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And how about our armed forces? They deal with worse situations than that for months!


Seriously!? My son is one of them and the difference is he volunteered to be there, he trained to be there and he is proud to be there! When he is on a vacation it isn't rated by not being as bad as being in the sandbox! This reminds me of someone who survives cancer not being able to think it sucked because at least they survived. House burns down......no biggie ya got your life. Lose your job and get evicted well at least you are loved. How ridiculous. Yes they survived. What a wonderful vacation.......at least they survived.

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This is a cruise forum. People expect, and pay, to have a fabulous vacation. Comparing what these people faced for five days with a third world situation is simply ridiculous.


If people can rationalise that these people didn't have a horrid time, simply because third world situations exist, then why bother with cruises in the first place. We should just content ourselves with staying home on the basis that there are worse conditions elsewhere in the world.

Nicely said.


With that said, I think Americans are more spoiled and pampered than the majority of the world. That is why so many illegal immigrants from 3rd world countries come to our country... They want a better life and get free ride at US taxpayer expense. ;)

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You are kidding' date=' right?!?!?


To me it's a terrible sight to see, I can't imagine what those poor people are going through. Cruising in filthy conditions. Wallowing in one's own or someone's filth is unacceptable.

No heat or A/C, limited food, sewage seeping everywhere, smell of fecal waste material, sleeping on open decks[i'].



Perspective is needed:

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People around the world living in similar conditions live in poor third world countries. They didn't pay upwards of thousands of dollars to live that way. Yes, it could have been worse but tell that to the people who lived through it. Some of them were hoping for the vacation of a lifetime. Some of them probably had to sacrifice and save for this cruise. Besides that how do we know there won't be any long term effects from having been exposed to such hazardous conditions?


By hazardous you mean like poop and pee? They will be fine.


Not one person is saying these people should be happy about their cruise. But seriously, the news and some of you are acting like it was the end of the world. Nobody wants to spend a vacation without power, lack of food and generally not good conditions. That would suck. But stuff happens. It Would be a great story to tell.


Some of you are acting like passengers were eating each other and snorkeling in poo.

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Perspective is needed:

Trust me, I know how blessed I am.

I have visited 3rd world countries.

Also, for over 23 yrs I taught 70% of the children who live below poverty line.

Living in cars, hotels, not knowing where their next meal was coming from. Abused. Deceases. Sick. You name it.

So no need to tell me about perspective...CEO's, Corporations, wealthy could use it. ;)

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Not sure if you've seen this article. I saw it posted on another thread. The writer gives a detailed explanation about the "onion sandwiches."



As for the reports of onion sandwiches, about 1:00 that afternoon the Sunday the buffet was opened. The kitchen staff had managed to put together some sandwiches accompanied by fruit and salad. We waited in line for quite awhile and when we finally reached the sandwiches we saw that people had been using the tongs to open up the sandwiches to get the single slice of meat and add that it to their own sandwich - leaving an empty bun with a piece of lettuce and the slice of onion behind. I had to search through the empty buns to find a sandwich with meat in it and I was lucky enough to get the only good one left. The idea that the crew served us onion sandwiches is just not true, what is true is that some people are more selfish than you expect. After that the crew started serving us the food rather than trusting the passengers to be fair.





Edited to remove the link to another cruising website, which I think is against CC guidelines. Sorry bout that. Google Carnival Triumph What Really Happened by Paul Motter and you'll find the info, which includes a lengthy description of the food and conditions on board.


Thank for bringing this to our attention. I found the article and found it to be very interesting. It was nice to finally get the perspective of someone who was actually on board.

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Have cruised on the Splendor with passengers that went through the same thing when she had her problems. Most think the crew did a great job then. They looked upon it as an adventure they got that was FREE with FREE drinks, FREE phone calls, with another FREE cruise out of it later on.


I was on the Splendor and that is not how I looked at. My husband lost a week of his vacation. I don't have any idea what you are talking about with free phone calls. they had emergency phones that you could wait in a line for which we never did because we were told they had called our emergency numbers which they never did.


It was a stressful time. I did not enjoy it. The drinks that were free were warm beer and wine. It was bearable and it is something that in a way was exciting at times. Please don't make it sound like a good time.

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