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Why black and white, why not colour

the english lady

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I have been looking to find a special little (well large actually) something for black/white night. Bemoaning my luck with OH who asked why does it have to be black and white night,why not orange and pink. Well ignoreng the fact that explsion in a paint factory sometimes comes to mind with his colour choices it did get me thinking. I should add OH find BW night very boring colourwise.

Why not royal blue/cadburys purple night? :eek:

I picked those as they are definite colours. I am not saying men should wear royal blue evening suits, maybe bow ties.

What do others think? :confused:;);)

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White dinner jackets, bow ties of many colours, all appear on dress nights. Black & White nite could be a means of restricting those more colourful diners. Alternative ? lets fly the flag Red, White & Blue

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Out of interest - would a grey suit with black lapels (with whit shirt and black bowtie)be acceptable? I'm not a fan of plain black suits.


Do the women have to wear black and white too? I'm assuming not?


What you are suggesting sounds OK. Oh wears a white DJ.

The ladies Do tend to wear b/w. You get the odd one who wears colour, but they tend to standout as the majority are in b/w.

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I suppose black and white is very easy to do for most ladies and most men will already be wearing black and white anyway. You don't need to wear a black and white dress, but maybe a black dress with white accessories or vice-versa? Or what about a long black skirt or evening trousers with a white or silver top?


Although you don't have to wear black and white, I would say that virtually everybody wears it and anybody who doesn't stands out. That's not a problem but you might what to decide if it would bother you or not.

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I love the black and white night

I wear lots of black and white anyway so I have many outfits to choose from.

Looking forward to wearing my black and white beaded long dress again on the Aurora on 3 weeks time

Don't get many occasions to wear it here in Skegness!


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Just wear whatever colour combinations you wan't. Black and White is just a lingering reminder of P&O's faded raj past. You won't see passengers having heart attacks and strokes if you don't follow the suggestion. Well, not many anyway;)

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The english lady,


Well I've got to add to this thread as I totally agree with you - why not colour :confused: Personally I don't buy b&w when looking for an evening/party dress/outfit intentionally, because almost all women wear it on these type of occasions & I think it's totally BORING. Plus I quite like to be different. So on the Canaries cruise on Azura I've just returned from, I took 2 outfits for the 3 black tie nights. (Neither b & w.)On the b&w one, I wore a pale turquoise dress I'd bought for a wedding last summer. I didn't notice anyone looking at me but I don't think I'd have cared if I had :p It did say in Horizon that it is a suggested theme, not compulsory.


But I admit that I did ask the question here on CC before packing about whether all women do stick to the colour theme. I have to report that most do, but I didnt see anyone collapsing in shock horror when I passed by :D


I reckon you & I should start a campaign to change the theme to a bright colour :)

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Thanks for all the answers. I am still looking.

I know on Fred, their theme nights are very well "attended" if that's the word. Nautical night nearly all the ladies were in stripey tops ,white trousers, with the occasional blow up parrot. British/Red white and blue night, well I'll let you guess what the men wore.

Nobody seems to do that on Pando, except the B/W night,when everyone (nearly) wears B/W.

On a personal note I always have to be careful with a white top...for some reason, white tops and food usually have just one result on me....I really cannot explain it.

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Oh I see - thank you. So it goes on at the same time as the Black Tie dress code? So we don't have to do the Black and White theme or go to the Black and White Ball?


OK, I know that now - but what is the Landfall Ball which they mention???

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Black and White night is a naval tradition that goes back to the early days of passenger ships. It's to honour the ships officers, whose dress uniform is black and white.


Hey Olliesmum, that's really interesting, thanks for that fact.


I always think any lady wearing other than black and white on a B&W night looks as if they've not noticed the announcement in Horizon! :eek: Silly, I know, but reading Olliesmum's comments I feel its rather nice to stick to the tradition of wearing black and white and, after all, its only one night of the whole cruise. :)

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Like I said in my earlier reply I wear a black dress and just accessorise it with white, or black and white. For example, I have a black and white flower or a black and white necklace or a white wrap. I choose to wear one of these on the black and white night. I also sometimes wear black evening trousers with a fancy white top.


I agree with Essexlass that those not wearing black and white always look as if they're flouting the theme, which is probably not true in most cases.

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