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Everything ROYAL PRINCESS: What are you looking forward to MOST of all?


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The idea was tossed out there to start a thread for all who EXCITED and are booked, or are looking at booking, the new ROYAL PRINCESS. In addition to this I would like to start a sort of 'Everything Royal Princess' thread, putting the ships public areas together on one thread, starting with the Plaza Deck and working up. At regular intervals I want to add 'still shots' from the Princess released videos of the interiors so that we can start getting a full grasp on what the ship has to offer. Each new segment will deal with a particular venue or feature.


Any new press releases, new information, or pictures of the ship we can try and put into this single thread so everything stays together and not spread out too much across the forum in the coming months.


Hopefully everyone booked on the new Royal Princess will pitch in!!! Maybe we can keep this going for a while until the first passengers are aboard! :D


Figured we could start off by saying what we are looking forward to most about the new ship, what we plan on enjoying, and what we want to do the first day we step onboard.


As for me I'm looking forward to the Pub Lunches again!!! :D I had never experienced them before and rather enjoyed the two I had on Ruby Princess last month. Also want to see how they do it in the expanding Wheel House and Crown Grill combo room, and if there will be more seating.


And to start the 'Everything Royal Princess' portion, two screen shots of the beautiful expanded atrium and Piazza area:


Looking forward from the port side aft atrium area near the back of Crooners...



Looking aft from the starboard side forward area near the Ocean Terrace Seafood Bar...


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At the core of the Royal Princess, the heartbeat and hub of the ship, is the atrium and Piazza. Inspired by the bustling piazzas of Italy, this grand atrium -- the expanded, stunning centerpiece of Royal Princess -- spans three decks and features a relaxing piano lounge, live and exciting Piazza entertainment, casual shopping, and beautiful, inviting eateries, as well as two stunning spiral staircases and glass-walled lifts that provide panoramic overviews out into the atrium. The piazza and all of its amazing venues are elegantly designed, yet are a refreshingly comfortable environment. Princess invites you to enjoy the piazza-styled atrium throughout your day, and well into the night.


Here you will find an image of the three decks (Deck 5 - Plaza Deck; Deck 6 - Fiesta Deck; and Deck 7 - Promenade Deck) that make up the core of the Piazza and atrium, and the shops and venues that make up this amazing space:




More to come on the shops and venues....

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We are looking forward to booking an S2 suite on Baja. I wish Princess would update the deck plans on the website. I understand these have been reconfigured to include an aft-facing door.


The first thing we do is book UBD! Then, I find the remote for the TV (it's a guy thing).

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This is a nice idea for a thread...thank you! While I love cruise critic, lately many of the threads have been negative and critical, which I really do not enjoy reading. each year right after the holidays the negative threads all start, and this year was no exception.


I am just excited to explore a new ship...clean, new, beautifully decorated and appointed! We are on her fourth voyage along with oth family members and we can't wait. Most of the Princess ships (with the exception of the Ocean and presumably the Pacific) have alot of commonality, so will anxious to see what is the same and what is different. The family with us will be checking out the ship as it relates to children...kids facilities, pools, etc. They are excited to have connecting cabins...which I do not know of other Princess ships that have this?


I'm excited to see who is Captain and CD...assume it will be a great honor!

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Excellent job dmwnc! I will have to wait till March 2014 to sail her but will be compiling info until then. For example I did not know there will be connecting rooms. Anyone know what kind of restaurant Alfredo's will be? I agree with sunsetbeachgirl, it will just be nice to enjoy a new ship with some new structures.

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Thank You dmwnc for starting this thread - you must have read my mind as I mentioned on my roll call that I felt that all posts about the Royal seem to be quite negative.


I personally cannot wait for this cruise!!!! :D It will be my first cruise that I have a balcony cabin (albeit obstructed but still a balcony :cool:).


I am looking forward to the new atrium, expanded Alfredos and international cafe. Also looking forward to dragging my Mum over the sea walk (she is terrified but I think it will be amazing!).


How long till the maiden cruise? can't wait to hear the initial reviews but am aware that all new ships have teething problems so what expect 100% raving reviews.

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Wow! THANKS for all the kind words and positive feedback! :D I too found myself focusing on things other than how I was going to enjoy myself, so last night I made a long list, bought my airline ticket (half of it at least), and decided to move forward with eager anticipation.


This will take some time to go through the whole ship so bare with me. I want to do this right, almost like a LIVE thread but without a ship, or pictures, or much of anything other than a deck plan, their videos, and my imagination.


Hope it doesn't disappoint. ;)

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For the next couple of days I want to focus on the venues on PLAZA DECK (Deck 5), which is the ground floor of the atrium, and the hub of activity for the Piazza of Royal Princess.


Home to passenger favorites such as the International Cafe and the Vines wine bar, and new venues like Gelato and Celebrations, the Plaza Deck will also feature live, exiting entertainment and music. The Internet Cafe is also located on the starboard side aft section of the Plaza Deck.


Here is a floor plan for the center court of the Piazza:




More to come soon with descriptions and screen shots of each of those venues....

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What a fantastic idea for a thread! :)

We are on the transatlantic, and can't wait. I really can't isolate one thing we are most looking forward to. Just seeing the new ship, with the new ideas and additions. I'm sure by the time we sail in October, we will have enjoyed one or two "Live Froms", and will have a better idea of what we are most excited to see in person. But if I had to name one thing right now, it would be the expanded atrium. :)

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International Cafe -


Now with an expanded seating area on Royal Princess, this passenger favorite is open 24 hours a day serving an ever-changing array of quick bites and light meal choices.


In the morning, passengers will be attracted by the aroma of freshly baked croissants and Danish pastries; while in the afternoon the Cafe serves grilled-to-order paninis, quiches and salads. At dinnertime passengers can stop by for paninis, salad or dessert.


Throughout the day, the cafe features our famous fresh-baked cookies, and coffee lovers can also select from a variety of specialty coffee drinks and Revolution teas. (Princess Cruises)


Approaching the International Cafe from the forward port side atrium



Entrance to International Cafe Plaza Deck (Deck 5)



Display cases full of yummy sandwiches, salads, and delicious pastries



The elegant expanded seating area adjacent to the coffee bar with sea view windows



I can just see me now, sitting there every morning. And I already have my seat picked out... ;)


Next up - Vines, Gelato, and Celebrations.

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Everything about sailing on this ship excites me. But the one thing I hope for the most is getting in on the chefs table. Every cruise that I have participated in the chefs table was special(3 so far), but to be able to do it on the Royal is going to be huge:D

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This is a great idea! I'm booked for an October cruise, but only if I find a job!

:( I put a deposit down, booked a deluxe on the dolphin deck, hoping now that we are not too close to the lifeboats/tenders.

I haven't sailed on Princess in 10 years, and never on a brand new ship so I'm really excited. It was a different cruise than the other lines I have been on, I like the relaxed atmosphere of Princess. That was a solo cruise, but this one hope to bring my DS (5) and my DH.


Looking forward to following the thread and seeing more pictures!!! Keep them coming! :)

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WOW, what a great thread! I'm booked on her Dec 22nd Holiday Cruise and cannot wait! I took my first ever cruise this past August to Alaska on the Golden and thuroughly enjoyed my time onboard. Like many one of my fav locals was the IC so I am looking forward to seeing the expanded IC on Royal.

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First thank you for starting this thread. I too have read far to many negative things for a ship that isn't even built yet. We are booked on thd maiden TA . Although we have cruised many times this will only be our 2nd with Princess..Our first was on the Oct Ruby TA in 2009. We were in an inside cabin which we found perfectly fine..once we got used to the darkness of the mornings... This time we wanted a balcony and chose a cat D4 aft on the a Dolphin deck.. Needless to say the first thing I will do is check out our cabin...Im sure we will spend much time just exploring the new ship...


Am enjoying your pictures of the ship, I find them much easier to visualize the real thing...

Looking forward to hearing from others over the next several months...Thanks again

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I'm glad everyone is enjoying the thread so far. I'm trying to get the best screen grabs and use all the limited resources that I can to try and make it interesting. I work midnight shifts so I'll add more later this evening and as much as I can during the mornings.


I'm only booked in an Inside cabin. Wish I could spring for a balcony but its a huge jump in price (over $1000) since I'm paying the Single Occupancy Surcharge. No matter, I had the same type of cabin or Ruby Princess and it was plenty fine enough. I'm just hoping Royal Princess has shower DOORS instead of curtains! ;)


timetravler the Chefs Table looks and sounds AMAZING!!! I'll definitely be hitting the dining areas in this virtual review of the ship. Can't wait to see how the Curtain of Light looks for real.


The expanded atrium does look amazing :D and I'll add more screen shots of it towards the end of this section before heading off into adjacent areas just off the atrium like Sabatini's.


Only 155 Days until she sets sail on her Maiden Voyage!


This is going to be the BEST CRUISE EVER!!! :D

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P.S. here's my starter list of the things I'm looking forward to. What does your list look like?


- Pub Lunches in Wheelhouse Bar and Crown Grill

- Eating different kinds of pizzas at the expanded Alfredo's

- Dining twice at Sabatini's

- Hamburgers at Trident Grill

- Crown Grill for filet mignon

- International Cafe (loved the shrimp salad)

- The atrium's Ocean Terrace Seafood Bar for sushi

- Brand new ship!!!

- SeaWalk views of sunrises and sunsets

- Taking pictures from the promenade deck sun porches looking forward as the ship plows through the water

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I am looking forward to seeing the new atrium for the first time. It looks so elegant in the pictures. The decor in the cabins gives a feeling of serenity and that's what attracts us to Princess. I am also looking forward to experiencing the new serenity pool.:D

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I also thank you for starting this nice positive and fun thread. We are also booked on the Dec. 22, 2013 Christmas cruise.


I am so excited to see the new ship. I am looking forward to the re-arranged buffet and the special pastry area. I also want to see how they handle the lido deck and the pool area. But, our absolute favorite space is the IC. We spent a lot of time in the Piazza just enjoying our surroundings and people watching on our last several cruises.

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I am excited about so many things about this cruise, including that it will be our first on Princess. We picked it mainly for the itinarary (Med cruise Barcelona to Venice) which I have described to friends as my "dream cruise" and then were really happy to discover that it would be on a brand new ship. Can't wait to hear more as new details about the ship are revealed.

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I wanted to bring the Deck 5 Piazza floor plan over to this new page just so those who may not be familiar with Princess ships, or the layout of the new Royal Princess, won't have to keep going back and forth at a deck plan when these other venues are mentioned...




Now for more exiting details....;)

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Gelato -


New to Princess Cruises, this stand alone gelateria located on the starboard side of the piazza will offer delicious desserts and afternoon delights. With many tempting treats such as designer sundaes, creamy fruit smoothies, frosty shakes, and delightful homemade waffles cones, this is sure to become a new passenger favorite on Royal Princess.


Gelato from the aft atrium entrance



Display cases full of sweet treats



Small seating area along forward part of Gelato



I think this is a very attractive space as well. And I'm sure some or all of these treats are all available at an additional charge...;) No worries. I'll be there too! Hopefully it will have sea view windows as shown in those artist renderings. Very nice!



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