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Back From A Recent Cruise??

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Well, since I just got back from Disney Dream, I'll start:

A Disney cruise is unique, many differences from other cruises, very enjoyable for all ages, and Disney has so pervaded American (and I'm sure Canadian) society, that they have a great advantage in the type of shows and ship atmosphere they provide.

It was an enjoyable trip, much more to come. Got home last night (1 1/2 hour delay on Jet Blue), just catching up. Bits nad rabs coming whenever time permits...

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Since we signed up late for this cruise we were wait-listed for early dining and had to do late dining the first night (tough on Loralie as her usual bedtime is 8:30PM, and dinner didn't start until 8:15). We had a table for the three of us.

The last 3 nights we got switched to early dining and had a Canadian family with 5 yr old twins and a 3 yr old. It was a disaster, eating with their hands, throwing food, grabbing stuff off our plates. Fortunately, the kids were well behaved at least:D.

Nah, actually a very nice family from somewhere near Toronto (Hammond?). Their first cruise. They missed their first night dinner, made it the next two, missed the last (got tired of our company?). Had a nice chat about the Canadian health care system with them (their opinion: great for kids, not good for her father who was a stroke victim).

Disney was great about catering to the kids, brought their dinners early, sped things up so it didn't take as long as usual, made napkin rabbits and other stuff. One of the Canadian kids, when asked what he wanted for dessert said, "Nothing". So they brought him a plate with "Nothing" written in chocolate syrup.:p

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