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No fooling - It's the April 1st weigh-in


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Was anyone fooled by the scales this a.m.? I was. Once again, stayed the same. Now it's 10 weeks on plateau.


I hope that everyone else did better than me.


Have a great day.








Until our **STAR** search

Seattle to Alaska on NCL Star

June 27, 2004


Fantasy 12/25/03

Inspiration 4/13/03

NCL Majesty 12/27/02

Jubilee 3/23/02

Norwegian Sea 11/23/01

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I'm down 2.2#. I'll take it and be thankful. I'm not losing a lot each week but it's been steady.


RCI Majesty of the Seas 06/05/2000

RCI Enchantment of the Seas 12/09/2001

Carnival Conquest 12/01/2002

Norwegian Dawn 11/30/2003

Somebody's ship to Alaska 6/05


Life is too short to be unhappy!





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Good Morning all! I'm down 2 lbs this week. icon_smile.gif(one of those was from a gain a couple weeks ago though)

Cathy, that scale is going to have to budge eventially. I admire your willpower for not letting it win.

Hope everyone has a great week! icon_smile.gif


<applet code="countdown.class" CODEBASE="http://*************/java-sys" width="203" height="25">

<param name="font" value="lcdb0">

<param name="year" value=2004>

<param name="month" value=10>

<param name="day" value=15>

<param name="hour" value=6>


Diamond Princess


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Hi Everyone,


I am finally a loser...down 2 lbs. this week.


16 down and 9 to go!


Don't give up Cathy!


Hope everyone has a great day!!!


Mary Ann icon_smile.gificon_cool.gificon_smile.gif


Proud Member of O.A.T.C.


"The Big Red Boat" 10/87

Royal Majesty 5/97

Sea Princess 3/01

Carnival Triumph 1/02

Carnival Sensation 10/02

Carnival Triumph 5/04


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Good Morning Everyone!! Well once again i'm a stay-the-samer this week icon_frown.gif I have so much weight to lose and it's just not coming off the way i hoped. Oh well better luck next week. To all the stay-the-samers keep up the good work, to the losers congrats and to the gainers keep your chin up there is next week icon_smile.gif Cathy trust me i know how you feel icon_frown.gif BUT KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK icon_biggrin.gif




NCL Sea 05/01

NCL Dawn 05/03

NCL Dawn 09/03

Carnival Legend 04/04

NCL Dawn 01/05


Until we sail the Carnival Legend....



Until we sail the Norwegian Dawn....



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to all you losers, good job!!!!

to all you stay the samers and those who gained a little this week, you are still here posting, so you must still be winners...which would make you a loser, right??? icon_confused.gificon_biggrin.gificon_confused.gif


personally i am down 4 pounds, which takes me to 15% off the weight i origianally wanted to lose!


32 down, 189 to go


gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now.....hurry december!!!



scandanavian cruise line 1987

cape canaviral - 1995

carnival jubilee - sept 2002


countdown.cgi?trgb=000000&srgb=00ff00&prgb=ff00ff&cdt=2004;12;26;16;00;00&timezone=GMT-0500  days to go!!!!!!


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Kim - You're just shrinking away!

Debbie & Cathy - Hang in there! One of these days the scale will start moving.

Congratulations to all of you losers!

I'm a stay-the-samer this week. Could it be an April's Fool joke? I hope so! However, my "fat clothes" pile is getting larger! Guess I'll just have to go shopping real soon! Ah Darn!



Majesty of the Seas 06/01

Monarch of the Seas 06/02

Explorer of the Seas 05/03

Navigator of the Seas 06/05/04

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Gosh, you all sound like you are doing GREAT!!! Wish I could join in your celebration...I only lost 1/2 lb this week. That is what I've been averaging lately. Why is it taking soooo L-O-N-G?? I now weigh 156.5, but want to be 140-145. It was so much easier losing in the beginning.


I'm so proud of all of you that have lost so much weight. For you stay-the-samers, hang in there! That is what I'm doing.


<font color="#0000CC" face="Lydian Csv BT" size="4">~~Shelia~~</font></p>

Sailing the Mariner in.......


<font color="#003399" face="Benguiat Bk BT">Carnival Destiny 2002</font>


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I am down a pound today. I don't know how because the scale has not moved all week. I know you should not get weighed all the time. LOL I will happily take it. A half poulnd off is better than nothing and staying the same is okay you didn't gain.


Everyone keep up the good work. Happy April. The warm weather is going to be here soon.


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Good morning all,


I am happy to report that I FINALLY broke my plateau. I am down 3 pounds from the lowest weight I ever hit before the yo-yo plateau started. I began this at 247, this morning I weighed 201! By my birthday I want to be below 200, if I make it it will be the first time a scale shows that number for me since my son was 3, 17 years ago.


Cathy hang in there! My plateau kept having me bounce back up to 210, at least you've been able to maintain. You will see results, just keep at it, I think your resolve and will power are fantastic and an inspiration.




Veendam 03/15/2003 (My first cruise icon_smile.gif )

Veendam 08/24/2003 On to Alaska

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Way to go Jeanette! Once you see the scale dip below 200, well it feel like nothing else. When I started Atkins in 2/03 i weighed 240. I am now down to 123. I am down another pound this week, and hope to lose the extra 3 before my cruise on 4/18. Hang in there everyone, to me staying the same is still winning. And a weight gain, it could be water or a little cheating. But it will change next week. To the losers - good job!


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Mari .....that is awesome that you have lost so much in a little over a year. I started Atkins about 10 months ago but have only lost 30 lbs. At first I lost really quickly. Then I started excercising and gained a little even though I was eating right. I was told that was because the fat was changing to muscle. I have stuck with the program mostly. However, I just can't seem to loose unless I constantly on indcution. If I add back even a small amont of carbs I stay the same or gain. I cruise in two weeks and really want to loose 5 lbs. before the trip so I am trying some different foods to see if that will jumpstart me back. Mari....How did you do it? Did you add back any carbs or stick strictly with the proteins? What about any fruit? Exercise? What is your secret. You have awesome success story. Please share. (You may have already done so elsewhere here....of so, please point me in the direction and I will find it to read. While I have been addicted to CC for a year now I just discovered this "lose before you cruise" area and am now addicted to it. Thanks.)



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Hi - I have shared most of my story before - but I'll give you a brief run down. I started exercising last March. Bought a treadmil then a weight machine. I do exercise alot. I think that really had alot to do with the fsst weight loss.

I went from a size 20 to a size 4. I stayed at around 30 carbs until I reached 135. My ideal weight is really around 127 - 130. ( just want to lose a little extra for the cruise).

So my carb intake has increased somewhat. I do eat fruit for breakfast (berries) along with my low carb granola (which is the best ever), and have a half of an apple in my dinner salad.

For dinner my meal is a big salad with chicken, or fish, cheese and lettuce, cucumber, radish

and one TBL of salad dressing. I weigh all my food, it's just a habit that I got into, and it helps me stay in control. Lunch is usually celery and Wild Oats Brand (natural - no sugar)

cruncy peanut butter. If I have a chocolate craving - I'll have 1/2 of an Atkins endulge bar. I try to limit these to once or twice a week. It works for me, and I have never been happier. After a life long weight struggle, I finally got it. It's not a diet but a way of life. Any diet will work for the short term, it's the maintence that always did me in.

Hope this helps, and good luck to you.


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Stay-the-samer here...I'm starting to get a little bummed! I am being so good, never cheat, drink tons of water. Guess I'm in a stall. Oh well, maybe next week!



3/5/05 Honeymoon Cruise To Hawaii On The Island Princess


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Goodmorning everyone, congrats to all the losers. To all the stay-the-samers hang in there your not gaining so that is a good thing.


I am happy to report I lost another 4 pounds this week. Thats 8 lbs in two weeks. icon_biggrin.gif Only 4 more pounds to my pre-summer goal and 9 pounds to my final goal.


Good Luck to all this week.




NCL Sea 4/3/04



Norway - April 2002

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I am up 2 lbs. icon_eek.gif I am definately going in the wrong direction. Cathy...I also thought that my scale was playing an April Fools joke on me.


Congrats to all you losers and stay-the-samers.



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Congratulations to everyone! Keep it up and we can all do this.


I am down 2 lbs. this week - yea me!


My DS brought me a box of peanut butter melt-aways last night! icon_eek.gif Isn't he thoughtfull???? I told him I couldn't eat them and he said oh, Mom a few won't hurt! I am happy to say I did not eat them and I will not eat any! I am quite certain my daughter (who can afford to) will polish off the box real soon!


Cathy - great title for this thread!


Ginny icon_smile.gif


HAL-Amsterdam-Alaska - 08/02

RCCL-Radiance of the Seas-Hawaii - 09/27/03


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I didn't weigh in this morning (that old monthly time) BUT this past Saturday I weighed myself and I lost the 2 lbs. I gained the week before.


Of course I weighed myself before hubby and I left for a weekend in SF eating dinner at a french restaurant and then japanese lunch the next day. Hmmm, we'll see how I do. I think I'll weigh in on Sun.


Good luck everyone.


2/2004 Carnival Legend/Exotic Western Carribean

4/2003 HAL Statendam/Sea of Cortez

9/2002 CarnivalHoliday/Western Caribbean

4/2001 Carnival/Western Caribbean

4/2000 Carnival Paradise/Southern Caribbean

5/1999 RCCL/Alaska

4/1998 NCL/Pacific Coastal

10/1997 Carnival/Mexican Riviera

11/1995 Carnival Holiday/4 day Baja Mexico

6/1992 RCCL Viking Serenade/4 day Baja Mexico

6/1981 Pacific Princess/Pacific Coastal


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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> Kim - You're just shrinking away! <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


yep, that's me lynn, nufin but skin and bones!lol icon_biggrin.gif


hate to see you have to go shopping, that is aweful...hurry, go out and buy some spagetti so you can gain weight back so you can fit in your old clothes!!!!RUN!!!! icon_biggrin.gif


32 down, 189 to go


gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now.....hurry december!!!



scandanavian cruise line 1987

cape canaviral - 1995

carnival jubilee - sept 2002


countdown.cgi?trgb=000000&srgb=00ff00&prgb=ff00ff&cdt=2004;12;26;16;00;00&timezone=GMT-0500  days to go!!!!!!


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Hi All,

Dowwn anothr pound this week. It's slow but steady!! Good luck to Everyone....




til my Destiny!!!

<param name="font" value="lcdb0">

<param name="year" value=2004>

<param name="month" value=4>

<param name="day" value=25>

<param name="hour" value=22>



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1.5 lbs for me. Finally starting to lose again. Still lots to go but making progress. Keep up the good work all.




Sovereign July 2000

Sovereign August 2000

Imagination July 2001

Sovereign August 2001

Paradies June 2002

Pride August 2002

Sensation March 2003

Enchantment May 2003

Sovereign October 2003

Sensation January 2004

Mariner May 2004


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