were very grateful for spending the day with us. It was such a treat to see the island that you don’t get to see when you do a tourist excursion and get a guided tour of it.


When we got back I hit the grill hard again. I also hung out on deck for sail away and enjoyed another Thirsty Frog.










Pictures from the beach. DD's camera died and she didn't have a cord to recharge it. I never brought my iPhone off the ship so I don't have any pictures from the excursions.





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Great review....we did the Legend last October and are booked to do the Freedom Southern itinerary this October. So I love seeing the photos of the Legend, it brings back great memories of a great group of people on a great cruise. I also love seeing ANY review right now because I am ready to be CRUISIN!!!

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We went on Legend last August and we had a fun time... so we booked it again and leave in 2 weeks-- just couldn't beat it for the price. And we are in the same room as you were 6232, I am so freaking excited about that big balcony! :)

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