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Summit "Live" 9/21/13 Havana Daydreamin in a Northern Latitude

Havana Daydreamin

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Thanks for the wonderful review and pictures. We were in cabin 1138 in March and loved the balcony! We also sailed Summit to Bermuda in July and are back on her again in December out of San Juan. Obviously, we really love the ship and her crew.


Have a wonderful cruise! I look forward to hearing about the rest of it!

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I can also confirm the the stomach virus going around. We made friends with a couple from the Bermuda leg of this cruise, and the wife came down with this stomach illness. The onboard Doc said she probably got it from the food on board. We had a wonderful time on this B2B, but had one pretty serious issue. After 24 cruises with Celebrity, we had a bad table in the MDR. Meaning one intolerable couple at the table. We had a table for six, and after the first night, one couple never came back, and we could only take it three times before we stopped going to the MDR. We asked to be switched to select dining, and we were stunned when we were told NO!!!. I couldn't believe my ears. We have only asked for a table change maybe once or twice before and Celebrity was happy to oblige. So, our dining experience was impacted in a very negative way. Also, the toliet stopped up twice and the refrigerator did not work. Both minor issues. The Summit is showing her age, but overall, in pretty good shape.

I really wish you folks would allow this thread to continue to be about the current enjoyable experiences of the OP. He is doing a wonderful job!


This is correct, as I reported to our Roll Call upon our return, my DH was sick days 10, 11 and 12. He got sick the morning of our second day in Quebec City.


Then others started posting that they or some one they knew were sick.


I was shocked that Celebrity was not taking a more proactive approach in cleaning and sanitizing once people were starting to get sick. The buffet now is practically all self server, there are no more trays and it's just a perfect place for people to pick up germs and get sick.

Wasn't the first heads up enough?

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We see alot of people using the sanitizers.


There have been no general changes that we have observed and I have not heard of anyone being ill.


Like ALL places....wash, wash, wash, wash....and avoid contact of entry points into the body. Meaning keep your hands out the eyes, mouth, nose, etc without being cleansed.




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I did not really get a chance to spend much time on free wifi today. We plan to do less tomorrow.


First, thank you all for your kind comments and encouragements. I really do enjoy reading these kind of threads and home and glad to return some favors.


We enjoyed Blu last evening. My wife having lump crab risotto and I the rack of lamb. What follows are our appetizers of beet (I cannot remember what it was called...please scroll back up for what it was called) I had the macadamia crusted scallops and rack of lamb. The dessert picture is a fruit tulip that Barbara had.











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Thanks, Havana, for the fabulous pics! Wishing you a wonderful day in my hometown, Boston. If you have a chance, I highly recommend lunch at Legal Harborside on Seaport Blvd. Great food and views. We'll be on the Summit in December enjoying Caribbean warmth.






THANK YOU for the recommendation!!!!! We went there secondly after Union Oyster House. We did the one by Long Wharf because it was close to where our trolley would pick us up!


FANTASTIC!!!! We had a dozen Oysters on the Halfshell - Wellfleet! BEST EVER.




We also had an order of fried clams.





Like I did with the lamb last evening....there are simply NOT ENOUGH "M"s in "mmmmmmmm" to do the lamb last night or the Wellfleet oysters justice. One can only say, "Oh Good Lord!" over and over and over again!

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I will be working on an overview of our day and a comment about the trolley service in a bit. It might be later on before the pictures and summary get posted.


I believe it is almost time for the drink vouchers to be used up.


In that regard, a question was asked about their use. I will endeavor to scan the documentation on them to include. That said, if they are to be in use most everything you need to know should be included in an email to you from Celebrity. If not, this document that I will include later may help.


Again, thanks to all and see you as we move out where a ship belongs.....to the sea!


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Thank you for doing this daily blog - I know it is very time consuming and ALL of us following you really appreciate it


We will be on the Summit next Nov - in an aft CC cabin (never having done anything other than Aqua on an S Class ship - it will be interesting) so I am loving learning about the Summit through you


And you are a great photographer, and to spent your wifi minutest and money on this, superb!


Kathy and Mark

Colorado (west of the flooding high in the mountains)

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Well I really messed this up.


I will repost later...but for now go to post #549 and you can catch the Boston Highlights I meant for here.


My bad!




For the moment I am continuing to work on this for the appropriate place.


Sorry for my confusion!!!!


Too many distractions or beers....I prefer distractions!!!

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Well, GOOD MORNING was the them of the day as we were greeted with this marvelous sunrise!!!




Blu provided another enjoyable breakfast this morning. I have no breakfast food porn pictures, however. We were looking forward to a fantastic day in Boston!


The ship arrived on time and was docked at 7 AM. The announcement came at 8 AM, maybe just a bit before, that guest could now go ashore.


We gathered out items from the room. I thought I could get by without my hat! BIG MISTAKE!!!! NOTE to everyone on the next cruise....it will be chilly between the Boston buildings if you are on foot until the sun comes up. That said, I hear that the forecast high for Portland tomorrow is in low 60s! Fall is here!


We were going to take the “Hop On/Hop Off Trolley” which we did at the cost of $25 per person. We road it the entire circuit and saw alot of neat spots but spent way over an hour doing so which prevented us from seeing some other places.


KNOWING what I know now, I believe I would have taken the taxi to Boston Commons and walked from there in exploration. The reason is this: Another ship was in port as well and it was a REAL CLUSTER between Princess & Celebrity cruisers at the bus pick up. We EVEN observed a trolley designated as Celebrity change its sign to Princess. Both sets of buses were at the same place and Boy Howdy, it was a MESS in by opinion.


I did call the trolley company and made constructive observations and comments so hopefully it will be better in two weeks. The manager asked me to email him my comments and I am doing so!


Anyway, that all said, we had a very enjoyable time in Boston and would enjoy spending more time to enjoy its many offerings. A cruise is certainly a good way to enjoy the “flavor” of a port stop!


We enjoyed only a portion of the Freedom Trail and its history and historical sites. Again, what a marvelous place to come spend some time.


A bit of humor from our perspective though! A very dear friend named her dog “Fenway” and we learned what the “etymology” of the word is. Fen (sp?) is a word used for swamp and way (sp?) is a word for water. So I guess her mini Dachshund is really just a short swamp water dog!!!! OH BOY HOWDY!!!! That cracks me up!


Anyway, we stopped for a bit of reflection on the Patriots of our nation at the Granary Burying ground/cemetery. What a treat to stand and reflect on the likes of Samuel Adams, Robert Paine, and John Hancock.


These are pictures from that area.











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As I type, we are currently just past Logan International out toward the 30-some harbor islands which are beautiful!


We proceeded to Boston Commons. We did not do as much exploration there as one could, but a very nice place. We observed the homeless there as well. There was no safety issue to be concerned about.


Up the hill from the commons is more history dedicated to soldiers who have fought for this nation. At the top, was the State House site.




It was at that point, we hopped on the trolley and road the entire route to stop #4 and walked up to the North Church. WOW!!!! WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!!!




Then outside of the North Church is this inspiring memorial of dog tags of some who have given their lives in Afghanistan & Iraq! Thank you again Patriots!!!!!!






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We then proceeded down Paul Revere Mall which was a scenic walk.









At that point, we strolled down Hanover Street through part of the Italian neighborhood. Wish we could eat there. However, we had our heart - mine anyway - on the Union Oyster House. I recommend getting there early if you wish an easy seat.







We shared a bowl of clam chowder, Boston Baked Beans, Cherrystone clams on the halfshell, and oysters on the halfshell and a couple beers brewed right in Boston at the seaport. (For the life of me, now I cannot remember - I will try to recall and post again) I had an IPA and a Munich Dark.


On recommendation, which I posted earlier we wandered through Quincy Market, purchasing a Christmas Ornament of a sand dollar painted with a lighthouse.


We finally enjoyed the Legal Seafood Company! It is kind of pricey, but the food we had was well worth it! There we enjoyed a Cisco IPA.


Then the fun with the trolley which I mentioned earlier. Free wifi is to be had in the terminal but I was ready to be on ship knowing that Portland will be a more relaxing time to utilize wifi.


Then to post pictures from on board ship, enjoying a cigar during the Elite Voucher usage at the Sunset bar. Boy does the sun feel good while sailing away.


I guess that is about it for now! I will enjoy the experience and prepare for dinner at Blu.

Edited by Havana Daydreamin
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Around here, when you name a dog "Fenway", it's named after Fenway Park, not a swamp! LOL

Its a popular name for pets in New England!


I know, but I do some gundog training and raising myself and from that perspective it is a funny item.


No disrespect meant...she loves Boston...I just can't wait to have fun with her and I think she might even be reading this.:)

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Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for all the hard work and time that is going into this posting. I really appreciate it and I know that alot of us out there on future cruises wish more like you were out there. I will be on the Summit Feb 15 and cannot wait!! Thanks for sharing your cruise with all of us. :o

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Question how many drink vouchers do you get and is it nightly or for the whole cruise? Thanks


You are given 3 drink vouchers per person per day, except for embarkation day and the evening of the Senior Officers Cocktail Party. All vouchers are dated and must be use from 5-7 pm on that date.

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Another thank you for this thread. Hopefully, your sailing will not have any of that dreaded gastro some posters mentioned (and mine neither! lol).


Have you been able to spend time on the open decks, or is it already getting too chilly up there? I'm wondering how heavy of a jacket I should be bringing for the cruise!

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Thank you for this great review, very well done and fantastic pictures all around.


We loved the pictures of Boston. My wife has lived here all her life and myself since 1997. We are sad as we are leaving next week for the next phase of our life in South Carolina. I got a bit sad when I viewed your pics at the prospect of leaving this very great town.


Did you get a chance to walk thru the Holocaust Memorial? I only ask because it is right across the street from the Union Oyster House and is a quick walk thru with kind of an outdoor venue. Very moving.


Also glad you had a chance to visit Legal Seafood. My wife worked for them the last 6 years and just left. Good food and good people. You are correct, a bit pricey but I can vouch for the quality and freshness of the food; my wife witnessed it every day. She was sad to leave.


Keep up the good work!

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Thank-you for taking the time to share your travels. I enjoyed watching you sail out of Boston yesterday afternoon, the weather was perfect so you must have had a beautiful sail away. To answer the previous posters question about the weather, yes you should plan on layers, this morning it was 44 degrees, the highs may reach 70. Fall is definitely here.

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