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Trip Report: Infinity 9 June 05 to Alaska


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Trip Report

Infinity San Francisco - Vancouver BC, 9 June 2005, 10 Nights


We had a fabulous time! Here are some overall comments you might find interesting...



Concierge Class

Not all of the new Concierge Class rooms have all the "hardware" associated with the amenities. For example, our cabin (newly converted) didn't have the fancy massage shower head. It wasn't a big deal to us - and we can see that it would take time to replace all those shower heads. And the mattress didn't seem to be a "pillow top", but we could be wrong as we were comfortable and didn't research it. Otherwise, our newly converted cabin had all the amenities.


I wasn't all that enthralled with the afternoon canapes. My husband enjoyed them, and I asked (once) for cheese and crackers. I received a plate with cheese and crackers, and sometimes fruit every day after that with the canapes.


We found the easiest way to "talk" to the steward was to leave notes on the mirror via a post-it note. Worked well, and I suggest it. That way he had what we needed in writing - and was less likely to get something wrong. And we asked for some weird stuff (like a pair of scissors). Our steward Robin, and his assistant Cruz did a great job, and I can only hope you are as happy with yours.


Aqua Spa

We dropped a bunch at the spa, so here's our experience... Overall we were quite pleased with what we received. All the staff was very nice.


We did sign up for the Persian Gardens based on what we'd heard here. We were quite dissappointed that the peppermint showers are no more. Aparently the oils they were using were not ocean friendly. They are reformulating it and hope to have them back in August. We did go there most evenings and did enjoy the area. The Eutruscan Bath - a combination of Turkish steam bath, with cold-hot-cold showers at each seat - was our favorite area. All in all, I'm not certain that I'd spend the $$ on the Persian Gardens again unless those peppermint showers were back. Both changing rooms have sauna (dry), and the heated pool/spa areas were not widely used. At least while we were there (after dinner). They would probably be sufficient for most people. However, if you prefer wet heat to dry heat - you might think about the Persian Gardens. The Turkish Steam room is HOT! And the heated benches are nice.


We both did an Ocean Wrap Float - which was quite interesting. And very relaxing. It was our first visit to the spa. Both our therapists had a bunch of product to recommend - which we didn't purchase. The sales pitch was low key, and a single "no" was all that was needed. We didn't, but if I think you started out saying - please don't try and sell me any product - I think they would respect the request.


And we both did a couples massage - which was fun. LOTS of bubbles in the bath - many ways to play. It included 6 red roses sent to the stateroom - which lasted a long time and were very nice to have.


By this point we had experienced 4 different massage therapists - all were competent. If you make multiple visits you should not have to do the same questionnaire each time. Be sure to let them know you've already filled it out.


I went back for the "ultimate spa exierinece" (I think it was called) - a mini facial and a massage. I met Tiffany - a CMT from Vancouver WA who had her own practice for 4 years before making the stwich to the Infinity. I have chronic pain in my left shoulder from a car accident and see a CMT 3-4 times a month to deal with it. The other therapists were competent and helped as I directed them. Tiffany, on the other hand, fixes things. Turns out her practice specialized in chronic pain. If you have chronic pain - I strongly recommend you see Tiffany early, and often. I wound up booking a second massage with her after my first, to continue with the tremendous progress she had started. The good news is that I'm home and I don't have to go running to my CMT for relief. THANK YOU Tiffany!


If you do not suffer from chronic pain - I think you will be pleased with any of the massage therapists there. My husband saw three different ones and was quite happy.


SS United States

After reading some of the mixed reviews we weren't certain what kind of experience we would have here. We had such a great time - we booked a second dinner and asked for the same wait staff. The experience is only as pretentious as you let it be. If you are relaxed with the staff - start with a few light funny comments, they'll be more relaxed with you. The humor is subtle though - "May I offer you some low-fat Pepper, Madame?" and "Sir, your Fish and Chips" as the lid was lifted off my husband's salmon and potatoes - it isn't allowed to interfere with the overall experience. We had Tony, Giovanni, and Willem - they can be way fun.


Our first dinner we ordered off the "Menu Exceptionale" with the wine pairings. We recommend this choice. The wine pairings were excellent - there was only one I found merely "very good". No I'm not going to say which one it was - wine is a personal thing and you'll likely think I'm nuts.


Our second dinner we ordered off the ala carte menu. We ordered one of the daily specials - and really enjoyed it. If you are lucky enough to be offered the Strawberry Souffle (another special dessert) ORDER IT!


The only really weak point of our experience was the Sommelier. He was brand new and still learning the job. You'd think they'd have a more experienced Sommelier there. On the other hand, everyone needs to start someplace, and he's getting a lot of coaching there.


If you are a people watcher (we both are) this is a target rich environment. Pay close attention to the dance of the wait staff. These guys are PAYING ATTENTION to each other and all the other tables in their area. Delighful to watch.



For lunch try Burger Queen. A very small hamburger stand immediately north of the tunnel at the north end of the port area. The place doesn't look like much, and there's no place to sit. What only the locals know is that they will deliver across the street to the Artic Bar. Grab your favorite brew while you wait. You'll be glad you did - they KNOW how to make a burger. I haven't had one this good in years.


Use Island Wings for your flight seeing to Misty Fjords. Michelle is great! And she not only lands, but "parks" and lets everyone walk around taking pictures of the incredible place she's taken you.



Well, I think that's about it. Enjoy your cruise.

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In preparation for your cruise, be sure to post on your roll call! :D There were 86 at the Connections party for this cruise, and most of us were pretty well aquainted before sailaway. That makes for a more enjoyable cruise, too. :p


I'll add to Esteri's list of great things tomorrow when I'm more awake!

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I hope everyone had a good cruise.

Can anyone tell me if on-board check-in was available for the flights out of Vancouver?

We're leaving on the Infinity this Sunday and I'm concerned with making my noon flight home on the 3rd.

It seems like people are missing their flights with delays getting off the ship and at the airport.

Do you call Celebrity to make new flight arrangements if you miss the flight they arranged?


Thanks for any info

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I hope everyone had a good cruise.

Can anyone tell me if on-board check-in was available for the flights out of Vancouver?

We're leaving on the Infinity this Sunday and I'm concerned with making my noon flight home on the 3rd.

It seems like people are missing their flights with delays getting off the ship and at the airport.

Do you call Celebrity to make new flight arrangements if you miss the flight they arranged?


Thanks for any info

Esteri can answer that for you. They used the US Direct and didn't have to go through customs at the airport. Our ship had no delays in disembarking. We were off at 7:45am and didn't hear a single name called on the PA system, which is a first!! I guess everyone took care of all their business as they should :)

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Yes, we used the onbard check-in and it was worth the $15 pp. In fact one of the helpers at the "finds your luggage chaos" called us "smart". :)


The luggage gnomes took our luggage on saturday night and there is was in SFO, just like it was supposed to be. We were suspicious that our luggage wouldn't show in SFO. Those gnomes did their job.


We checked in for our flight, received our boarding passes, and instructions onboard.


All US customs and immigration were taken care of at the Vancouver airport. We by passed the check in lines and walked right to customs and immigration. the only confusing thing about it was the you have to walk behind the counter to make your way to customs and immigration.


Overall, slick operation, and I was mightly impressed.


Be sure to tell anyone picking you up that you will be arriving at the domestic terminal. Since you've cleared immigration and customs in Canada - thats where you go.

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Great review- Thanks so much for the wine you left behind we appreciated it. I agree I don't think the showerhead had been switched out and I found the bed to be pretty comfortable. We had a great time and it was a wonderful cabin. Robin brought us cheese & crackers everyday and also kept out wine ice bucket full. Also filled the refrig with the things we wanted to drink. We had great weather only rained in Juneau and no big deal. Had a great time with Cpt Larry and saw whales bubble feeding - wonderful!!The guys caught salmon in Ketchikan & Sitka. We also enjoyed my aunt & uncles corner FV cabin - the views were spectacular at Hubbard and we set an Infinity record for getting the closet to the glacier that the ship had ever been.

I look forward to seeing you pics - I'm not good a posting them.



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Hi Esteri!

Wonderful cruise! Wish we were still onboard:) Can't wait to see a picture of you and George on formal night, you looked mahhrvalous!!!

Any questions? Fire away! We are quite a chatty bunch:p


Hey Kate,

Speak for yourself! Some of us are as quiet as a mouse. :p

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We were on the June 9th sailing on the Infinity as well. We had three nights in Vancouver after the cruise and left on Wed. June 22. (had a terrific time I might add). Our flight was a noon flight and I will tell you to allow plenty of time. We almost missed our flight. We arrived at the airport at 10:15 a.m. allowing 1 hour and 45 minutes prior to our departure (they suggested getting there 2 hours early). It took us 15 minutes to check in with the airline (it would have taken longer but we were flying first class and they had a separate line) and one hour to get through customs and immigration and then security. We also got through security faster (a separate line because of the class of service we booked). By the time we got to our gate our plane was already boarding.


I was very concerned the entire time. I asked an airport employee near the customs and immigration line several times whether we were going to make our flight and he said he had no idea and there was nothing he could do.


We have traveled internationally several times and I have never seen such huge line for customs and immigration. I would definitely allow plenty of time. ( 2 hours at the very minimum) You should be one of the first off the ship due to your early flight. We saw passengers disembarking as early as 7:45 a.m. or 8:00 a.m.


We got off the ship around 9:30 a.m. I will also caution you about the taxi line in the Vancouver terminal. They were huge. We were told it would be at least an hour wait. You need to keep that in mind as well. Although, you may have arranged alternative transportation.


Hope you have a terrific cruise. Ours was absolutely perfect.


Happy Sailings

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