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Top 5 and Bottom 5 - Please add yours

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Here are the top 5 things I enjoyed about my recent cruise vacation aboard the Mariner, and the bottom 5 things that I didn't like so much. Please let me hear what yours are, from your most recent cruise.


From the Mariner of The Sea's 80th sailing, May 22 2005


My Top 5 :)


1. Chops - Makes me lick my chops!!

2. Paradise Beach at Cozumel

3. Beatlemania Live - great family entertainment

4. Beautiful ship, beautiful public areas.

5 Swimming with the Stingrays in Grand Cayman


(Honorable Mention: Sushi in Jade!!)


My Bottom 5 :(


1. Smokers on both balconies on either side of us! This may have ruined me on ever paying extra to have a balcony again.

2. Show put on by RCCL singers and dancers, Pure Energy (Pure Boredom)

3. Pool Chair Hogs. I can see their towels, but I can't see them!

4. Disembarking (sad because I'm leaving, bored because I had to sit and wait)

5. Pushy pushy sales people in both Labadee & Jamaica. (My advice, wait for Cozumel & Grand Cayman to shop).


(Dishonorable Mention: No clocks, alarm or otherwise, in the staterooms)



Well, there you have it. Please note that I was careful to say that these are MY top and bottom 5. Actual mileage may vary.


Let's hear yours.

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My top 5 from my Voyager cruise:

1. Never a moment of boredom, more to do than we had time for.

2. Olsen Brothers - fantastic show

3. Inline skating with my 11 year old - almost kept up with him

4. Cruise was to Canada (Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) from New York. Sailed through the Georges Banks fishing grounds where my dad, a commercial fisherman, spent most of his life. He passed away 10 years ago. I felt totally at peace as I sat on my balcony during this part of the cruise and had a "conversation" with my Dad. He was there with me in spirit and oh how he loved to be on the sea.

5. This was the cruise that totally addicted me to cruising. Maybe this should be on my bottom 10 as it has cost me a lot of money since. :-)


Bottom 5:

1. The ship was too cold most of the time. Should have brought more sweaters.

2. Didn't win at bingo.

3. Didn't win in the casino.

4. Only one of my grown twin sons could join us so felt like we were missing something.

5. Trip too short, it was only a 5 day.

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Most recent for us was the Radiance back in November.


Top 5 -


1. Having JS 1100 as our room for the week.

2. The ship was beautiful. It's now our favorite RCI ship.

3. The food was very good, and we had wonderful tablemates.

4. We missed Coco Cay and got 4 days at sea instead of 3!

5. Beautiful weather on our sea days.


Bottom 5 -


1. Having to leave JS 1100. I could live there.

2. I don't think we'll find a ship that will top the Radiance.

3. Wish I had room for that extra desert and that our tablemates were also our neighbors back home.

4. Wish we could have missed all our ports and just stayed at sea.

5. It rained in St. Thomas and St. Martin.

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From my last cruise on Brilliance:


Top 5:

Had GREAT tablemates at dinner!

The ship was beautiful.

We had nice weather for the whole 10 days.

Love the trivia games at night

Had quiet people in cabins next to us!


Bottom 5:

Disembarkation was a mess

Was disappointed in some of the nightly shows

Cabin steward was very inattentive

Too many loud & unruly kids running up & down hallways

kids pushing all buttons in elevators

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Well, my last cruise was not RCI, but Celebrity Infinity (Alaska)


Top 5 (only 5?)

Hubbard Glacier

cruising the inside passage


dinner every night w/friends and family

coffee every am on the balcony


Bottom 5

buffet (any ship)


shows onboard the ship

can't think of a 5th!


I must add, I could list another 100 top reasons!

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Top 5- Navigator May 7th



1. The room

2. The service

3. The food

4. The ship-beautiful

5. St. Maarten/Maho Beach


Bottom 5


1. The Photo Gallery employee who was rude

2. People rushing into the elevators before people got off

3. ...........debarkation

4. .....................having to leave

5. ............................having to wait so long to go back again.


I too could add about 50 more things to the top 5.

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Last cruise was Feb 2005 on Jewel of the Seas.


Top 5:


1. Embarkation - very fast and efficient

2. Solarium - beautiful

3. Stateroom (#9542) - good location, attentive cabin steward

4. Chops & Portofino's - well worth the extra $

5. Sea days - my favorite time on the ship


Bottom 5:


1. Chair hogs

2. Table hogs

3. Unsupervised/Undersupervised bratty children

4. Head Waiter (table 492) - useless

5. Casino hogs (playing 3 machines at the same time)

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Five Best things:


1. Sailed the Mariner, beautiful ship.

2. The whole dining room experience.

3. Gambling in the Casino and playing Bingo

4. The entire Mariner Crew

5. Enjoying the time with my husband and friends.


Five Worst things:


1. Had to end my vacation

2. Had to leave the ship

3. Had to leave the ship

4. Had to leave the ship

5. Had to leave the ship


One more:


6. Had to leave the ship!!!!:o

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Vision.....Mexico May 15, 2005


Top 5 :)


1...Priority embarkation!

2...Being the first one to board!

3...Having a aft cabin!

4...Waking up to a beautiful view of the fan tail!

5...Ending the cruise as Diamond Members!



Bottom 5 :(


1...Too cool the first day

2...Too hot and humid in ports

3...Way too much food

4...Too cool last day back

5...Having to pack and leave the ship


Linda :)




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Top Five:


Going on a cruise vacation, any ship or itinerary

Being w/husband & friends/family

Warm weather & blue water

Swimming with the dolphins

Buying my diamond necklace :p


Bottom Five


Leaving the ship

Cigarette smoke coming into my cabin

Leaving the ship

Leaving the ship

Leaving the ship

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Sailed the Mariner 15 May


Top 5


1. Dinner in the Dining Room. Fabulous waiters and good food.

2. Ice Show

3. Beatle Mania

4. Parade down Promenade

5. Spending time with my family


Bottom 5


1. Immigration at St. Thomas. Not organized.

I can't come up with anything else. Everything else was great!!!



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Radiance of the Seas December 2004

  1. LOVED our grand suite. We are now spoiled.
  2. Beautiful and elegant ship.
  3. The concierge was great and he sang for us the last day.
  4. The concierge club.
  5. The lovely weather and views. Wow!

Didn't like:

  1. The pool party at midnight where the bartenders were juggling and dropping bottles on the deck (our ceiling).
  2. Getting seasick while watching the murder mystery. Rough night!
  3. Disembarking. Wanted to stay forever.
  4. Disembarking.
  5. Disembarking.

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Explorer 4/23/05


1. Being with a large group of friends

2. Staff on board could not have been better

3. Days at sea

4. Costa Maya at the fishing village

5. Artwork and displays on ship tied with dinner at Portofino



1. No lemonade/ice tea stand by the pool all the way in the Windjammer

2. Not having time to have breakfast on my balcony

3. No place to leave your belongings withour taking up a chair at the pool... they should have "cubbies" for those who just want to hang out in the pool.

4. Staff in the photo studio messing up our group photo at least 3 times and telling me I ordered the wrong one!!!

5. Having to leave on the last day

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Great post. :D


From the Adventure of The Seas sailing, April 03 2005


My Top 5


1. St. John, trunk Bay! I cannot say enough wonderful things about this place!

2. Beautiful ship, beautiful public areas.

3. Great food, wonderful wait staff.

4. Great Weather, not too hot, just perfect!

5. Great CC members I met while onboard


My Bottom 5


1. Almost dying in Curacao (not the ship's fault, I know, but I did not enjoy this part)

2. Bad luck in ports (getting to the ship, flat tires, and bad beach advice)

3. The two stateroom attendants didn't equal one good attendant! Maybe they should've had help. (shower didn't get cleaned or bleached)

4. Sloshing sound coming from cabin was really annoying on the 6th day!



Neutral Mention (just an observation): There were many PR natives onboard with us. When in a lounge the MC would ask where everyone was from. When PR came up 1/2 of the lounge cheered. So I'm guessing these were the PR residents we kept seeing. This is probably why some of the shows were in Spanish to accomodate such a large percentage of the pax.

That's all fine and great. There were, however a few bad apples in this bunch. They were REALLY rude, loud, pushy and bossy. Thankfully it was a big ship, and there were other places we could go. :)

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Explorer 4/23/05



3. No place to leave your belongings withour taking up a chair at the pool... they should have "cubbies" for those who just want to hang out in the pool.


THAT is a great idea! I sure hope they do this soon. It *might* cut down on the chair hog issue.

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Last cruise was Feb 2005 on Jewel of the Seas.

Bottom 5:

5. Casino hogs (playing 3 machines at the same time)


LOL, if I did this, I would just loose my money 3 times as fast! :eek:

... stupid casino! :mad:

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Cruised 11-7-04 Mariner


Top 5


1. Medical Staff ( Klutzy me fell during QUEST, My Fault. Care GREAT)

2. Service in Dining room

3. Room attendent

4. Entertainment in Piano Bar( Drawing blank on his name)

5. Ship in General, cruising again on Mariner 11-06-05, Hogs on the High Seas


Low 5

1. Me being stupid enough to fall.

2. Having to take a taxi from the pier to shopping area in Cozamel

3. Waiting to disembark

4. Pushy sales people in Labadee

5 Cruise being over, If they would let me stay on, I could easily forget the Low 5

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My top 5

1. Being on palm beach again in Aruba

2. Divi Little Bay beach resort (Beach and area, absolutely beautiful)

3. Tour of St. Thomas (Sunny Liston)

4. Overall weather.....couldn't of asked for better

5. Nice cc members we met and dining companions



My bottom five

1. How dirty the ship was

2. Our cabin attendant...don't know what was wrong with him (we tipped him extra up front).

3. Unfriendly waiters and bartenders, with exception of the Pub bar staff

4. Promenade room 7605....hated not having a balcony and the room made so much noise outside.

5. Rough seas

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Our top 5


1. Portifino's and Chops, so worth the extra $$

2. A lovely table for two in dining room with a bottle of wine

3. Floating on a beach mat, fruity drinks, no worries on Paradise beach

4. Getting woke up by Room Service to deliver my AM coffee each day.

5. Quest and Love and Marriage game. Loved the laughter


need one more...


6. It was wonderful to meet and talk with so many other friendly nice people. On vacation work doesnt interfere. No stress of everyday life. Memories.


Our bottom 5


1. Did not win bingo any of the times I played :rolleyes:

2. Seeing people not washing their hands in restroom.:eek:

3. Packing to leave...

4. Waiting to leave...

5. Acutually having to leave!

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Top 5

1. Spending time with our friends Les and Jean Molnar

2. Olympic dining room

3. Male quartet fabulous

4. Santorini & Rome

5. dinner on deck in Ville France


Bottom 5

1. Waiting an hour for a cab on debarkation

2. Having a tour canceled too late to hire a car to do it ourselves

3. Food everywhere but Olympic dining room

4. Service by all but one concerge staff member and he was fabulous!

5. "Concerige Level" really poor value. Crew didn't know the perks and we had to ask and ask and ask to get them.

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Combination of previous cruises,


Top 5:

1. Spending my birthday in San Juan (while everyone else was at home at work).

2. Great bartenders on VOS

3. Snorkeling in St. Thomas

4. Shopping in St. Thomas

5. All the friends of made cruising


Bottom 5:

1. Booking directly through RCCI.

2. Messed up disembarkation and missing flight.

3. Getting hurt climbing Dunn's River Falls

4. Pouring rain in Grand Cayman

5. Not being able to go on another cruise until next March.

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Last cruise was the Navigator, Western Caribbean Top 5

1. Breakfast

2. Lunch

3. Dinner

4. Ship was amazing

5. Being with famliy


Bottom 5

1. Being with family

2. Production shows

3. debarkation

4. Gaining weight (my own fault)

5. having to wait until December for my next cruise............

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BEST (in no real order - except #1)

#1 - Sailing on the Majesty for a long weekend in February while all my sorry friends are back in Ohio under many inches of snow, sleet, ice... etc...

#2 - sit-down traditional style dining - great food, good service, and blessed with awesome table mates every time.

#3 - Ports of call - loved every one (CocoCay, Key West, Nassau, Cozumel, Belize)

#4 - SNORKELING! Especially in CocoCay the day I saw the puffer fish up close and personal.

#5 - Counting down, preparing, and the anticipation. I have to admit, our next cruise takes up much of my free thinking. I LOVE talking about what we could do, planning where to go, and chatting and getting tips on here. I don't know what I'll do after the cruise. I LOVE having something to look forward to. Helps get you through the poopy times, you know?



#1 - excursion in Cozumel lasting almost 2 hours longer than stated and missing much of the in-town experience. Solution? Next cruise stops at Coz and I'm not taking an organized sidetrip.

#2 - Not remembering that I danced with the CD staff member (dressed like the half naked indian from the Village People) but only having proof through the cruise video. Stinking drink-of-the-days were at fault there...

#3 - Everyone coming up to my parents the day after (and all days after) incident #2 took place and saying "SAW YOUR DAUGHTER LAST NIGHT DANCING WITH A HALF NAKED GUY! We bought her a drink! How's she feeling?"

#4 - Parents BUYING cruise video of incident #2 and showing EVERYONE when we got home (So much for "what happens on the cruise, stays on the cruise...")

#5 - not being able to afford to cruise every month like I'd like to.


oh yes and

#6 - that silly ladder going up to my bunk that kept MOVING and SWAYING all over the place when I got back to the cabin the evening of incident #2... and my dad almost busting a seam watching me try to negotiate said ladder under the influence of many drinks-of-the-day.

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top five:

1.) Beatlemania Live. The best show i've seen on ten cruises

2.) Snuba on the Maria del Mar in Cozumel

3.) River tubing in Ocho Rios

4.) Room steward - Evelyn, rooms 9255 & 9257

5.) Royal Promenade, never seen anything like this on a ship!


bottom five:

1.) Stingray City. Way too crowded when we were there.

2.) Eating 6000+ calories a day (and only working out twice for the week)

3.) Sunburn on my ankles

4.) Those darn generous bartenders at the Pool Bar. You know who you are,

Dorsell, Roland, and Sylvester

5.) Having to disembark at Port Canaveral, sniff sniff

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