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dr. seigal cookie diet

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Never heard of it but 15 lbs a week is much, much too drastic a reduction. 800 calories is too low. You'd be much better off with 1200 calorie a day diet, eating well balanced meals.


Got a feeling that this is one of those high priced centers that makes you take diuretics and laxatives to achieve an immediate result without regard to your health.


Please post what you find out when you go. Good Luck and keep your wits about you. 15 lbs a week sounds wonderful but it will wreak havoc on your body.


Read this: http://abcnews.go.com/sections/GMA/HealthyWoman/GMA030128Cookie_diet.html


BTW - it's 15 lbs a MONTH not WEEK per the article.



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I agree with Boston. This doesn't sound healthy at all and I would be very concerned about it. I know that 15lbs in one week sounds very appealing but it also sounds very dangerous in the long run! Please check it out carefully before you try it. Maybe consult your family doctor first.



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I never heard of this diet or Dr., but beware "if something sounds too good to be true "- watch out! In order to be successful, weight loss has to be a long term committment, and a new way of eating. Please learn all about it before you sign on the dotted line.

Good luck to you.


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Thanks for the link. I'm very curious to know what is in their cookies or shakes that would make a person lose weight.


As other posters are saying, it's not entirely good for your body to lose weight that quickly. Two pounds a week maximum is recommended by every health care person I've read of or talked to. Also, limiting yourself to 800 calories a day will put your body into a starvation mode. Your body will try to save fat just to preserve itself. More healthy eating would be 1200 - 1300 calories per day.


Please be careful.








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I'm with Cathy and the above. A good well-balanced diet coming in about 1200 to 1500 calories is a good ballpark number to shoot for.


Better yet, go see your doctor and let a professional with your health as their prime concern help.


In my life I have done every gimmicky diet there ever was and none of them had any lasting effects.


The only way to make it last is to change my view of food and replace my behavior that leads to over-eating with something constructive.


That worked


Without ever hearing of this cookie diet before today I'd be they will tell you that their cookies have everything you need to lead a healthy, normal life.



Happy Cruising






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That's totally insane....restrictive dieting like that has been clinically prooven to cause food obsessiveness, bingeing, body dismorphic syndrome, and a host of other Psychological issues!! There IS NO MIRACLE pill/diet/cookie....if so it would be so easy and no one would be overweight!!! Please dont do this, it's bad, bad, bad I say!!


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skool bus driver, I have been on this diet for about 6 weeks now and have lost 13 lbs. This is not some quackery diet- You can only go to a medical doctor to get the diet and it works -slowly which is the way to lose. I'm sure some people who are heavier lose faster but I am averaging 2-3 lbs a week. The first week was 6 lbs and then it slowed down but it I am not hungry or weak or craving ohter foods. You eat six cookies a day. Then you prepare one dinner with 6 oz of non fatty fish, chicken or turkey breast and two cups of listed (low carb) vegetables. It only takes less than a week to start feeling full with this small dinner. Dill pickles are a free food which has helped me stay on this diet. I eat two a day in between the cookies and dinner.

The best part aobut this diet for me is I only have to prepare one meal a day. The cookies are there and easy to take anywhere with you- no shakes to prepare or liquids to add. You do drink a gallon of water (or diet beverage a day) Thsi is a no sugar, high protein diet. The cookies are easy to get used to. My biggest challenge is eating with my husband a kids and avoiding their food. I'v done it and the weekly lbs lost keeps me motivated. I fell great now and have about 30 lbs to go. I tried weight watchers, atkins, south beach, nutri- system, and none have been easier than this one. I never had a wieght problem until 6 years ago when I started Atkins I think it left me with a high fat cell count because I yo-yoed after that diet. Now I am on track eating low fat and low sugar- feeling great.

When you go the doctor will take your blood pressure and a heart rythym. this is done monthly to check your health. He did mention that the diet may cause constipation so they give you a stool softener if needed. I've used them about three times so far. You are given multi-vitamins and B-6. It is legitimate and was developed by Dr Seigal out of Miami Florida area. Only doctors can prescribe this diet. you can't just buy the cookies and do it yourself. They monitor your progress and health. I was not dizzy once yet or weak form this diet. Try it at least for a month and I know you will be satisfied and conitnue- it is not unhealthy

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What is the significance of cookies, if only a gimmick? It would be healthier to eat fruit. Any quack can write a diet. hey , how about the "Toss your Cookies Diet?" That's worked for many celebrities, gymnasts and ballerinas?

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