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random cabin allocations?

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I would like to conduct an experiment, re cabin allocations


are they randomly allocated???:confused:


I have a theory.........:)


until recently, I never prebooked a cabin


I usually book an outside cabin and left it to fate as to where our cabin(s) will be located....until recently (and after a few poorly located cabins....mainly at the stern!) I now cough up the fee and prebook:(


but, after a few years of cruising I noticed that we always seem to be located at the back of the ship (end of the corridor) never the front, not often even midships (this is the case for all the thoms ships we have been on)


it occurred to me that maybe my surname is coming into play here? my surname ends with a letter that is almost at the end of the alphabet


I am wondering if they use some sort of tetris system to allocate cabins from the front alphabetically??....if my surname began with the letter a/b/c/d would this result in me being allocated a cabin nearer the front (or on a lower deck)??


my mil (who usually shares withthe kids) and who has a surname at the beginning of the alphabet is often allocated a cabin at the other end of the corridor? near the front and often on the deck below (yay!):p


anyone else who usually books the same grade/deck cabin each time and who does not prebook a cabin, notice that they are often located in the same area on the ship?


or, is it just me?......?


if my theory is correct? this could mean that (based on your surname) there may be no need/a need to prebook a cabin? as you could have a rough idea as to where your cabin will be located


would be grateful for replies:cool:


thanks guys

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No idea how it works but I would pre-book a cabin all the time; it's worth the extra cost. A lady on our recent cruise was not at all happy at reception that she had been allocated a cabin I am guessing directly over the engines on deck 1 - well, I'm sorry but if I was going to be on the very low deck, I would just not risk being in a noisy or bumpy area. She threatened to take her pillow & sleep in the show lounge on her 2nd night as she had no sleep on her first night. Not sure of the outcome as the ship was full......!!!

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Interesting theory geo - I can't help build the picture though as we pre-book but I am following this with interest as if you are right that seems a bit unfair. Working on the theory that often the noisier cabins are at the back - you're on a hiding to nothing! :( I see no reason why it shouldn't be random - or in booking date order - both of which would be fairer than being penalised for your name! :eek: (We'd be in the same boat as you if done alphabetically too.)

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We have been on the Dream twice. Mid alphabet surname obviously. First time had an outside cabin on Deck 7 and were near the front. This year we were deliberately in inside cabins at the very front of deck 7. Did not pre book either time. Paid for inside on deck 5 or 6 this year and ended up on deck 7. My theory for inside cabins is that they assume the outsides go first and start off all inside requests from the beginning of deck 7 !. Low numbers at the front and then work towards the back with higher numbers. We thought they were great cabins on both cruises.


On 2 weeks cruises we have pre-booked better cabins higher up and believe the cost is worth it.

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kruzsee we must be twins (thumbup).....separated at birth;):D


yep....i agree the cabins at the front are much quieter...my mil always seems to get one at the front! and reassuring to hear that you can be upgraded to higher deck too....never happened to me tho:(


it would make sense to start the early bookers with midships and work backwards/forwards...seems fair


I have booked early and also booked last minute.....and was allocated a cabin at the back each time


it would appear that my alphabet theory is not holding water tho? would luv to know how the system works....probably entirely random:p

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Geo, years ago, about 13, when we first sailed with Thomson a rep told us the cabins were allocated according to when you booked. She said she used to do the allocations, but I think there're done on a computer at head office now aren't they?


As for your experiment:

first time on Spirit we were behind the reception desk on deck 4. This is middle and our surname is middle but, the rest of the deck is the restaurant.

Second time was on Emerald and I haven't a deck plan but I'm sure we were at the front because we had to walk up a 'slope' to get to our cabin.

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Surely they must leave it until very last minute to allocate actual cabin numbers as at any point any passenger can actually phone up & pre-book a specific cabin number so not certain it would be done by booking date; they must just randomly allocate what is left to those that have not pre-booked a number??


They are booked in Swansea as when we were going to book our cruise with Cruisedeals they told me they would go to the next door office to pre-book the cabin number for us.

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It was done about two weeks before the cruise, but she said she had a list of passengers and the date they had booked. So obviously if you had paid for a cabin this must have been taken off the nos. available. As I said this was a lot of years ago and probably doesn't happen that way now.

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They are allocated in order of when you booked - if you book at the last minute and do not pre book a specific cabin ( assuming you book 14 days before you leave as the option to prebook is not available in the last 14 days before sailing ).


There is a sort of unofficial rating of cabins on each deck and all those that prebook get theirs allocated first ( subject to the cabin not becoming inoperative which rarely happens eg flooded due to toilet overflow on the day you arrive). Then the rest are allocated in order of booking date. However I understand that very occasionally this may be over-ridden if the ship becomes aware of some special reason as to why a particular booking may be more suited to a "better" cabin within the same grade.


Someone will post that they heard of someone who booked at the last minute and got a Deluxe outside but paid for a standard outside - yes this very occasionally happens - but the chances are very very remote. This can be also because the cabin they would have got is now inoperative ( see above).


In simple terms - if you do not pre book a specific cabin the earlier you book the better the position your cabin will be in ie on the Spirit or Celebration you will almost certainly not be by the famous vibrating generator and engines if you book say 12 months in advance.


This is not my opinion on the subject - this is how it works.

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