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I know this is the camera forum, but, opinions/advice on the GoPro cameras for underwater photos/videos. Anyone have the Scuba mask attachment or is any of the "stick-on" attachments worth using? Anyone have insider info on the release date for the new version? - Allan

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I'm going to tag onto this topic, as it is a question re: GoPro cameras.


The "still" camera specs for the Hero3 Silver are: F2.8 fixed lens at 11mp, with a sensor size of 1/2.7" / 3840x2880 pixels / Pixel size = 1.4um


With this information, how big of a print do you think could be done from an image taken with this sensor?

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many use for video, and many do not own large printers, and may be very costly.....


Gopro hero 3 black edition will do just fine today :)


I was hoping - it would be 75% video, but some stills. The wife will have her P&S and I want to leave my DSLR home this time. I'm only talking 8x10's, maybe a canvas if it's the "one", so being able to get a 11x14 or maybe one size larger would be a bonus.


I just don't understand the correlation between sensor size/pixel count/pixel density required for a clear enlargement.


The other part for me is having a very weather/waterproof camera light enough to put on a collapsible boom for interesting perspectives, and time lapses from the railing when leaving port, maybe snorkeling/beginning diving trips - that kind of stuff. And I really want a Go Pro...

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What about Olympus TG 2 Tough? Underwater to 50 feet, shockproof and dustproof. No housing needed to that depth Can ad a modest telephoto or fish eye. 2.0 lens which is wide. Video is HD with one button operation 12 megapixels........good for most enlargements. Also GPS tracking and wireless capability of transferring pics to tablet etc with an "eye fi card. I have one .. very good overall


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4x opt zoom. but no $k resolution. Even though Canon has a 24fps and hardely see then go 60fps on models in HD1080P. I guess we can shoot clips in 2k with the gopro 3 and still zoom in to a crisp shot, that may equil if not better, over the 4x optical. If that is what you are after a bigger body camera, I would not compare it to the gopro, but other camera's of that nature. Gopro to a sony action, a swann, a contour, not a point-n-shoot just my opinion. :)


It is less money, will do its job perfectly and am sure a winner.

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Black or silver? What did you wind up paying, if you don't mind me asking - and where from?


Super jealous, but since still 5 months til cruise time, waiting until Dec/Jan before pulling the trigger - hoping the black will be priced where the silver is now. Hey, I can dream...


Feel free to post a couple test pics and vids - I'd appreciate seeing the cameras abilities by a "real" user.

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How I went about my purchase:


test drive a chevy, receive a cabella's giftcard worth $50.00. We did that last year. We asked for the voucher, and not to waste the dealer's time, and off we we went $100.00 of free stuff. I noticed a post that if any member would like a discount off a gopro, to Pm this person named myverticalife, and he offered me the gopro , for a price. I held off in the purchase, slept on it, and I noticed around labor day for $329.00 free shipping the gopro 3 black. I said let me see if cabela's has it, yes for $399.00 I sent a note , and they declined the price match. Labor day came and went. all the deals still around. I googled search, and cabela's for $329.00 free shipping...


I placed my order, for $229.00 no tax, free shipping. If you deduct the tax, and the shipping cost I really made out on this deal. SO yes I got a gopro hero 3 black edition adventurers model. camera, case , wifi, 4 clip ons, and kind of it. I already have a gopro hero 2 with the suction cup, head strap etc...


Video is totally amazing. I do not havea larger card, but got some shots today and will be working on it so check back soon....


I am WOWED by the size and I can tell you a first you may get disappointed in low light, but you have to make sure you shoot the right resolution and understand no light no video seeing everyone shooting HD1080P60f will work for me

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1st day out, and tossed this quick clip up, enjoy, nothing special. :)


Remember, this hasa waterproof housing, that is why you hear my hand warping the case and you get that sound. out of the case it is fine. I do not believe the GPH2 does that much of the noise.


Most Edit out audio, and they do not use the sound :D

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Well, now that the GoPro 3+ is out, the firesales have begun on the 3's. Picked up a new Black model for $300 total - should be here Tuesday - very stoked to get to work on this.


First project will be a sprinkler timer panning mount for time lapse projects.

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The gopro 3 is an awesome purchase for sure. the GPH3+ will be the winner, but you have to start some where, right, big savings is well worth it.


Ikea Ordning timer cost under 9.00, and is flat on top and bottom, will be the best one for a timer. all inside timers are the same, the tops all are different.


Since no editing at this website, I will wait one day to do a review, maybe when the time is right, on the cruise ship I will dedicate 15 minutes a day, of the 14 days I am onboard. :D and I hope my items come faster:p

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I finally picked up a GPH3+, and as quickly I returned it.


had a sticky slot, and could not delete files off the camera via pc, which it did at first. Told myself, save the 400.00, save it...


I wanted to do a few shots side by side to see what different scenery, and features each one had over the other? I guess I can live with the Model I have, I have yet to go out and use it for my trip. And that is now something I must pay attention to. HD1080P 24P med fov on all my shots, with photo, every 10 seconds.


Will I think of a new gopro in thefuture YES, when the 4K@24 reso comes out :)


I may one day make a review here and hope to keep it going......

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Awesome, the gopro lcd back pack will eat battery life, but you can turn it off by just pressing the side button after you are shooting.


I got a aluminum case cover that weights more than the gopro. lol. waiting for my curve.


I got a stabilizer to, takes multiple time to get it correctly working, and video smooth shots, just the audio has to be muted. Lol.


Yep I got a gopro hero 3 plus and quickly returned it, super satasified

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I'm so digging this camera! Took an old golf club, cut the head off, epoxied a GoPro mount to the end, and took it hiking this weekend.



Next up is casing it. I have two plastic boxes that fit in a Maxpedition shoulder sling, so this weekend getting some foam to trim to pack everything up nice and tidy. Not sure which one I like better, so a little trial and error will be in order.


Still waiting for a video bacpac, battery, and other accessories to come.

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Thanks! I shot that at 1080p at 30fps. This weekend I have 2 projects to try:


1] Sunset at the airport with the panning timer / camera assembly upside down so it will pan left to right.


2] Sunrise looking at downtown Phoenix, saw the sun come up yesterday and the light off the buildings was pretty cool.


And the best part, getting a new laptop to better process videos this weekend. Going to hate Windows 8 but I need at least an i5 processor to get things done in a reasonable amount of time.

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Just bought the Hero3 on the Princess Ruby on our last sea day before Venice. Was $269, no tax and 16GB memory was $30. Charged it up, downloaded the manual on the MacBook Pro and went to work on settings. Still learning what it wants, likes and works. Got the App on my iPhone and Mini-iPad for control. All is well. Flew KLM Royal Dutch Airlines back from Venice to Atlanta. Shot the takeoff on the monitor screen in front of me and the landing in the dark in Atlanta. Things work best if you play Video back thru the HDMI port as putting the memory card into the computer gives a choppy view. The 777 Plane has a nose camera and an under belly camera after you are airborne. Someone changes the picture at both times so the right view is on the screen. Yes, it is small enough that no one can hardly notice it is in your hand when taking off or landing while electronic goodies need to be asleep. Now I can chase my Granddaughter around Disneyworld during Thanksgiving week!

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